TATTOO PROFILES – The Vegan Chef of Lisbon


Lisbon is having a moment. The city, which is famous for ‘discovering’ huge swaths of India, Africa, and the Americas, is now being discovered by tourists. The city is gorgeous: steeped in sunshine, with a picturesque castle on the hill, and millions of painted tiles, Lisbon boasts a cuisine of sardines and custard pastries.
So, what is a vegan to do? Good news! Vasco da Gama may have discovered India, but now Nandan Bhoopalam has returned the favour. The enterprising Indian man opened up a vegan restaurant a stone’s throw away from Miradouro das Portas do Sol – one of the city’s best viewpoints. I have been going to this restaurant for the smoothies and tofu curries. The food is delicious!
During one of my meals, I noticed Nandan move his arm and reveal a giant…slice of watermelon on his shoulder. I told him that I own a tattoo website that is seen by millions of people and that I was sure that readers would love to hear the stories behind his tattoos.
Here they are.

The Stories Behind Nandan Bhoopalam’s Tattoos:

The tattoo of the crab on my right arm is actually a present to me from my first job at a vegan restaurant in Sintra (a fairy-tale type Portuguese town with an embarrassment of castles)  which was run by a tattoo artist named Anderia. She offered me the tattoo when the restaurant closed. The tattoo is my zodiac sign and the crab has wings because I like traveling & freedom. Its body is in the shape of a heart and it holds a lotus for spirituality.
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The second tattoo is on my left sleeve and is a wide variety of tropical fruits & vegetables, such as passion-fruit, mango, chili, peanuts, okra, watermelon, ginger, lotus root, peppercorns, and papaya. I got this done because I’m a born vegetarian and now almost vegan, and I wanted to show what I like and what I believe in. I have a vegan restaurant in Lisbon called Princesa do Castelo, which means ‘Princess of the Castle.”
Tattoo Artist: Andreia X Tattoos.
The next time that you find yourself near Lisbon’s famous castle, be sure to stop by Princesa do Castelo for some delicious and healthy food.
NOTE: This is NOT a sponsored post. I’m simply a big fan of this guy’s restaurant and tattoos.
Note the groovy celestial skylight and giant mushroom on the wall:
Nandan tending to a customer:3
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