How Long Before You Can Submerge A Tattoo?

How Long Before You Can Submerge A Tattoo

2 weeks You need to avoid submerging your tattoo in water or keeping it wet for a prolonged period of time. This means no swimming or sitting in bath tubs, hot tubs, pools, or open water for at least 2 weeks (or as long as your tattoo artist recommends).

How long after a tattoo can you swim?

You should wait for your tattoo to fully heal — which can take at least 2 to 4 weeks — before swimming in any kind of water. Giving your tattoo time to heal before swimming is just as important for your health as it is for your new body art. Here’s what can happen if you swim with a new tattoo that hasn’t fully healed.

How long does it take for a new tattoo to heal?

How Long After A Tattoo Can You Take A Bath? – Tattoos are beautiful, but after getting one, you should be very cautious if you want them to heal faster; tattoos are just like wounds and should be treated with proper care. So when you get a tattoo , you should know what to do and what not to do.

If you are new, ask your tattoo artist to guide you, you can shower after getting a tattoo but make sure it does come in contact with water. You can rub around the tattoo with something that is water-resistant; this is just for a few days.

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You should avoid submerging your tattoo in water and getting it wet for at least some time. The things you should avoid are sitting in pools , bathtubs, hot tubs, and even swimming. Two weeks is enough healing time for your tattoo , and you can now do everything like before.

If you happen to swim with your new tattoo , it might not heal fast because swimming pools contain chemicals and might get into your wound, causing serious infections. Give your new tattoo enough time to heal, and then from there, you can do anything you want.

How soon to shower depends on the covering your artist used and how long you should keep it, If it’s wrapped in on a piece of regular bandage or plastic, you will have to wait for 24 hours, but it depends on the tattoo’s size and ink. If your artist used a waterproof bandage or a medical-grade, then you can shower anytime and wear the bandage for the length of time the artist advised you.

What should I do if my tattoo gets submerged in water?

I Accidentally Got My Tattoo Wet. What Do I Do? – If your tattoo is accidentally submerged in water for more than a few seconds:

  • Wash with anti-bacterial tattoo wash.
  • Allow the area to air-dry. You could also pat it dry with a non-fluffy towel or cloth.

What should I do after I get a tattoo?

How Soon Can YOU Swim AFTER Getting A NEW TATTOO?

How Long Before You Can Swim With a New Tattoo? – Most of the time, a tattoo needs to fully heal before you can safely swim. How long that takes varies from person to person, but many tattoo artists recommend anywhere from two to four weeks. When you get a tattoo, you’ll be sent home with a bandage over it.

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After a few hours, you can likely remove the bandage and wash off the excess blood and ink. Use your hands to gently wash it with light warm water and antibacterial soap, then let it air dry in a clean environment and apply the aftercare cream.

As the tattoo heals, flaky skin and scabs will form. As the scabs flake and fall off naturally, a new layer of skin will heal underneath. When there’s a new layer of skin, that’s when you know you can safely swim. Throughout the healing process, you’ll also want to avoid baths for many of the same reasons, but continue to gently clean the area, air dry, and use the aftercare cream.