How To Get A Tattoo License In Florida?

How To Get A Tattoo License In Florida

Licensure of the tattoo artist requires submission of a completed Application for Tattoo Artist License with the required $60. 00 fee ; a copy of a government-issued photo identification confirming the applicant is at least 18 years of age; and documentation of completing a Florida Department of Health approved, industry.

Do you need a license to get a tattoo in Florida?

If your state does not require a tattoo artist license registration or certification, you must apply for a Florida Tattoo Artist License.

How do I get my Tattoo licensing?

Florida Tattoo Certification Online – Meet DOH Requirements! – If you want to become a tattoo artist in the state of Florida, new law now requires you to take a course on bloodborne pathogens and communicable disease and apply for a tattoo license. Guest tattoo artists also have to provide proof of completion of this course or similar state-approved training. Plus, we give you all the information you need to apply! Just register, complete the material, and pass the final exam to be able to get your proof of completion. This certificate is a necessary part of your application for your license. And it couldn’t be simpler! All of the material is online and available on any device-computers, tablets, mobile phones, or anything else that connects to the internet can help you get your license, at a time and place convenient to you.

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Our online course meets the state requirement for health education necessary for tattoo licensure. Should you have any troubles, we provide 24/7 customer support to help you out. This course is applicable for local tattoo artists and also for guests working in the state temporarily.

We cover all of the topics mandated by the state for this course. Those include:

  • Related definitions
  • Health information on 13 communicable diseases the tattoo artist might come into contact with while working in a tattoo establishment including:
    • Modes of Transmission
    • Real World examples in a Tattoo Setting
    • Periods of Communicability
    • Periods of Incubation
    • Universal Precautions to prevent contraction and transmission of these diseases
  • State law concerning tattoos and permanent makeup

I would like to:

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  • Find Out How To Get A Tattoo License
  • Contact American Safety Council
  • See Official Site For More Information

How to become a guest tattoo artist in Florida?

Forms – Application for Tattoo Establishment License http://www. floridahealth. gov/healthy-environments/tattooing/_documents/DH_4151_Tattoo_Establishment_2013. pdf Application for Tattoo Artist License http://www. floridahealth. gov/healthy-environments/tattooing/_documents/Application%20for%20Tattoo%20Artist%20License.

How do I start a tattoo business in Florida?

*Note: This page contains materials in the Portable Document Format (PDF). The free   Adobe Reader   may be required to view these files. All Tattoo Establishments require licensure. A person may not operate a Tattoo Establishment in this state without a license. Effective January 1, 2013 any person operating an unlicensed tattoo establishment will be subject to administrative penalties. Licensure of a tattoo establishment requires submission of the following items:

  • Completed * Application for Tattoo Establishment License($200)
  • Pass inspection in compliance with  sections 381. 00771 – 381. 00791, Florida Statutes , ” The Practice of Tattooing” and  Chapter 64E-28, Florida Administrative Code.
  • Register business name with the Florida Department of State.
  • Contact city/county for potential need for business tax receipt.
  • Completed * Biomedical Waste Permit   ($85)
  • Submit all forms/fees to the   County Health Department   where your business is located.
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The   Guide for Tattoo Establishment Operational Requirements   will to assist you with understanding what the operational requirements for a tattoo establishment are in order to pass an inspection  in compliance with   sections 381. 00771 – 381. 00791, Florida Statutes ,  and  Chapter 64E-28, Florida Administrative Code. Temporary Tattoo Establishments must meet the same operational requirements of a tattoo establishment, including handsinks, as well as the requirements of Chapter 64E-28, Florida Administrative Code.