Tattoos for Men – The Most Popular Kinds of Tattoos for Men and Where

tattoos for men

Tattoos for Men – the best, most popular tattoos for males, where they go, and how much. Who are the best artists? What’s a truly original tattoo? All answered!

There are three truths about tattoos. We can even call them “the three Ps.” Tattoos are personal, permanent and (a bit) painful. But, since you are checking out tattoos for men, the last truth should not bother you. Men feel pain too, obviously, but they are much better at bearing pain than the ladies.

Finding the appropriate tattoos for men may be hard. Yes, it is easy to walk into a tattoo shop and have the artist show you dozens of pre-drawn designs. But, what you are seeking is probably something unique. The only one who can help you in finding the perfect tattoo is you. We have gathered plenty of tattoos for men here, in this article, which should inspire you. What you need to do is use these designs and create something personal and meaningful for you.

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Remember the three Ps we mentioned earlier? Well, now is the time you took them into consideration. Browse our tattoos and pick out a design that not only represents who you are but the one you can live forever with. Take your time, think this through, and you definitely won’t regret your choice.

Okay, now that we are done with the introductions, you must keep scrolling and knock yourself out with these amazing tattoos for men!

30. Wolf Tattoos for Men


29. Sword Tattoos for Men


Sword tattoos are a great way to demonstrate strength, authority, or even your cultural heritage. Swords can be incorporated into a larger tattoo design, but they also look great on their own. You can make your sword tattoo simple, or customize it in a variety of ways.

The meaning of a sword tattoo varies from culture to culture, how they function within a larger design, and the colors and patterning used on the sword itself. Generally, the most common meanings of such tattoos are strength, bravery, leadership, protecting one’s loved ones, and even freedom.

28. Arrow for Men


27. Buddhism-Related Tattoos for Men


26. Masculine Tattoos


25. Manly Dreamcatcher Tattoos


Dreamcatcher tattoos are so popular these days, but most of the designs people come across are for girls. These tattoos have strong symbolism and their cultural heritage is pretty interesting. So, what about the guys who want such tattoos? Well, they can look up to the wearer in the image above and come up with a design similar to the one above.

Dreamcatchers are tied to the Native American culture and they were made to keep the bad dreams away from children. Nowadays, they are considered as a lucky charm which keeps all the negative things away.

24. Tribal Tattoos


Tribal tattoos are very popular nowadays, as well as Polynesian tribal tattoos. The tattoo above is an example of Polynesian tattoos. On the chest is the Tiki symbol. “Tiki is human-like figure that represents Polynesian semi-gods, which means deified ancestors and heads, who are sublimed after their death. According to its guardian role, they mainly symbolize protection.”

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23. Sleeve Tattoos


22. Fancy Sleeve Tattoo


21. Tribal Back Tattoos for Men


20. Tattoos for Couples


“Every man needs a woman when his life is a mess, because just like in a game of chess; the queen protects the king.”

If you were lucky enough to find your soul mate, then you should eternalize your love with a matching tattoo. Chess pieces are a great idea for a matching tattoo, as well as tattoos for men. If you two are tattoo fans, then a matching tattoo will definitely be a great anniversary gift.

19. Chest Tats for Men


18. Flag Tattoos


Some people say there are different types of love. If you love your country and are proud to live in it, you should show that off. Country flags are perfect for men. If done right, they look incredibly cool (just look at the one above) and they show off your patriotic character.

17. Watercolor Owl Tattoo


16. Dragon Tattoos


15. In Memoriam


One nice idea for tattoos for men would be paying respect to your loved one who has passed away. There are so many ways you can do this, from sugar skull tattoos to a tattoo like the one in the image above. Usually, people like to include the name of their loved one, the year they were born and the year they passed away.

14. Japanese Chest Tattoos


13. Wrist Tattoos for Men


12. Deer Tattoo Ideas


11. Lion Tattoos for Men


Throughout history, lions have been a part of many legends and stories. Usually, a lion is portrayed as a king of a jungle. Lion tattoos for men may also symbolize that you are a king – the one who rules and controls his own life. Lions can also be a symbol of strength, dignity, justice, power and authority.

10. Half-Sleeve Tattoos


9. Manly Dragon Tattoo


8. Amazing Wolf Tattoo


Even though wolves are considered to be notorious creatures of the night, there is more than that in the symbolism of wolf tattoos for men. Wolves can be a symbol of bonding and protection. They are very protective of their pack. A wolf tattoo will galvanize the importance of unity. It can express the powerful sense of being a part of the whole. Wolf tattoo also resonates with the warrior spirit, so it is a great reminder of skill, strenght, and intelligence you possess.

7. Matching Tattoos for Couples


6. Lion Shoulder Tattoo


5. Mandala Tattoos for Men


Mandalas are sacred designs used for religious rituals. They are mostly related to Buddhism and Hinduism. A mandala can be seen in a prayer room or a meditation room since many religions (such as Hinduism) use it as a spiritual tool. Mandala means circle, and they are an interesting choice for tattoos for men. The circular shape of the tattoo symbolizes wholeness.


4. Fancy Iron Man Tattoo


3. Simple Arrow Tattoo


2. Creative Tattoos for Men


1. Spine Tattoos for Men


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