115 White Tattoos That Are Stunningly Cool


White tattoos have been gaining in popularity over the last few years. Many celebrities have helped fuel this trend. Check out these stunning tattoo pics…

Believe it or not, white tattoos get a lot of bad press. Those who get them complain that white tattoos end up looking like a rash while others claim that they fade quickly. But, you should not let such stories stop you from getting something that you want.

One of the main reasons people get white tattoos is because they are more discrete than the black ink tattoos, and they have a fun scar look. If you want to achieve a scar look, or to adorn an already existing scar white tattoos are a great idea, and they are not as extreme as scarifications.

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The truth is, any tattoo idea can turn out bad. It happens all the time, regardless whether the tattoos were done in white, black, or any other ink. The thing about white tattoos is that they are a bit more delicate than all the other types of tattoos. White tattoos depend on many factors, such as the skin, quality of the ink and the skill of the artist. To make sure your tattoo turns out the way it should, you have to choose an artist based on his portfolio, not the price range. And, the better the artist, the higher the price. The price should never make you choose a different, cheaper artist since that tattoo will stick forever. But, also, if the artist offers lower prices it doesn’t have to mean he does a worse job. Once again, the artist’s portfolio will reveal everything you need to know.

Check out our favorite white tattoos! Hopefully, you will use one as an inspiration for your next tattoo.

White Feather Tattoo

white tattoos

The main goal of white ink tattoos is to be more discreet than tattoos with black outlines. However, for some people, a typical white tattoo is not strong enough. That is why you can always combine the white ink with different colors and black shadings. The end result will always be stunning. Take this tattoo as an example of such combination done right. The delicate feather looks amazing and successfuly sends its symbolic message. A feather tattoo can stand for hope, freedom, purity, truth, or even free spirit.

Cross White Tattoos


28. Breast White Tattoos


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27. Heart White Ink Tattoo


26. World Inked On Your Hands


25. Lotus Flower White Tattoos

white tattoos

Lotus flowers are remarkable because of their beauty, purity, and symbolic meaning. The flower that starts growing in the depths of muddy waters turns out to posess unseen beauty. You can apply this story to life itself – if you find yourself in an unfavorable place, that doesn’t mean you will stay there forever. Life is not only about the downs, there are also a lot of ups. To see more lotus flower tattoo designs you could use, click here.

24. Skeleton Bones Glow-In-The-Dark Tattoo

white tattoos

White tattoos may be hardly noticeable under the daylight, but they can be quite eye-catching when under a black light. Simply amazing, isn’t it?

23. Love Life


22. Courage Over Fear

white tattoos

21. Floral White Tattoos

white tattoos

20. Rose Shoulder Tattoo

white tattoos

White tattoos can be small and hidden, or pretty large and placed on visible parts of your body. Even the big white tattoos will not be as striking as those done in black-ink are. Roses are usually a symbol of beauty and love. A white rose may stand for purity, mysticism, or even youth. Roses are usually gifted by one to another as an expression of love, respect, or even passion. Therefore, rose on your body may be used as an expression of love towards all the beautiful things in life, or even love towards your body.


19. White Hand Tattoos


18. Quote White Tattoos


17. Delicate White Tattoos


16. Beautiful Rose Tattoo

white tattoos

15. White Snowflake Tattoo


14. Star White Tattoos


13. Henna-Inspired White Tattoos


12. Dragonfly White Tattoos


Every tattoo design needs understanding before it is inked on your body forever. Your tattoo should have a special meaning for you and send a special message that you, the wearer of the tattoo, want it to send. When it comes to dragonflies, these creatures are important in many cultures around the world. Asian cultures consider dragonflies as a symbol of transformation; the Japanese, however, relate it to strength and happines, whereas the Chinese consider it a symbol of prosperity and harmony. In Native American cultures, can signify being strong facing hardships and the loss of loved ones.

You definitely have to check out some dainty dragonfly tattoos we fell in love with!


11. White Heartbeat


10. Tiny Heart White Tattoo


9. Diamond Tattoos


8. Detailed Floral White Tattoo Design

 white tattoos

7. White Neck Tattoos


6. White Tattoos & Black Shading

white tattoos

5. A Surfer’s Tattoo


4. Feet White Tattoos


3. The Hamsa

white tattoos

The Hamsa, also known as the Hand of Miriam, the Hand of Fatima, or the Humes Hand is a popular symbol all across the Middle East and northern Africa. The symbol is quite popular within the Jewish and Islamic fatihs. It is also the national symbol of Algeria.

Nowadays, the Hamsa is usually used as a lucky or protective charm in Middle Eastern and Western cultures. It can be found incorporated into jewelry and many other items. The Hamsa is not only a talisman, but also the contemporary international symbol of hope and peace.

2. Tree Of Life Tattoos


1. Anchor Tattoos

white tattoos

Your anchor tattoo may be small and hardly visible, but it will stay there, forever. The same goes for anchors; once they are at the bottom of the sea, there is not a thing that will make them move. Anchor tattoos may represent your strong will and determination. Or, you may use it as a reminder to stay put and calm in any situation.

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