115 Inventive Wings Tattoos and Designs for Men & Women


Some of inventive tattoo designs becoming highly popular amongst youthful generation are wings tattoos. Wings tattoos often denote flying far above the ground, inspiration and aspiring to touch the sky. These designs hold a very exceptional place in tattoo seekers hearts as it feels them a sagacity of freedom.

In other words they choose tattoo of wings in order to denote that, they can accomplish and achieve anything out of life whatever they want. They feel as if they are beyond doubt free and have no limits and these wings designs would help them in flying far above the ground.

Some of the highly popular wings tattoos designs are those that have the love imagery attached to it. Wings tattoos designs show a discrepancy from the most lovable angel wings to butterfly wings. Fairy & Bat wings, Demon & Birds Wings are some other options for tattooing. Your wings tattoo designs can be as exhaustive or as simple as you wish for.

There are so many wings tattoos designs for men and women here, hopefully you can be inspired.

© PTY Ink Tattoo Shop, Panama. Wings tattoos on chest. A set of inventive middle sized wings tattooed on chest of a men. His tattoo is inked inventively by the tattoo artist.

© Tattoo Zix. Wings tattoos designs for girls. That’s is sexy Mehndi design of wings. But it would be a real permanent tattoo, then her wings tattoo would be so inventive and sexy.

© Erika Lunatics. Wings tattoos for men. If you think, you can fly, then expose your belief by tattooing a large set of inventive wings on your back. Mostly these sorts of large wings are inked in black and grey color without using vibrant colors.

© Royal Angels Foto Design. Love quotes with wings tattoos. Express your romantic though with an inventive wing tattoo design inked on back of a lady. There are many modes in which a set of wings tattoos can be tattooed, like this one fallen or relaxing mode, if which wings are shown as fallen. Some magical words “Love is how you stay alive even after you are gone” are also inked inventively.

© Tattoo Jodi. Grenade tattooed with blue wings inventively as a chest piece for women.

© Criker, Camilo Parez. Diamond with wings tattoos. Express your art life with inventively tattooed dimaond, carmen and ultimate wings. His tattoo is done by artist free handily.

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© Obeezee, Alex Maldonado, Karma Tattoos. Increase invent-ability of your wings tattoos by adding foot prints to it. By adding a set of foot prints you can make it a wings memorial tattoo. That cute halo circle is tattooed so flawlessly.

© Smgtattoo, Stephanie Mo Gutierrez. Volt Beat Tattoo. Skull wings tattoos. An inventively tattooed wings skull tattoo on a lady is looking so wonderful. Whole tattoo idea is inked in black and grey.

© Low Voltage Ink, Miss Joy Dewi. Quotes wings tattoos. Never run faster than you guardian angel can fly. Have a same sort of feeling, then express your belief and grace by inking a set of inventive wings.

Bat wings tattoos designs. A wing tattoo inventively tattooed on leg. That candle is lighting from the both edges. One angel wing and one bat wing are tattooed on both sides of candle. That tattoo may be denoting beauty and strength.

© Tattoo Zix. Tired off of usual ink of wings tattoos, then have an inventive wing tattoo design on your rib in a water color ink.


Wings tattoos on hip of women. An inventive single wing tattooed on your skin can donate your loneliness or singularity. Wings tattoo designs are very flexible, depending on how detailed design you wish, how big size of ink you wish and where on your body you wish for.

© Sacred Heart Tattoo Shop, Lincoln NE. Wings horse shoe tattoo inked inventively. So, there is no limit of inventability you can combine your set of wings with almost every significance object of your life.

White ink wings tattoos. A set of wings white ink tattoo is tattooed on her bared back inventively.

Bleeding wings tattoos designs. A large set of bleeding wings tattoo inked on her back is looking so marathon and full of significance.

Angel and demon wings tattoos on lower back. A set of angel wing and demon wing tattooed together on her lower back with some important words. Angel for some, demon for others. You can also denote your belief in this way. See that lovely yellow halo.

Chest wings tattoos for men. A large set of wings can be tattooed impressively for creating an amazing chest piece. Pair of wings tattoo on chest by Mick van Z.

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Wings tattoos on rib. Your rib piece can be featured with a lovely inventive wing design. Her wing is looking so realistic.

