What Does A Eye Tattoo Mean?

What Does A Eye Tattoo Mean
The eye of god – The most commonly understood meaning of the all-seeing eye tattoo is that it represents the omnipresent eye of god watching over humankind. Another popular interpretation is that it symbolizes benevolent guidance from a divine source, since the word “providence” means “guidance”.

The light source shown behind the all-seeing eye is traditionally believed to denote ” illumination “, or wisdom. In various spiritual and religious beliefs the all-seeing eye is believed to represent the awakening of the spirit, or the opening of the third eye.

A common rendition of the all-seeing eye design is the crying all-seeing eye tattoo. Although this tattoo shares much of the same symbolism as the original design it is believed to be worn as a sign of gods sorrow for humanity. This design can be used to represent a number of various personal beliefs, particularly surrounding empathy for human suffering, or a state of sadness in regards to the state of humankind.

The traditional depiction of the all-seeing eye has held importance in almost every major world religion, being utilized as a symbol of inner wisdom, spiritual progression and looking within oneself for answers.

In the early days of Christianity the symbol was used to represent the holy trinity via the three points of the triangle. In Buddhist religions the all-seeing eye is viewed as “the eye of the world”, while in Hindu belief systems it is said to be the “third eye” of Shiva.

What Does a Female eye tattoo mean?

Eye tattoo meaning is a complex and deeply interesting subject often linked to protection from evil spirits, guidance, and truth, with an association to spirituality and higher consciousness mixed in. The eye symbol traces back to the Ancient Egyptians and other cultures of antiquity yet have an association with more artistic modern body art when examining duality, truth, trust, and knowledge.

Whether you’re looking for a simple tattoo to ward off evil spirits, or a deeply creative modern design of a realistic, all-knowing eye, there is a range of variables you can adopt to depict layers of meaning with this powerful symbol.

The following article examines how the eye is used in tattooing as the window to the soul and will provide you with the eye tattoo meaning you’re looking for to bring your eyeball idea to life.

What does the 3rd eye tattoo mean?

The third eye refers to the spiritual gate leading to higher consciousness. The third eye often symbolizes a state of enlightenment that has deeply personal, spiritual and psychological significance to each practitioner. The third eye embodies your ability to see both the inner and outer worlds associated with reflection, clairvoyance, out-of-body experiences, visions, and precognition.

  • Located in between the eyebrows, the third eye chakra or ‘ Ajna ‘ is the sixth of your seven chakras and translates to “perceiving” or “command” in Sanskrit;
  • It represents connection to wisdom and insight, allowing you to access the inner guidance coming from deep within, enabling you to cut through illusion and access deeper truths;

Tattoos are often visual representation of individuals most important internal symbols, helping make the third eye a versatile theme in ink expression and stylistic inspiration. Read on for the top 105 examples of third eye tattoos followed by useful contextual questions to help frame your future ink decision making.

What does an eye tattoo on the back of the neck mean?

Evil Eye Tattoo Design: – contrary to what its name suggests, this tattoo design is meant to ward off evil-not to welcome it. It’s commonly found on the wearer’s wrist or the back of the neck.

What does the evil eye tattoo symbolize?

What Does An Evil Eye Tattoo Symbolize? – Credit: Saved Tattoo An evil eye symbolizes and stands for your protection from bad luck. Nothing bad should happen to your or in your home. It is colored in blue and indicates spiritual protection. It is a popular jewelry piece in Turkey, and people all over the world appreciate it and believe that it can help with bad luck, curse, hex, as well as black dark magic.

What do teardrop tattoos mean?

By C1 Staff Jail staff can stay safer by knowing as much as they can about inmates. And sometimes, inmates make it easy to know exactly what they’ve been up to through the use of tattoos. Here are 15 tattoos and their secret meanings. Know a different meaning for the tattoos displayed here? Share it in the comments. What Does A Eye Tattoo Mean 1488   (Photo freetattoodesigns. org) This number can be found on white supremacist/Nazi inmates. The numbers 14 or 88 on their own can also be used, which sometimes creates confusion. Fourteen represents fourteen words, which are a quote by Nazi leader David Lane: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children.

