Tattoos for Men



Are you a man? Do you want a tattoo? Looking for inspiration? Man, you’ve come to the right place. The most amazing tattoos for men are here…Men men men men, manly men men men!

You recognize this tune, don’t you? It is from Two And a Half Men! And the “manly” part of the song is related to tattoos for men. How? Well, because men usually want their tattoos to make them more manly or to get manly tattoos.

Just like the ladies, men with tattoos are hot. The trick with tattoos for men is picking the right design and placement of the tattoo. By doing so, you can point out your certain features that you like the most about yourself, and that will definitely make you feel and look handsome.

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Hundreds of years ago, men would get tattoos to show their rank in a tribe or they would get them in some religious rituals, rites of passage, or just as lucky charms. You really do not need to have some strong reason behind your tattoo. It is perfectly fine to get a tattoo just because you want to.

We have chosen plenty of designs for you, and it is up to you to pick one you like the most for your inspiration. Also, make sure that you and your budget can take it. Let’s face it tattoos are neither cheap nor painless. And, it is not a shame if you can’t deal with the painful process of getting certain extreme body part inked.

Also, before you get a tattoo, keep in mind that sometimes it may be a disadvantage. Some conservative people may judge you, or you may have problems at your workplace because of your tattoo. That is why choosing a place you can cover up easily is also a good idea.

And, when it comes to the designs of tattoos for men, we have plenty. Keep scrolling, and pay attention!

Roman Numerals Tattoos for Men


Mysterious Tattoos for Men


There is nothing better than a tattoo that looks good, is intriguing, and has a special meaning for you. At first, this tattoo may seem like a bunch of symbols. But, it is more than that. Actually, the meaning of this tattoo is somewhat religious. It stands for “God is greater than ups and downs.” You would have never guessed that, wouldn’t you? That exactly is the beauty of mysterious tattoos for men.

Armband Tattoos for Men


Couples Tattoos for Men


Matching Tattoos for Men


Well, men do strive for tattoos that make them look tough, manly, or even dangerous in a way. But, getting a tattoo like this will show your true strength. You were not afraid to get a tattoo, you were not afraid of other people’s opinions, and you wanted to show the rest of the world how much do you love your significant other. That is something a true man would do.

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Beach Tattoos for Men


Lighthouse Leg Tattoo


Amazing Sleeve Tattoos for Men


Sleeve tattoos are quite popular these days, and they look incredible. If you want a sleeve tattoo, you may make it this way, or you can also combine several designs and motifs that do not have to be connected to each other. The focus of this tattoo is the wolf.

Wolves are usually seen as predators of the night, and the darkest nightmare of many animals. But, they are not heartless. Wolves are incredibly devoted to their pack and to their female, so a wolf tattoo might stand for loyalty and devotion, family, compassion, and, of course, power and strength.

Sugar Skull & Owl Tattoo


Tattoo for Woods Lovers


Mandala Tattoos for Men


Map of The World


If you are a traveller and are planning to travel around the world, then you must get a tattoo like this. Not only will it show your passion, but it will also look great. In addition, you can always fill the places you have visited with color and show everyone where you have been without having to say a word.

Stag Tattoos for Men


Amazing Tattoos for Men


Sugar Skull Tattoos for Men


Sugar skulls look simple, but they are very complex when it comes to their meaning. If you wish to find out more about them, click here.

Compass Tattoo


King of the Jungle


Just like wolves, lions have their symbolic meaning. Lion is known as a king of the jungle, a predator and a survivor. So, do not be surprised if you see a lion tattoo done over a scar from an accident or a surgery. Lions also stand for wisdom, dignity, justice, ferocity, and courage. Did you know that in Buddhism, the Buddha sits upon the lion as a throne of consistency, strength, and wisdom?

Crow Tattoo


Mechanical Arm Tattoo


Back Tattoos for Men


Tribal Tattoos for Men


Polynesian Tattoos for Men


Polynesian tattoos usually consist of many symbols you may not notice at first. And, of course, each of these symbols has its own meaning. For example, one of the famous symbols is the Marquesan cross. It is used in many Polynesian tattoo designs. Marquesan cross is often used to symbolize the balance between elements and harmony.

Full Leg Tattoos for Men


Upper Body Tattoos for Men


Tattoos for Sea-Lovers


Upper body tattoos usually turn out great, and they will look good on every man. This tattoo is related to the sea, and it should fascinate everyone, not only sea-lovers. Two most dominant images are the ship and the compass. The ship is caught in a storm, and it is trying to hold its own against the forces of nature. Every human being feels this way when facing great difficulties. The initials on the ship may be dedicated to the person who always helps you hold your ground when facing difficulties.

The compass, on the other hand, usually was a token of good luck for sailors. Many would disappear without a trace in rough seas, and the compass tattoos for men were usually lucky charms.


Simple Tattoos for Men


Geometrical Tattoos for Men


Quote Tattoos


Anchor Tattoos


Dark Tattoos


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