© Joel Wright Zen. Wings memorial tattoo. A set of blue wings are inked her inventively as a purpose of memorial tattoo.

Wings tattoos on ankle. A medium sized single wing in tattooed above her ankle so fantastically. That black and grey colors are so inventive.

Wings foot print tattoo design tattooed on upper back of a lady.

© Dane Mancinisoos, Inkamatic. Coffin wings tattoos. Do you remember your grave or after death life, then express your belief with a set of wings tattooed with a coffin and under water.

© Fernando Casillas. Wings scale tattoo inked fantastically. That colors infused in set of wings are so tremendous. That wings are in working or flying mode. Moon and sun is being scaled by that epic scale.

© No Surrender Tattoo Shop. Lock eye wings tattoo inked inventively here on lower back and sides of waist. Colors infused in wings are so tremendous. If you wish for a colorful wings tattoo, you can go out with butterfly and fairy wing. Those locked locks are eye designs are very inventive.

© C Christine. Dream wings tattoos. Want to denote your fighting spirit for achieving your dreams and success, then get a tremendously colored set of wings. Her idea of tattoo comes from “Dream”. Initials of “Dream”,”Strength” and “Faith” are inked here inventively. Eventually, her tattooist custom designed this pattern for her and turned out inventively.

© Dave West. Wings tattoos for girls. A beautiful set of wings are tattooed on her Sara’s back. Those wings are so inventive.

Store Tattoo Shop, Sebastian Vinasco. Inventive wings tattoos on chest. Alas tattoo is featured with a set of inventive flying wings.

Wings tattoos for women. That set of wings is tattooed very creatively. See the shadow on wings. She is looking like an angel.

© West Ink Tattoo, Ofilhodatuta. Geometric wings tattoos with eye.

© Tattoo Guy Shop. That wings tattoo on chest is very impressive. Colored infused the wings, skull and wood work are looking so real like wood color.

© Sheila Marcello. Wings third eye tattoo tattooed inventively. Time has gone, when wings used to be tattooed only in black and grey colors, now artist are inventively tattooing them with tremendous colors.

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© Tasi Melah. Anchor wings tattoos designs. Wings anchor tattoo inked on her chest so fantastically. See that rope wraping around anchor.

© 2Face-Tattoo Shop. Devil wings tattoos. Angel and devil blooding wings are inked on back so creatively. That wings are so heavy, no space in between the wings. See that inventive blood dripping. This tattoo denotes the love and kindness of an angel, but if you get to try harm beloveds then you will be bleeded.

Tribal wings tattoos with cross. A set of black wings tattoo tattooed so inventively on her back with cross.

Cross wings tattoos for women.

Wings tattoos on forearm with Kanji characters.

Butterfly wings tattoos. What to express your free and delicate spirit with a set of colorful wings, then choose a butterfly wings.

© Remiis Melting Dots Tattoo Shop. Inventive wings tattoos. Absolutely inventive work! Wonderful details on the wings and the sketchy lines are inked inventively.

© Remiis Melting Dots Tattoo Shop. Wonderful wings skull tattoo tattooed on her sternum inventively. See that swirly designs on the right wing has a shadow effect and on the left side doesn’t have. Very inventive design.

© Delin Kuent. A set of creative wings tattoo is creating a wonderful heart shape.

© Zaza Tattooilha. Tribal wings tattoos on back.

Tribal rib wings tattoos for men.

Tribal small wings tattoos for girls.

© Claair D. Small wing tattoo on ankle.

Fairy wings tattoos for women.

Small wing tattoos on foot.

© Johnny Gage. Cross wings tattoos for men.

Wing tattoos can be very exhaustive so you should be ready physically, psychologically and money-wise to visit you’re your artists with manifold sittings. Although, a small set of little and small wings can be inked to denote your aspirations. But wings allied with many numinous creatures like unicorn horses, dragons, skulls and fairies are usually large, that’s why you may be interested in inking a set of large wings. While deciding which kind of wings you must ink, you can categorize different wings in color categories. And pick those set of wings, those wings colors you like the most. There are so many wings tattoos designs above hopefully you have inspired and choose a wing tattoo design.

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