Be sure to check out more of our coverage on prison tattoos, including 15 more prison tattoos and their meanings , 12 Russian prison tattoos and their meanings , and a collection of inmate takes on prison ink.

” The 88 is shorthand for the 8 th letter of the alphabet twice, HH, which represents Heil Hitler. Typically, these tattoos can be found anywhere on the body. What Does A Eye Tattoo Mean The Cobweb  (Photo Timeless Tattoos Glasglow) Cobwebs typically represent a lengthy term in prison. The symbolism is associated with spiders trapping prey; or criminals trapped behind bars. This tattoo is commonly found on the elbow, signifying sitting around so long with your elbows on the table that a spider made a web on your elbow, though it can also be located on the neck. What Does A Eye Tattoo Mean Teardrop  (Photo trendfashion2013) One of the most widely recognized prison tattoos, the teardrop’s meaning varies geographically. In some places, the tattoo can mean a lengthy prison sentence, while in others it signifies that the wearer has committed murder. If the teardrop is just an outline, it can symbolize an attempted murder. It can also mean that one of the inmate’s friends was murdered and that they are seeking revenge.

If you see a multi-colored web, it’s probably not a prison tattoo; tattoo ‘artists’ in jail rarely have access to colored ink. The teardrop has been popularized recently by rappers and other celebrities, but still remains a staple in prisons.

Those who are newbies behind bars with a teardrop tattoo will make a lot of enemies, fast. What Does A Eye Tattoo Mean Five-point crown  (Photo Gwan Soon Lee Tattoo) This is the symbol of the Latin Kings gang, which is one of the biggest Hispanic gangs in the U. based out of Chicago. The crown will often be accompanied by the letters ALKN, which stands for Almighty Latin Kings Nation. The five points are due to the Latin Kings being an affiliate of the People Nation gang, which is represented by the number five. Latin Kings have a huge presence both in and out of prison, and their roots go back to the 1940s. What Does A Eye Tattoo Mean Three dots (Photo Whiserkino) The three dots tattoo is a common prison tattoo that represents “mi vida loca,” or “my crazy life. ” It’s not associated with any particular gang, but with the gang lifestyle itself. This tattoo is typically found on the hands or around the eyes. It can also carry some religious significance, such as representing Christianity’s holy trinity. The three dot tattoo is often created using a stick-and-poke method, requiring very rudimentary tools. What Does A Eye Tattoo Mean Five dots   (Photo My Sarisari Store) These dots differ greatly from the previous tattoo – five dots represents time done in prison. Also known as the quincunx, the four dots on the outside represent four walls, with the fifth on the inside representing the prisoner. This tattoo can be found internationally, among both American and European inmates. The dots are typically found on an inmate’s hand, between the thumb and forefinger. What Does A Eye Tattoo Mean The clock with no hands  (Photo Tattoo Me Pink) This tattoo is, fairly obviously, representative of ‘doing time’ and doing a lot of it. Those serving a longer sentence might get this tattoo done on their wrist, with watch straps and all, much like a real watch. The clock face itself can come in a few forms, such as the face of a wall clock or a grandfather clock. Not all clock tattoos are tied to prison; generally just the ones lacking hands. What Does A Eye Tattoo Mean Aryan Brotherhood  (Photo Media Lib) This prison gang has a variety of tattoos to look out for, ranging from ‘AB’ to Nazi symbols like a swastika or SS bolts. The Brotherhood makes up 1 percent of the inmate population, but are responsible for 20 percent of murders inside of U. prisons, so identifying these tattoos are extremely beneficial. The tattoos can also be referred to as Alice Baker, the One-Two, or The Brand. What Does A Eye Tattoo Mean Norte ñ o  (Photo Know Gangs) Norteño tattoos represent the Nuestra Familia gang, which is associated with Hispanic gangs in Northern California. Their tattoos include the word Norteño, Nuestra Familia, a sombrero symbol, the letter N or the number 14, symbolizing the 14 th letter of the alphabet (yup – the letter N). The Norteños are rivals of the Suerños, Hispanic gangs based out of Southern California.

