Beautiful Tramp Stamp Tattoos That Stand The Test Of Time

Tramp stamp tattoos not only look interesting, but they also have an interesting name. Do you know where it comes from?

The reason behind the name of these tattoos lies in the fact that lower back can be viewed as an erotic body part. This historically lead to the association of the lower back with sexuality, and this decorations on the lower back were considered to be drawing attention to a woman’s sexuality.  These tattoos became very popular among women in the 2000s.  The tattoos were popularized due to the influence of female celebrities, such as Britney Spears, Pamela Anderson, and Christina Ricci. At the same time, low-rise jeans and crop tops were very fashionable and they accentuated these “tramp stamp” tattoos even more.   Nowadays, society is more liberal, and fights back agains slut-shaming.  These “tramp stamp tattoos” are a symbol of power and beauty.

Tramp stamp tattoos are pretty awesome for many reasons. First of all, there is plenty of skin for you to use as your canvas. Then, you can easily cover up the tattoo when you need to. In addition, these tattoos are done on the lower back and, generally, there is little fat there. This lessens the chance that images will become misshapen over time.

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Now it is time for you to check out all these amazing tramp stamp tattoos. And, once again, don’t let the name distract you since today these tattoos have very little taboo, some might say just enough to keep them interesting!

30. Lower Back Tramp Stamp Tattoos


29. Henna Tramp Stamp Tattoos


28. Floral Lower Back Tattoo


27. Bouquet Tramp Stamp Tattoos


26. Peacock Feathers Tattoo


25. Phases Of  The Moon


Tramp stamp tattoos do not have the nicest name. But, they do flatter and point out the attractive part of your body. And that is the point of the tattoos. They are supposed to look good, make you look good, and to send a message you want them to send. All in all, guys do it all the time. They flaunt their back, their chest, their arms, so why would it be wrong for women to show off their good looks?

24. Tribal Tramp Stamp Tattoos


23. Henna Tramp Stamp Tattoos


Let’s say you like tramp stamp tattoos so much, but you are not sure if you want one. Maybe you find the thought of needles appalling, or you are not sure whether you want the tattoo to be there forever. First of all, let us tell you that lower back is one of the least painful areas for getting a tattoo. However, henna tattoos are a great choice, too. You can come up with a design and get a henna tattoo. This way, if you end up not liking it, you will not have to worry about having it removed.

22. Dandelion Tattoo


21. Lower Back Cross Tattoo


20. Fashionable Tramp Stamp Tattoos


One thing about tramp stamp tattoos is they are very popular and it is hard to get a unique lower back tattoo. You may achieve that by moving your tattoo slightly to the side and getting a design that is not common. Tribal designs are used most frequently. But, you can go with a quote, like the lady in the image above. Also, what matters is how you choose to reveal your tattoo to others with your clothing.

19. Wings Tramp Stamp Tattoo


Angel wings are popular tramp stamp tattoos, but there are so many ways you can personalize the tattoo. Wing tattoos do not only look good, but they also have a symbolic meaning. With such tattoo you can express your love of freedom and movement, you can dedicate it to the loved one who has passed away, show your faith, or have it to remind you of your ability to overcome the obstacles life throws at you.


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18. “Beautiful Life”


17. Rose Tribal Tattoo


16. Colorful Tramp Stamp Tattoos


15. Lizard Tramp Stamp Tattoos


14. Small Wings On Lower Back


13. Beautiful Butterfly Tattoo


12. Bad Girl Tramp Stamp Tattoos


11. Tribal Tattoos for Women


10. Beautiful Elephant Tattoo


We said that tramp stamp tattoos are very popular and it is hard to find a unique design. But, even though it is hard, it is not impossible. An elephant family is not seen that often on someone’s lower back. Each elephant may stand for your family member. Even though you could use any other animal for your tattoo, elephants are a proper choice because they are so protective over the members of their herd.

9. Maple Leaf Tattoo


Oh Canada! 😉

8. Fierce Tramp Stamp Tattoos


7. Tribal Heart Tattoo

EPSON DSC picture

6. Lower Back Henna Tattoos


5. Bike Handlebars Tramp Stamp Tattoo


4. Classic Tramp Stamp Tattoos


You have seen so many images of tramp stamp tattoos. Most of them look good, right? But, not all of them have to. You should be careful when choosing a lower back tattoo because it may turn out to be something you might regret, like the one you are looking at right now. Or, even worse, the one in the image above. When choosing your tattoo, think carefully before deciding to confirm the stereotypes related to these tattoos.

3. Tramp Stamp Tattoos for Guys


If you thought guys can’t have tramp stamp tattoos, you were wrong. Even though it is quite uncommon for a guy to get a lower back tattoo, there are still guys who decide to do so. For example, the hottest guy on Earth – David Beckham – has one. However, his is way better looking than the one this guy has. What do you think it?

2. Rose Tramp Stamp Tattoos


1. Floral Lower Back Tattoos


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