Women Leg Tattoos That Are Sexy, Quirky, Pretty, and Badass

One thing everybody knows about women leg tattoos is that they are incredibly appealing and attractive, primarily because of their placement. These tattoos are mostly done to enhance a woman’s legs.  When it comes to legs, thighs are possibly the best body part to get inked. Thighs are usually not always visible to the eyes, and thigh tattoos can be quite mysterious when they are partially peeking out under a skirt. Also, whenever you need to look professional, you can easily cover them up.

Woman leg tattoos are a great way of expressing yourself and your creativity. Small surfaces may not be enough for you to express yourself, therefore, the legs are a great idea for those ladies who need or want a larger canvas for their ink ideas.

Also, these intriguing tattoos are a great conversation starter. When you get a tattoo, do not get surprised if your friends and even strangers come to you and ask questions such as: What does your tattoo mean? Who’s the artist? Why did you choose that spot? Does it hurt? How many hours did it take?

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We have prepared lots of interesting, attractive, and even mysterious women leg tattoos for you to check out. Pay attention, and choose the design you like the most. Then, change it a little bit so you can make it more personal and entirely yours.

30. Semicolon Women Leg Tattoos


You might have noticed semicolon tattoos on the Internet. They are very popular nowadays, and the “Project Semicolon” gave rise to these tattoos.

“A semicolon is used when an author could’ve chosen to end their sentence, but chose not to. The author is you, and the sentence is your life.” – Project Semicolon

Semicolon tattoos also make great women leg tattoos. They are a great way for people to share their story and to encourage the society to help those in trouble, rather than make them hide their personal issues. Just like this mark is a sign for readers to pause before continuing on with a sentence, people have embraced this symbol as a reminder that their story isn’t over yet—and that they should tell it.

29. Beautiful Flower Women Leg Tattoos


28. Women Leg Tattoos Over The Entire Leg


27. Henna Inspired Tattoos


26. Animal Kingdom


Sometimes, people identify themselves with animals. For example, people who believe they possess (inner) strength get lion tattoos. Those whose ideals are wisdom and knowledge get owl tattoos. Is there an animal you identify yourself with?

25. Nature Women Leg Tattoos


24. Attractive Women Leg Tattoos


23. Tiny Women Leg Tattoos


Ladies get large women leg tattoos mostly because they want them to be visible, or because they need plenty of skin to express themselves. However, tiny colorful tattoos placed near your ankle are also a great way to express yourself. You can get them in black ink, or in some beautiful colors, like in the image above.

22. Full Leg Tattoos


21. Simple Rose Tattoos


20. Linear Tattoos


19. Butterfly & Flower


18. Quotes Women Leg Tattoos


Quote tattoos are very popular, and they can be placed anywhere on your body. If your quote is long, or you want it to be more visible, then you definitely should get quote women leg tattoos. But, be careful which quote you choose, because it will represent you and your personality ’til the end of time.

17. Inspiring Quote Tattoos


16. Rose Thigh Tattoos


15. Cartoon Women Leg Tattoos


When you become an adult, you have to behave properly. But, just in public places. Whenever you are on your own or with your friends you can behave the way you want to. It is perfectly fine to be a bit childish, regardless of your age. To express that fun side of your character, women leg tattoos that feature your favorite cartoon characters are a perfect idea.

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14. “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility”


13. Elephant Women Leg Tattoos


12. Dreamcatcher Women Leg Tattoos


Legs are amazing for the placement of tattoos that are pretty large in size. And, one of the most popular women leg tattoos are dreamcatcher tattoos. Dreamcatchers are tied to the Native American culture. They were made for little children. Members of this culture believed that dreamcatchers would chase away or trap the bad dreams, allowing the child to dream only about positive things. Traditionally, dreamcatchers were made out of woven web and they had eight points.

11. Gun & Garter


10. Intriguing Women Leg Tattoos


9. Dreamcatcher Thigh Tattoo


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8. Tribal Women Leg Tattoos


Tribal tattoos are general slightly more popular with men. But, as you can see, ladies can rock them, too! Tribal tattoo designs will definitely make extraordinary women leg tattoos. These tattoos may seem so simple, but they actually have so many meanings. The word “tribal” actually refers to the design used in traditional tattoos in certain cultures, such as the Polynesian culture. Centuries ago, these tattoos would indicate a person’s status in the tribal society. However, nowadays, they are mostly the artistic expression of an individual.

7. Sugar Skull Women Leg Tattoos


6. Feminine Leg Tattoos


5. Beautiful Sugar Skull Tattoo


Sugar skulls are heavily tied to the Mexican culture and Dia de Los Muertos. Sugar skull tattoos are usually large in size, because of so many details, and therefore, they are perfect for women leg tattoos. Sugar skulls are usually done to honor someone close to you who has passed away, and to keep them forever in your memory. Sugar skull tattoos are usually very decorated, and most of them are adorned with flowers. Marigolds were used traditionally to adorn sugar skulls, but any other type of flower will work for your tattoo.

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4. Floral Women Leg Tattoos


3. Simple Roses


2. Garter Women Leg Tattoos


1. Flowers on Thighs


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