  1. Other details of the crown, such as the colors of the jewels in the points, can have a whole other level of hidden meanings;
  2. Five dots on other parts of the body can have different meanings, such as an association with the People Nation gang;
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The unofficial dividing line between the two is in Delano, California. The Norteños identify themselves with red bandanas and mainly get their income from smuggling and distributing cocaine, heroin and meth. What Does A Eye Tattoo Mean La Eme   (Photo Police Mag) ‘La Eme,’ or The M, is the symbol of the Mexican Mafia. They are one of the largest and most ruthless prison gangs in the U. They’re allied with the Aryan Brotherhood, and have a common enemy in the Nuestra Familia. La Eme was started not in Mexico, but in Mexican-Americans who were incarcerated in American prisons. What Does A Eye Tattoo Mean MS 13  (Photo Wikimedia) The MS 13, also sometimes seen just as MS or 13, is a symbol of the Mara Salvatrucha gang from El Salvador. Typically these tattoos can be found anywhere on the body, but are most often found in highly visible places like the face, hands or neck. LA Mara Salvatrucha was started in the Los Angeles area by El Salvadoran immigrants. There are now MS-13 chapters all over the U. What Does A Eye Tattoo Mean Playing cards  (Photo Tattos Time) Playing cards, or suits of the deck in general, usually indicate an inmate who likes to gamble. This applies to gambling games both within prison and without; it can also represent a person who generally views life as a gamble. This tattoo is very popular in Russian prisons, where each deck has its own meaning. A spade represents a thief; clubs symbolize criminals in general.

La Eme is a Sureño gang, belonging to a large affiliation of Hispanic gangs in Southern California. and even in Canada. Their industries range from dealing drugs to child prostitution. Diamonds are reserved for stoolpigeons and informants – if the cards have this deck, then it was likely applied with force.

Hearts imply that someone is looking for a romantic partner in the prison, which may also be forcibly applied. What Does A Eye Tattoo Mean EWMN  (Photo Turner) These letters stand for ‘Evil, Wicked, Mean, Nasty. ‘ Having no particular affiliation with any gang, they simply represent the general disposition of some prison inmates. Typically found on the knuckles, these types of tattoos were popularized in 1955 by Robert Mitchum in ‘The Night of the Hunter. ‘ His sociopathic preacher character had the words ‘love’ and ‘hate’ tattooed on the knuckles of each hand, which has brought about other variants such as ‘Rock/Roll’ and ‘Stay/Down. ‘ What Does A Eye Tattoo Mean Cross on the chest  (Photo Adimaz) Particularly found in Russian prisons, chest tattoos symbolize a ‘Prince of Thieves. ‘ This is the highest rank a Russian convict can achieve, and are generally worn by higher-ups in the mob. Russian prisons have a unique and intricate history of prison tattoos, each with their own unique meaning. Another example are bells, symbolizing freedom, or a tiger on the chest is symbolic of aggression toward the police. What Does A Eye Tattoo Mean A. (Photo SAS) This acronym is commonly found on the bodies of British prisoners and stands for “All Cops Are Bastards. ” Some claim that A. also stands for “Always Carry A Bible,” but these are widely believed to be people who regret their tattoo decision.

What does evil eye do?

Tell us about the history of the evil eye. – A quasi-universal symbol of protection, the evil eye is referred to as μάτι ( mati ) in Greek. The concept and the significance of the evil eye is especially prominent in the Mediterranean and West Asia. The evil eye is a “look” or “stare” that is believed to bring bad luck for the person at whom it is directed for reasons of envy or dislike.

  • The perception of the nature of the phenomenon, its causes, and possible protective measures, varies between tribes and cultures;
  • The evil eye is a talisman that is meant to protect you from these evil spirits;

The evil eye is a ‘look’ or ‘stare’ believed to bring bad luck for the person at whom it is directed Belief in the evil eye—”mati”—dates back to Greek Classical antiquity, to at least the 6 th century B. when it appeared on drinking vessels. It is referenced by Plato, Hesiod, Plutarch and many more classical authors who attempted both to describe and explain the function of the evil eye.

Plutarch’s scientific explanation stated that the eyes were the chief, if not sole, source of the deadly rays that were supposed to spring up like poisoned darts from the inner recesses of a person possessing the evil eye.

It is a curse or legend believed to be cast by this malevolent glare, and usually given to a person when they are unaware. An evil eye is a talisman or amulet, designed in the shape of an eye, traditionally in the colors blue or green, that indicate spiritual protection.

