140+ Best Tiger Tattoos Designs for Men & Women



No rebuffing that tiger tattoos are the best animal tattoos designs among both men and women. Plainly tiger stands for supremacy and strength. This may be the reason tiger is one of the most famous images used by people as the object of their tattoos. Tiger tattoos could stand for more things in different cultures.

In Ancient Asian (Chinese and Japanese) history, the tiger, being a marauder and hunter in nature, stands for the masculinity and supremacy and is widely agreed as king of all animals. Tiger is privileged and worshiped in New Year festivals, as well painted on the walls of homes and temples to protect against evil spirits. In India, tiger is a national animal and also worshiped with many Goddesses. For over centuries, this super intellectual animal has been major motif in Asian art.

We think for western people tiger has same significance. Tiger tattoos designs are not only chosen by men, but also chosen by women who think that getting tiger tattoos make them more bold and courageous. Mostly people get these designs across their backs. Since back has enough space for a full drawn tiger or even one that is in action. The tribal patterns and other Asian creatures like dragon, phoenix and flowers like Cherry blossom can add details to tiger tattoos designs. With back, arm, rib, stomach, thigh and shoulder are other lovable areas for getting them.

Let’s check out these more than 40 best tiger tattoos designs for men and women.

© Matt Jordan. Black tiger tattoos. This intellectual animal can be tattooed in different colors. There is no fixed color of tiger. Mostly tiger is tattooed with black, yellow and white colors.

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Tiger tattoos for girls on rib. Tiger is not only loved my boys, it’s also loved by women. If you are courageous and bold girl, then articulate your personality with a tiger tattoo.

© Audie Fulfer jr. Tiger tattoos with flowers. By adding flowers like rose, hibiscus or lilies with your tiger you can add femininity to your tiger tattoo design.

© Mike Franco. Realistic tiger eyes tattoos. Here tiger eyes are done in fantastic realistic way. Tiger eyes are very sharp and intellectual, so you can articulate your intellectual persona with tiger eyes tattoos.

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