What Is A Tattoo Apprentice?

What Is A Tattoo Apprentice
What is a tattoo apprenticeship? – A tattoo apprenticeship is a learning experience for professionals aspiring to enter this field. An apprentice receives training from an experienced tattoo artist for around one to two years. Positions are available at various tattoo shops and may or may not offer compensation.

  • During the first several weeks, apprentices learn basic skills like how to build a machine;
  • They also study essential safety and sanitation techniques so that they can practice on fake skin and eventually work on actual clients;

Continual supervision from an experienced artist ensures apprentices maintain a sterile environment and recommend the appropriate body placements for tattoos. Related: How To Get a Tattoo Apprenticeship To Start Your Career.

How do tattoo apprenticeships work?

What to expect in a tattoo apprenticeship// PRO TIPS

Do I Have To Pay My Apprenticeship? – Chances are that you’ll be required to pay for your apprenticeship. How much? Well, that depends on the tattoo artist, but, the price usually goes from $5,000 to $10,000. The majority of tattoo studios require money up-front for the apprenticeship , but some mentors tend to split the payments to make it easier for the apprentice to pay for everything.

How do I become a tattoo artist?

Make connections – You can increase your chances of getting an apprenticeship by networking with others in the tattooing industry. Getting tattoos yourself and making friends with your artists is a good way to learn about tattoo culture and the process of starting this career path.

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How many pieces should be in a tattoo apprenticeship portfolio?

Create a variety of original art pieces – Dedicate yourself to producing several finished artworks to feature in an apprenticeship portfolio. It’s important for these artworks to display a combination of your technique and creativity. The exact number of pieces to include in your portfolio can vary depending on the quality of your designs, but having 50 or 100 artworks in a tattoo apprenticeship portfolio is common.

What do you need to know about a tattoo contract?

Is There an Apprenticeship Contract I Need To Sign? – Yes, you need to sign an apprenticeship contract so that both you and your mentor know what you’re agreeing to. This especially applies to cases where you have to pay for the apprenticeship, which is almost 95% of cases.

The contract will state how many apprenticeship hours you’ll take, which will be especially important when you7re getting certified as a tattoo artist. Among the hours info, the contract will show how much the apprenticeship will cost, what your responsibilities are at the shop, what skill and how you’ll learn them, etc.

Some tattoo shops require their apprentice to work at their studio after the mentorship is done. That should also be stated in the contract for future reference.