Can You Get A Tattoo When You’Re Pregnant?

Can You Get A Tattoo When You
Getting Inked While Pregnant – If you want to get a tattoo while pregnant, do your research and find a reputable shop before booking an appointment. Many artists won’t tattoo on pregnant women, so be sure to inform the shop and your artist ahead of time to avoid any last-minute issues. Here are some things to keep in mind or ask to ensure that you are getting tattooed safely:

  • Make sure the tattoo parlor you choose is clean and reputable. Read online reviews and talk to people who have gotten tattoos there. Ask them about their experiences and if they had any concerns.
  • In the U. , check for any state laws and tattoo parlor regulations and make sure the shop you choose is following those laws.
  • Ask your artist if their ink contains any heavy metals. If it does, it’s best to wait it out until you give birth.
  • Ask your artist what sterilization procedures they use and how often they’re done. Sterilization machines, called autoclaves, should be used in any tattoo parlor. Sterilized bags containing needles should be opened in front of clients.
  • Inspect the general cleanliness of the shop when you arrive. Take note of any unsanitary conditions, like a dirty floor or an artist reusing latex gloves. Surfaces should be wiped down regularly.
  • Consider the placement of your tattoo. Avoid getting your tattoo on the stomach or hip area. The skin in those areas stretches a lot during pregnancy, which could distort your new ink later on.
  • Take proper care of your tattoo afterward, and keep it clean to avoid infection and complications. Contact a doctor if you see any signs of a rash or infection.
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Getting a tattoo is an important decision, and when you are pregnant, this decision can affect not only you but also your baby. Before you get a tattoo while pregnant, think about all the potential risks and find out ways you can get a tattoo safely..