What is a protection tattoo?

The Shield Knot Celtic culture is full of knots, and most of them symbolize protection. More often than not, the knot symbols end up on the popular armband tattoos, many of which were inspired by the Celtic culture. Celtic knots are associated with infinity and the shield knot is no exception.

What does teardrops on the right eye mean?

The Prison Life Symbolism – As mentioned earlier, for the last 40 to 50 years, the trend with teardrop tattoos has often been associated with the meanings related to the criminal record, street fights and murders, and the life inside the prison. However, the different rules for the teardrop tattoo apply from prison to prison.

In most cases, getting the teardrop tattoo when being in prison is associated with the struggle, pain, and oftentimes loneliness when it comes to being in prison, the yearning for freedom, family, friends, and loved ones.

The Eye tattoo meaning – facts and photos for the site tattoovalue.net

As mentioned above, violent inmates force their less dominant inmates to get a tattoo of the teardrop and oftentimes do it themselves to instill fear and show dominance. Also, the symbolism of life in prison is determined by the color of a teardrop, whether it’s just outlined or filled in with the solid layer of the link or boasts some other color.

  • Some teardrops are red, but on most occasions, they are blue or green, so that they are closely resembling the actual tear;
  • Some symbolism proposes that the outlined teardrop symbolizes that the prisoner was charged with attempted murder, for harming someone badly, or nearly executing the murder act;
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If the teardrop is filled in, that means that the imprisoned person was charged with a degree of murder and is likely sentenced to life in prison. However, these vary from facility to facility and can be taken with the grain of salt before believed in fully.

Also, whether a person should ink the teardrop tattoo on their left or right part of the place rises a lot of confusion. However, that also depends on which facility the person is at, and whether there are some strict culture and policy between the inmates.

So, the teardrops located on the left side of the eye indicate that the person has conducted a murder of someone. Each teardrop represents one murder, which could make other inmates scared of violent and dominant inmates if they have some of those. However, this rule doesn’t apply everywhere.

  • Some people may just have the teardrops on the left side due to sadness, sorrow, or pain related to being in prison;
  • On the other hand, inmates with teardrop tattoos on the right side of their eye aren’t necessarily associated with them murdering someone;

In some prisons, inmates get teardrops on the right side of the face to mark remembrance of a friend or a family member that has passed away. Certain gang members also ink a teardrop on the right side of their eye as a sign of honor for another gang member who was murdered or had passed away.

In some gangs it could even hint at revenge for the lost gang member. Then again, that doesn’t always hold, and a person that has the tattoo under their right eye isn’t always associated with missing the deceased one or murdered.

Now that we highlighted the key meaning of the teardrop tattoo, let’s take a look at other symbolism of the tattoos, that may be associated with the prison and criminal life, but isn’t limited to it. Instagram: @charlottebergmantattoo.

What does Egyptian eye tattoo mean?

Eye of Horus, in ancient Egypt, symbol representing protection, health, and restoration. According to Egyptian myth, Horus lost his left eye in a struggle with Seth. The eye was magically restored by Hathor, and this restoration came to symbolize the process of making whole and healing.

What does 3 dots tattoo mean?

The Bottom Line – Ultimately, the real meaning of the three dots tattoo is up to you. It’s your interpretation that counts. It doesn’t matter if everyone else gets the same tattoo, but the location, placement, and the story behind it is what matters. If you want a creative and long-lasting tattoo, we are happy to help you.

What does a teardrop tattoo on the left side mean?

Teardrop – What does a teardrop tattoo mean? Easily one of the most popular prison tattoos in popular culture, the teardrop tattoo actually has a less innocent meaning behind it. The meaning of teardrop tattoos can vary depending on the geography, but they all have the same premise: it symbolizes murder.

  • A teardrop tattoo on the face means that the person has committed murder;
  • A teardrop outline represents attempted murder, but it could also mean that the person has a friend who was murdered and that they are now currently seeking vengeance;

A filled in teardrop means a death has been avenged. If someone’s initials have been placed in the tear, it could be the name of that person who died. Other sources also indicate that a tear tattoo could mean remorse; one teardrop under the eye serves as a reminder to the person of a mistake. In some prisons, the meaning of teardrop tattoos differs depending on which side it is on. A teardrop tattoo on the left eye means that the person murdered someone in jail, and a teardrop tattoo on the right eye means the person lost a family or gang member to murder. In recent years, it’s become an extremely popular tattoo for rappers and celebrities in an effort to play up their “gangster” image.

