What Does A Shamrock Tattoo Mean?

What Does A Shamrock Tattoo Mean

Shamrock Tattoos – What Does A Shamrock Tattoo Mean From the Burren and across the fens to the Great Skellig, Ireland is dotted with little green emblems of luck. The shamrock has many meanings; luck, love, cultural pride, a ward from evil, the phases of the moon, but whichever one you prefer, these little flourishes of fauna make tight tattoos. The only question is, three leaves or four?.

What does a shamrock and heart tattoo mean?

Heart Shamrock Tattoos – Hearts are often incorporated into Irish knots for wedding or love designs. Because shamrock leaves already have a heart-like shape, they need only a hint of tweaking to make them into a more refined tattoo. We love this as a tattoo for the love of your Irish family and heritage. It may also symbolize someone who feels lucky in their love life, or wants to invite some luck in that direction! .

What is the meaning of the Aryan Brotherhood shamrock tattoo?

Aryan Brotherhood The shamrock is a common image in tattoos worn by members of the Aryan Brotherhood, a white supremacist prison gang related to the Neo-Nazis. There are many ways to denote the Aryan Brotherhood, including the letters AB, the numbers 12, representing the first and second letters of the alphabet.

Can you get a shamrock tattoo?

Shamrock Tattoos – Among the most popular tattoo motifs with those who want to express their Irish heritage through tattoo art, shamrock tattoos have many other positive meanings which many of us resonate with. Many people like to pick shamrocks up as a gift to a loved one or to press them into some glass for good luck. A shamrock tattoo as a stand-alone piece symbolizes:

  • Holy Trinity
  • Faith, Hope & Love
  • Irish Heritage
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What is the meaning of the Shamrock?

Shamrock refers to the low-growing young sprigs of clover (a herb from the pea family) or trefoil (an European plant of the pea family) and is the national emblem of Ireland. Shamrocks are symbolic of faith, hope and love and are often considered to be a good luck charm that brings peace and prosperity into a person’s life.