100 Tattoo Sleeves and Ideas to Blow Your Mind


Let’s talk tattoo sleeves. Ever since the ancient times, tattoos were used as a way of expressions. Depending on the culture, sometimes tattoos were used for adulthood rites and rituals, as warrior marks, tribal identifications, or even some beauty purposes. Regardless of the culture, what all tattoos had in common is that they represented belonging and marginality.

Nowadays, tattoos are more than symbols of belonging. They are one’s way to express his/her creativity, traits, or even something they strongly believe in. And, in the world of modern technology, there is no tattoo design or body part that is off limits. One of the tattoo designs, or better said placements that are favored both by men and women are arms.

Tattoo sleeves usually turn out to be quite impressive, especially when a befitting design and good colour are used. Men prefer sleeves that will point out their muscles, body shape, and their dauntless spirit. Ladies, on the other hand, mostly go for tattoo sleeves that point out their beauty and feminine side, yet also show their strength. These tattoos are not quite pain-free.

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However, another great thing about these tattoos is that they are relatively safe. Despite the advanced technology, tattoos still may be risky when done on certain body parts. Luckily, arms are not surrounded by any vital body organs that might be put to risk. Such tattoos are safer (and less painful) than, for example, eyelid tattoos or tattoos around the navel.

Well-done tattoo sleeves will make every man look more masculine, and every lady more charming. You can see for yourself what are we talking about by checking out these amazing tattoo sleeves we have found for you!

Amazing Tattoo Sleeves

tattoo sleeves

Incredible 3D Tattoo


Scary, Manly Tattoo Sleeves


Traditional Polynesian Tattoo Sleeves

Tattoo Sleeves

Even though we live in the 21st century, some traditions that prevail even nowadays are several centuries old. Many tattoo lovers nowadays love bringing back the ancient traditions by having tattoos that are inspired by the ancient cultures. One of the greatest examples would be the Polynesian tattoo sleeves, that quite often feature many symbols that have great meanings. For example, in this picture, you can notice the Tiki. The Tiki is a human-like figure that stands for Polynesian semi-gods. It is usually worn, or tattooed, as a lucky charm for protection.

Colorful Tattoo


Tattoo for Females

Tattoo Sleeves

Symbolic Tattoo

Tattoo Sleeves

Tiger Full Sleeve Tattoo


Henna-Inspired Tattoo Sleeves


Henna tattoo designs are so lovely, and they have a very interesting tradition behind them. Did you know that usually brides would get henna tattoos painted on them during the celebration just before the wedding? Well, now you know. Many ladies who fell in love with these designs simply get a permanent henna-inspired tattoo. Tattoo sleeves inspired by henna are a great placement, since, traditionally, these tattoos were done on arms and on feet of the brides.

Ladies who are a bit more scared of needles and permanent tattoos can always get temporary henna sleeve tattoos.

Colorful Japanese Tattoo Sleeves for Men


The Japanese culture is very rich and filled with many interesting beliefs and symbols. One of them is depicted in the image above. Japanese mask tattoos are very popular nowadays and the greatest placement for them are arms and/or back. These tattoos usually feature the Oni masks that are the protective symbol for those who believe in the spiritual world.

The Oni mask is very common and refers to the demons who punish evil and unjust deeds. Even though Oni are mostly known for evil, some of them are good and seen as protectors. If you are unfamiliar with tattoos and Japanese culture, sometimes tattoo sleeves like the one above may trick you into concluding something wrong.

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Water World Tattoo


Traditional Polynesian Sleeve Tattoo


Woman, Birds, and Wild Sea


Remarkable Tattoo Sleeves

Tattoo Sleeves

Watercolor Tattoo Sleeves


Flowers Are For Men, Too


Just because flowers are usually tied to girls, it doesn’t mean men can’t wear them. Flowers stand for all the beauty and love that can be found on this world. And, those who find these things certainly should celebrate them with amazing tattoos.

Warrior Tattoo Sleeves


Elephant Tattoo Sleeves


Meaningful Tattoo Sleeves


Tattoo sleeves are great for expressing something that means a lot to you. Since the surface is pretty large, you can include so many symbols and images, and then top them off with a quote or a date that means so much to you. It can be the birthday of the person you love the most, an anniversary, or even the date on which your life completely changed (for some important reason).

Ship Sleeve Tattoos

Tattoo Sleeves

Dark Night


Floral Tattoo Sleeves for Women

Tattoo Sleeves

A great way for a lady to display her feminine side and a tendency towards the all the beautiful and fulfilling things in life would be tattoo sleeves such as this one. Besides all the beauty that is expressed with such tattoos, proud female wearers of tattoo sleeves also show their incredible strength. No tattoo is painless, and covering an area as large as the entire arm must have taken a lot of courage, strength, and time.

Floral Half-Sleeve Tattoo

Tattoo Sleeves

Female Watercolor Tattoo Sleeves


Colorful tattoos are so beautiful and they easily capture everyone’s attention. To see some other amazing colorful designs, click here.

Sleeve and Chest Tattoo


A Knight’s Shiny Armor


Men love strength, showing off their strength, and doing anything that makes them seem so manly. Therefore, a knight’s armor makes a great idea for tattoo sleeves. Those men who still uphold the same ideals that knights did, such as being brave, courteous, and courageous, definitely should get a tattoo similar to this one that will help them easily express their beliefs and traits.

Tribal Tattoo

Tattoo Sleeves

More Tribal Tattoo Ideas CLICK HERE.

Manly Tattoo


Beautiful Tiger Tattoo Sleeve Piece

Tattoo Sleeves

Mandala Tattoo

Tattoo Sleeves

Even though it may remind you of a flower, mandalas are not flowers. Mandalas are symbols quite popular in Hinduism and Buddhism. Due to their circular and geometric shape, they often stand for  balance, harmony, and cosmic infinity. Mandalas are quite mysterious themselves, and they usually do not have only one possible symbolic meaning. The meaning of mandala tattoo sleeves is usually personal, and varies in the minds of the wearers, but also those who observe the tattoo.



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