Why You Should Get A Tattoo?

Why You Should Get A Tattoo
Tattoos are profound forms of expression – Tattoos let you wear heart on your sleeves. So wear your love, belief, adoration, respect, and fascination with an expressive tattoo. You ink can also signify your passions – travelling, music, food, dogs!.

Why do people get tattoos?

Participants reported reasons such as ‘to keep my mother’s memory,’ ‘a way of honoring my first child,’ and ‘presented what I was going through at a certain time of my life. ‘ Some participants (12%) also felt that their tattoos were an extension or expression of who they were.

Should you get a tattoo?

Today, millions of people have tattoos. From different cultures to pop culture enthusiasts, many people have one or several tattoos on their bodies. While a lot of other people have shunned tattoos, or are unsure if they should get one, there are those that have taken the leap and have gotten their bodies inked.

What are the benefits of a tattoo?

Ten Great reasons to get a tattoo. – People who decide to take the plunge and get a tattoo are motivated by a multitude of reasons. Getting a tattoo may be something they have been planning to do for quite a while, or it may be a spur of the moment decision.

Either way, for a majority of people there is usually a good reason why they have taken this step. There will always be a few foolhardy individuals who get a tattoo on a whim, or who barely remember having their tattoo because they were drunk or were egged on by irresponsible friends.

But for most of us, it is the result of one or more carefully considered reasons. So what exactly are these reasons? Every tattoo is unique and the reasons for getting one vary widely. Here are ten of the most common reasons why most people become a member of the fast-growing world population of inked bodies.

  1. Why not? There is nothing new, wrong, unusual or outrageous about it. People have been putting tattoos on their bodies for thousands of years. At various periods in the history of cultures – western and eastern – tattoos have gone in and out of fashion. Certainly for westerners in the 21 st century, there has never been a more popular time to go under the tattoo gun.
  1. It is a lasting and true expression of who you are. Getting a tattoo is a statement of your individuality – it shows everyone who you really are and you are doing it “because you can”. Whether it is a small discrete design or symbol on your shoulder or ankle, or whether it is something that covers your whole arm, or your back, it is announcing – or even shouting to the world – that you are an individual, a unique human being.
  1. Happy memories – A tattoo can be a great reminder of a person, place, thing or a major event that you treasure, and one you wish to stay with you for the rest of your life. It may be a family member, a dear friend, a loved one, or even a public icon, such as a pop or movie star, or an event, such as a wedding or a music festival that meant so much to you. Whatever it happens to be, your tattoo brings back many happy and cherished memories – memories that you are determined never to forget. And what better way to do this than with a tattoo?
  1. A tribute to a loved one. Similar (3) to above, but in this instance the tattoo is of someone who is no longer with you, maybe they have passed on, or simply someone you wish to honor for a specific reason. A tattoo will help keep the memory and your love and respect alive.
  1. It is art. Your body is a blank canvas, and so many tattoos are quite simply wonderful and unique works of art. If you employ a great tattoo artist, such as we have at ALL DAY Tattoo  in Bangkok, you can be assured of a high-quality design or picture, one that will stand up to the highest artistic scrutiny. Wouldn’t be it great to walk around with a beautiful work of art on your body?
  1. Increase self-respect and life motivation. Many of us feel self-conscious in the public arena or in interactive social situations. Quite often, an outstanding tattoo will help make us feel much better about ourselves. We will feel braver and invigorated and less likely to worry about sticking out in a crowd.
  1. Tattoos can be used to cover scars and skin discolorations. This is a great reason to get a tattoo, for obvious reasons. An unsightly scar, or ugly skin blemish, or even a mastectomy can be either covered or ‘beautified’ by a clever tattoo artist, such as we have at ALL DAY Tattoo. Such tattoos are becoming ever more popular as people realize that they don’t have to spend the rest of their lives looking bad or disfigured.
  1. It is permanent. Nobody can take it away from you. It’s your skin and a tattoo is pretty much for life unless you wish to undergo a long, painful and expensive laser removal process that will probably leave a scar. Fashions, hairstyles, and trends change, but your tattoo is there forever – the one immovable feature of your life. Isn’t that awesome?
  1. Putting on the style. Nobody wants to be a total slave fashion and the latest trends, but at the same time, you don’t want to be out of step with an integral feature of modern day life. If you really want to emulate your peers and celebrity icons, then a tasteful tattoo or two will certainly announce your lifelong membership of the tattoo generation.
  1. You want a visual, textual reminder to yourself – and others – of something that matters deeply in your life. It may be a famous quote, a life adage, a proverb, a piece of verse, a music lyric, an extract from the Bible or some other religious book, something in ancient languages such as Latin or Sanskrit – in fact almost anything that holds a great meaning for you.
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So these are our ten great reasons to get a tattoo, and of course, there are many others. Whatever your reason, which may not even be one of the above, if you’re in Bangkok, why not click the button below and come and talk to our artists at ALL DAY Tattoo. We will be delighted to arrange a free consultation and discuss your various options and make suggestions.

Why should you get a tattoo if you love cooking?

Build Your Confidence – With many people holding negative perceptions of tattoos, what better way to rebel and be free than getting one. Tattoos can help you feel more confident and embrace your body and individuality, and they can help you get over the fear of being judged or the pressure of not being good enough for society.