Another, less popular symbolism for this prison tattoo is solidarity or support. An example could be the late Amy Winehouse’s ink, which the singer got soon after her husband Blake Fielder-Civil was sent to jail for perverting the course of justice.

The most recognizable name being Lil’ Wayne. Why does the rapper have four teardrop tattoos? The tatts reportedly symbolize the four loved ones he’s lost. Tear tattoos aren’t just done under the eyes. You can also find them on fingers. What is the meaning of a teardrop tattoo on a finger? It could mean dealing with a personal struggle.

What does a eye symbol mean?

The evil eye symbol (🧿) has been found through thousands of years of history across cultures, including in Latin America and parts of Asia. The symbol, most often depicted as four concentric circles in the shape of an eye, is used to ward off variations of evil intentions.

  • More recently, it’s trended on the pages of fast fashion websites and manifestation TikToks;
  • In much of the Middle East and North Africa, the symbol wards off “nazar” — a curse motivated by the envy of others that can bring about bad things in your life;

This fear of envy can keep you from being boastful, sure, but it can also keep you from celebrating your accomplishments or pursuing success in the first place. It even made me hesitant to make this comic — the evil eye is always watching. We publish comics about gender and identity every Sunday.

Does evil eye have to be blue?

Can the evil eye be any color? Evil eye beads are shaped like eyes generally. Eye is also called as “boncuk”. The eye is one’s window to the world, and the eye is regarded as the starting point for good and bad thoughts. Therefore, blue-colored stones, which are believed to have absorbent properties, have been used since ancient times to protect them from glances and bad eyes. According to beliefs, the most common method of protection from the evil eye is to wear various talismans. For example, the red bracelet worn on the left wrist, the belief that red catches the gaze as an active color and sends the aggression back to its owner. Blue evil eye beads are also among the most common talismans, and possibly based on the principle that the “same poles repel each other.

Nowadays, various kinds of evil eye beads of different colors are also used, but the most widely accepted evil eye bead color is blue. ” Blue eyes were seen as the owners of bad looks in the Middle East.

However, blue is considered protective because blue is also the color of the sky. Another common amulet in ancient cultures Hamsa, which is  also known as Hand of Fatima  is also usually blue..

What does blue eye emoji mean?

Emoji Meaning – A nazar , an eye-shaped amulet believed to protect against the evil eye , especially in Turkish culture. Depicted as a rich blue, circular bead with a black dot in the center ringed with white and light blue, resembling an eye. Commonly used to represent eyes, various senses of looking, various senses of charms, envy and jealousy, and  Turkey and Turkish culture.

  • Also used for its blue color more generally;
  • WhatsApp and Facebook’s designs include a small hole, as for threading the amulet on a string or chain;
  • Nazar Amulet was approved as part of Unicode 11;
  • 0 in 2018 and added to Emoji 11;
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0 in 2018.

What does the eye represent?

Eyes are probably the most important symbolic sensory organ. They can represent clairvoyance, omniscience, and/or a gateway into the soul. Other qualities that eyes are commonly associated with are: intelligence, light, vigilance, moral conscience, and truth. Looking someone in the eye is a western custom of honesty.

In this way covering of the eyes, by wearing a helmet, sunglasses, etc. can mean mystery, not seeing the complete truth, or deceit. However, in other cultural contexts the obscuring of the eyes can convey respect (Asian) or modesty and submission (many middle eastern women wear VEILS for this purpose).

The eye often means judgment and authority. Jung considers its original symbol as the eternal bosom with the pupil its ‘child. ‘ It is the place where love begins (ending at the mouth). Different colors of the eyes carry different meanings: blue – a sign of being in love, innocence; green – jealousy, a sign of distrust, rarity; red – demonic, weeping, fury.

