When Can I Shave Over My Tattoo?

When Can I Shave Over My Tattoo

When Can I Shave Over a Tattoo? – After getting inked, you can’t shave over the area of your new tattoo until it’s fully healed. This could take two to three weeks. During this time, you need to keep your ink protected to allow it to heal properly, so shaving is out of the question. Every Gillette Styler comes with a ProGlide Razor Blade , which will help you to make sure your tattoo is left looking super smooth after its first shave. Keep it looking that way by signing up to Gillette’s shave club for fresh razors delivered to your door every few weeks. Remember: newer, sharper razors are always best for avoiding shaving cuts – the last thing you want to be worrying about spoiling your new tattoo.

Is it safe to shave after a tattoo?

Fashion When Can I Shave Over My Tattoo Something like shaving your tattooed skin is an easy, cheap way to remove hair, and further expose your ink. However, there is one occasion where your tattoo artist will want you to ditch the razor. According to the artists at Hart and Huntington Tattoo Company in Orlando , you should skip shaving if your tattoo is new and still healing. During the healing process, your skin is very sensitive, and even considered an open wound.

  1. Shaving over the tattoo site will not only be painful, but it can also damage the tattoo itself;
  2. Give your skin anywhere from two weeks to a month to fully heal;
  3. This means no scabbing, peeling, or shininess on or around the tattoo site;
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These are all signals that your skin is still healing, and that it isn’t safe to shave. However, after the tattoo has fully settled into your skin, shaving is completely fine. As shaving itself only removes hair from the outer layer of skin, your tattoo, located in the second layer of skin, won’t be harmed or damaged.

If anything, shaving can help with the appearance of your tattoo as it helps to remove any dead skin cells and hair that could be clouding the opacity of the ink. Keep your tattoo investments looking their best by giving your tattoos a little extra TLC.

That TLC can definitely involve shaving once the skin has healed. When it comes to shaving, be sure to use a hydrating liquid or gel to help keep the skin moisturized. According to StyleCaster. com, a moisturizing lather helps to give you a smoother shave without drying out your skin.

Should I remove the hair on my head before tattooing?

Should You Shave Before a Tattoo? – While you should groom before getting a tattoo, the tattoo artist may still trim the area again to make sure that little hairs don’t get in the way of the ink. The hair on the head should be removed gently before tattooing to avoid razor burn or discomfort.

Should I Shave or wax my arm before a tattoo?

Is it better to wax or shave before a tattoo? – When people ask us, ‘should I shave my arm before a tattoo or should I get it waxed,’ our response is simple – You Do You! Shaving or waxing is purely a matter of personal choice. Broadly, the choice is determined by your sensitivity.

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When can I shower with my new tattoo?

During the middle stage, your tattoo will likely look very dark as it hasn’t peeled yet and should be safe to touch and shower with, so long as you’re not completely submerging it under water. The last stage is the peeling stage, which tends to occur anywhere from three or four days to a week after you got your ink.