What Is The Medusa Tattoo Mean?

What Is The Medusa Tattoo Mean

If you’ve scrolled on your FYP in the last few months, you might have seen ambiguous TikToks that reference the meaning of the Medusa tattoo. “A lot of people didn’t realize the meaning of a Medusa tattoo. If you do, I am so sorry you went through this too.

You are so strong,” said TikTok user @r. bree. xo, showing her inking of the Gorgon. Videos of people showing their Medusa tattoos on the app are racking up hundreds of thousands of views, as many hint towards a deeper meaning.

Most will know Medusa for her head of snakes instead of hair and the power to turn anyone who looks at her into stone. Many will also be familiar with her most famous tale from mythology—being beheaded by Perseus. After severing her head using a bronze shield to protect his eyes, Perseus used Medusa’s head to defeat his enemies in battle.

  • Medusa became a sign of monstrous evil, but her backstory is far different;
  • According to the main variation of her tale, Medusa was once a beautiful young woman;
  • It was that beauty that caught the attention of sea god Poseidon, who is said to have raped her in Athena’s sacred temple;

Athena in response turned Medusa into the figure we recognize, with her snake curls and deathly stare. In the widely believed variation, the power put onto Medusa was a curse from Athena, who was furious at the tainting of her sacred temple. Other iterations of the myth however recognize it as a blessing, a way for Medusa to protect herself after being assaulted by Poseidon.

According to The Met Museum, Medusa is portrayed in most Greek art as an “apotropaic symbol used to protect and ward off the negative,” representing a “dangerous threat meant to deter other dangerous threats, an image of evil to repel evil.

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” In modern tales of Gorgon though, she is a symbol of female rage. She was even used in feminist theorist Hélène Cixous’s 1975 manifesto The Laugh of the Medusa. Similarly, the TikTok tattoos reference Medusa as a victim rather than a villain. She is seen as a symbol of power after sexual assault and combatting the culture of victim-blaming as a woman made into a monster for her own rape. What Is The Medusa Tattoo Mean Stock image of a Medusa head. Videos of people showing their Medusa tattoos on TikTok are racking up hundreds of thousands of views. Getty Images UPDATE 01/18/22 6:54 a. ET: This article was updated to include new videos and picture and to modify the headline..

Why are people getting Medusa tattoos?

10 November 2021, 13:52 | Updated: 10 November 2021, 15:20 Why are people getting Medusa tattoos on TikTok? One powerful interpretation of the figure’s story is behind the meaningful tattoos. If you’ve ever ended up on TattooTok during one of your 3-hour TikTok scrolling sessions, then you may have come across a lot of videos of people getting Medusa tattoos.

We all know the familiar myths and stories of Medusa: the Greek figure with snakes in her hair that could turn men to stone with just one look. There are many variations, retellings and evolutions of Medusa’s story that have been shared over the years, and there are several reasons as to why people get the tattoo.

But one particularly powerful reason appears to be doing the rounds, and it’s very popular on TikTok. READ MORE: What is ’97 percent’ on TikTok? The viral trend explained What do Medusa tattoos mean? The TikTok videos explained. Picture: Thiago Prudêncio/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images, Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images People have been getting Medusa tattoos as a symbol of taking back their power and inverting the narrative of a female being punished or blamed after surviving sexual assault.

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Per some writings of Greek and Roman mythology, Medusa was raped by Poseidon, then punished and cursed by Athena because of it. According to The Met , the most common interpretation of Medusa in Greek art sees her as an “apotropaic symbol used to protect from and ward off the negative”.

Medusa represents a “dangerous threat meant to deter other dangerous threats, an image of evil to repel evil. ” Others have interpreted Medusa’s image as a sign of strength, empowerment, determination and safety for women. People are now sharing their Medusa tattoos and their own personal meaning behind them on TikTok.

What does the Medusa Tattoo mean on TikTok?

What does a Medusa tattoo symbolize?

Is the Medusa tattoo offensive? – The Medusa tattoo is not regarded as offensive as it has now been adopted as an emblem of power for sexual assault survivors. Medusa is recognized as a victim rather than a villain, which gives the inkings of her a poignant meaning.

It has become a symbol for combatting the culture of victim-blaming, as Medusa was a woman made into a monster for her own rape. One TikTok user explained: “That’s why a lot of people have this tattoo, because if they were, they are victims, it is like empowering yourself, taking back your power type of thing.

” Medusa is also considered as a mythological figure who has the ability to deter evil forces. Tattoo artist helps people hide stretch marks and burns with unique no ink method – and goes viral on TikTok.

What does Medusa’s head symbolize?

Medusa Is More Than a Monster – Though many people know exactly who Medusa is — a monster with snakes for hair whose gaze turns people to stone — not many know her whole story. Unfortunately, it is a tragic one of sexual assault and injustice. This is why Medusa is a symbol that has consistently been used by feminists for decades.

Though Medusa’s transformation was a punishment, it did give her an incredible power that made her a formidable foe. Even after her death, the power of her gaze remained potent. Thus, Medusa’s head has been used as a protective symbol often found in mosaics, especially in the Roman empire.

However you connect with Medusa, she is certainly a fascinating mythological character whose story deserves to be told through art, including tattoos..

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What does a Caravaggio Medusa Tattoo mean?

Caravaggio Medusa Tattoos – Depicted at the very moment of Medusa’s detached head, Caravaggio Medusa tattoo symbolizes the ultimate shield and protective symbol against anything that might come upon you. With Caravaggio’s shield tattooed on your body, you’ll be protected against anything that comes your way.