How Long To Wait Before Swimming After Tattoo?

How Long To Wait Before Swimming After Tattoo
2 weeks You need to avoid submerging your tattoo in water or keeping it wet for a prolonged period of time. This means no swimming or sitting in bath tubs, hot tubs, pools, or open water for at least 2 weeks (or as long as your tattoo artist recommends).

Can you swim after getting a tattoo?

Tattoo Healing Process And Swimming – Small tattoos may need from 3 to 4 weeks to heal. However, those larger and more tasking tattoos may require as many as six weeks and sometimes even more if some complications arise. When it comes to swimming, it’s not recommended to swim as long as the good part of the tattoo hasn’t healed.

  • As mentioned earlier, tattoo artists have different opinions when it comes to swimming after getting inked;
  • That’s why, it’s important to also of taking what this article says, to consult your tattoo artist for the right time to get back to the pool or the beach;

Nevertheless, we gave a small timeline of the healing process and swimming. Saved Tattoo.

How long should you wait before remodeling a tattoo?

Some tattoo artists say that waiting for two weeks is enough. However, the safest bet would be waiting from 4 to 6 weeks to ensure that the tattoo is completely healed and that there’s no need for a rework to be done. Some tattoo artists are conflicted on this opinion.

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When should I soak my Tattoo wound?

There are several things that you cannot do until your new tattoo heals. Some of those things include exposure to the sun, going to the gym, swimming, or even soaking your tattoo. This may discourage a lot of people who were waiting for the summer to get their body inked, completely forgetting that besides the soft and loose clothing, summer is also the season of beach and pool parties.

  • Many tattoo artists have conflicting opinions on when is the right time to get your tattoo wound soaked;
  • What they all agree on, however, is that some time needs to pass before the tattoo can be soaked;
  • In this article, we’ll talk about these healing times, and the potential risks of swimming after getting a tattoo;

We’ll also go through the different healing stages of tattoos that may hint at when is the right time to come back to the pool.

How long does it take for a tattoo to heal?

How Long Before You Can Swim With a New Tattoo? – Most of the time, a tattoo needs to fully heal before you can safely swim. How long that takes varies from person to person, but many tattoo artists recommend anywhere from two to four weeks. When you get a tattoo, you’ll be sent home with a bandage over it.

After a few hours, you can likely remove the bandage and wash off the excess blood and ink. Use your hands to gently wash it with light warm water and antibacterial soap, then let it air dry in a clean environment and apply the aftercare cream.

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As the tattoo heals, flaky skin and scabs will form. As the scabs flake and fall off naturally, a new layer of skin will heal underneath. When there’s a new layer of skin, that’s when you know you can safely swim. Throughout the healing process, you’ll also want to avoid baths for many of the same reasons, but continue to gently clean the area, air dry, and use the aftercare cream.