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Vine tattoos designs for women

Vine Tattoos

Even though, not being main tattoo class vine tattoos are the most feminine method of garnishing their bodies for women and girls. When amalgamated with flower, rose or butterfly, these vines tattoo designs look very elegant.

Vines are habitually inked in escalation designs and they are perceived on ribs, lower backs, legs, shoulder and arms. Only the minority are aware that vine tattoos while having elegant look, also have some unfathomable meanings.

The amalgamations of vines with some flowers really enhance the overall look of tattoos. General unfathomable meanings of vines are strength, power, willpower, friendship, love, loyalty and fidelity. Some of these meanings came from the different famous culture throughout the history. While some came from the organic structure of vine plants. Vine can grow in any circumstances towards the sunlight, even facing some no favored environments.

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Some cultures inured to wear crown of vines with flowers. This shows the power and strength side of vines. Discrepancy in the designs make the vine tattoos some of the most sought designs. Full back or rib or side pieces of vines can be perceived easily out there. At the same time small designs on hand or behind the ear also can be perceived.

These vine designs overwhelm with luxuriant and colorful patterns. Mainly vines tattoos are tattooed in realistic method in green or brown colors. Even though, we have seen many having vines in black tribal method. Vine designs can be used as main tattoo class covering large part of body or as add on with a flower or butterfly design.

Find a perfect design from the help of our best gathering of vines tattoo designs for men and women here.

Elegant Vine Tattoos (1)© Zach White Tattooer. Green vine tattoos on arm. Green vines tattooed appealingly with poppy flowers on her arm.

Elegant Vine Tattoos (2)© William Roldan, By All Star Tats. Roses are tattooed appealingly with dark grey vines. Rose vine tattoos always look elegant. Here vines are not finished with typical green color.

Elegant Vine Tattoos (3)© Johnny Williams. Vine butterfly tattoo done appealingly on her ankle and foot area.

Elegant Vine Tattoos (4)© Girly Gorgeousness. Mushroom vines tattoos. Grey vines mushroom tattooed appealingly on sternum area of a women. These grey vines are looking ultimate.

Elegant Vine Tattoos (5)© Ink Nature. Garter vine tattoos for girls. Simplistic vines are tattooed as an elegant garter design for her thighs. By adopting this method you can express your nature love.

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Elegant Vine Tattoos (6)© Bella Tattoo. Legs are very suitable places for inking large vine tattoos. Here she got a floral vines with butterflies, sugar skull and a beautiful owl on her legs.

Elegant Vine Tattoos (7)© Gecko Tattoos Juan. Simplistic black vines tattooed with elegant cherry blossoms flowers and butterfly.

Elegant Vine Tattoos (8)© Dead Lucky Tattoo. Black roses vines tattoos done on back of women. In ancient, people inured to decorate their homes with vines on some special occasions, now people decorate their bodies with lovely vines.

Elegant Vine Tattoos (9)© Beto Loko Recio Huerta. Vine tattoos on thigh. Beautiful black vines are embedded with cute colorful stars on her thigh.

Elegant Vine Tattoos (10)© Shannon Archuleta. Blue flowers and elegant green vines are tattooed appealingly.

Elegant Vine Tattoos (11)© Calea 99. Floral vine tattoos on shoulder. Elegant vines are embedded with cute and small flowers in her shoulder piece.

Elegant Vine Tattoos (13)Roses vines tattoos look ultimate together, both accolade each other.

Elegant Vine Tattoos (14)© Rachel Kitterman, Meredith Dillman, By Wendi Kai. Grey vines tattoo designs are wrapped appealingly on her foot and ankle area.

Elegant Vine Tattoos (15)© Zippy 66. Decorate your body with a large vine tattoo like this embedded with butterflies and flowers as well express your nature love.

Elegant Vine Tattoos (16)© Jesse James. Flowers vines tattoo on stomach of women decorating her body in appealing method.

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Vine tattoos designs on side (17)© Kayla Gardner-Yunt. Side vine tattoos designs. Appealingly elegant viney side piece of a women. Her vine tattoo is embedded with flowers and leaves.

Elegant Vine Tattoos (18)© Eric Scsavnicki. Flowers and vine tattoos for girls.

Elegant Vine Tattoos (19)

Elegant Vine Tattoos (20)© Gerel. Small purple flowers and green leaves hanging to a small vine. Small vine tattoo on foot.

Elegant Vine Tattoos (21)© Johnny D1.  Butterfly and flower vine tattoos done appealingly near ankle and foot.

Elegant Vine Tattoos (22)© Langel Blue. Floral vine tattoo designs. Floral themes are the perfect partner of vines.

Elegant Vine Tattoos (23)Black roses and vines tattoos done appealingly on rib cage of a girl.

Elegant Vine Tattoos (24)Ivy vine tattoo design done with hippy red and green colors on back of a men.

Elegant Vine Tattoos (25)© Brittany. Large vine tattoo designs on rib are quite popular, they can be tattooed with large flowers like lilies and hibiscuses.

Elegant Vine Tattoos (26)© Tattoo Ready Shop. Black vine tattooed on leg with red roses and green leaves.

Elegant Vine Tattoos (27)© Lemaster. Large rose vine tattoos on shoulder of a girl.

Elegant Vine Tattoos (28)

Elegant Vine Tattoos (29)© Asuss 06. Appealingly detailed large back vine tattoo design with unique colors scheme.

Elegant Vine Tattoos (30)

Elegant Vine Tattoos (31)

Elegant Vine Tattoos (32)

Elegant Vine Tattoos (34)Small and cute black vine tattoo behind the ear.

Elegant Vine Tattoos (35)

Elegant Vine Tattoos (36)
Surely, you have figured out a tattoo idea for you from these vine tattoos designs.

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