Different numbers of eyes have different meanings as well: one – subhuman, divine omniscience, superhuman (usually negative); two – normality, both physically and spiritually; three – superhuman powers, can be either benevolent or malevolent; multiple – stars and darkness.

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What does a rose with an eye tattoo mean?

Rose Tattoo Ideas and Meanings –

  • Rose and Skull: The skull is a strong symbol of overcoming challenges or the death of an enemy. Combined with the rose, this tattoo is a representation of life after death—conquering an enemy and starting a new life. The most famous design depicts a rose growing out of a skull’s eye sockets. Some people like having the skull wearing the rose on its head.
  • Anchor and Rose: This is a classic nautical tattoo that represents a commitment to a loved one. Sailors who got anchor tattoos usually included the name of their girlfriend, wife, or mother, and adding a rose is a special tribute to that special someone.
  • Rose and Dagger: These two contrasting elements can make for a visually striking tattoo that is imbued with profound meaning. The dagger stands for betrayal, ruthlessness, and death. A tattoo design that depicts a dagger stabbing a rose could represent the wearer’s belief that evil always conquers innocence. It could also symbolize heartbreak, especially if you add a few blood drops falling from a drooping rose.
  • Rose and Clock: Clock tattoos represent many things , but they are generally objects that help us track our lives, so they represent time. A tattoo design that has a clock with no hands and a rose symbolizes endless love. A stopwatch represents a moment in time. Combined with the rose, this design could be a symbol of a certain romance in your past, or it could represent an anniversary date.
  • Rose and Dove: Dove tattoos are usually tributes to someone who has passed away. A rose and dove tattoo design can serve as a tribute to a loved one who has gone.
  • Rose and Swallow: Swallows are known for traveling great distances but always being able to find their way back. A tattoo that incorporates both the swallow and the rose could symbolize the wearer’s faithfulness to a lover back home.
  • Rose and Butterfly: A rose and butterfly tattoo represents transformation in the context of love or romance. The wearer may be sending the message that they have been transformed by love or that they have turned a new leaf after a breakup or heartbreak.
  • Rose and Rosary: This is a popular combination because the rose is associated with Mary, and the rosary is a string of prayer beads that is dedicated to her. Rosary tattoo designs often incorporate the blue rose because the color blue is associated with Mary’s cloak. People who get this want to be reminded that they are protected by the Mother of God.
  • Rose and Cherry Blossom: This tattoo design is beautiful and the meaning can be whatever you want it to be. Like the rose, the cherry blossom is associated with beauty and love. Cherry blossoms are popular in Eastern or Asian cultures, so incorporating them with roses (a Western symbol) could be a nice tribute to the melding of two cultures.
  • Compass Rose Tattoo: The compass rose is the circle on a compass that shows the directions. The compass tattoo is a very popular nautical tattoo and was worn by sailors who believed that the tattoo would protect and guide them through rough waters. Today, people like incorporating the rose flower in with the design. It is commonly tatted on the inner forearm.

You can complain because roses have thorns, or you can rejoice because thorns have roses. — Pablo PIcasso .

What does the eye mean in Egyptian?

Background of the Egyptian Eye – The Egyptian eye is one of the most recognizable symbols from ancient Egyptian civilization. The eye is depicted in many aspects of Egyptian material culture, particularly in art, jewelry, and sculptures. Since the eye is connected with the gods Horus, god of the sky, and Ra, god of the sun, the purpose of the eye varies depending on its depiction. The Egyptian eye meaning varies because it refers to several different symbols in Egyptian culture, including:

  • the Eye of Horus,
  • the Eye of Ra,
  • and the wedjat eye.

While the names are often used interchangeably, there are different origin stories for the gods and the eyes associated with them, and each type of eye has a different symbolic meaning. For example, while the Eye of Horus, often called the wedjat eye, is associated with healing and wisdom, the Eye of Ra is associated with power and destruction. Nevertheless, both meanings caused the eye to be worshiped as a powerful symbol in ancient Egyptian society.

  • The eye is often called the Egyptian “all-seeing eye,” frequently representing wisdom and protection in Egyptian religion and culture;
  • However, when connected with Ra, the eye represented power and destruction, so it was common for Egyptian rulers to also have the eye on their jewelry and artwork;

Here are a few examples of how the eye was used in Egyptian culture.