When Can You Shower Normally After Getting A Tattoo?

When Can You Shower Normally After Getting A Tattoo
How Long After Getting a Tattoo Can You Shower? – Once you’ve taken the protective wrap off of your new tattoo, you should be able to shower whenever you feel you’re ready to, although some artists suggest you wait at least 24 hours before trying to shower.

Can you take a shower after getting a tattoo?

What happens if you take a bath after getting a tattoo? – Exposing the fresh wound to water can result in infection and skin irritation. It is because soaking in soapy water, swimming pool, hot tubs, or shower water can lead to soreness and itchy skin.

  • Many people find it difficult to control to itch that further damages the tattoo design;
  • In no time of water contact and itching , you will find pigment missing from your design;
  • Your tattoo will either look incomplete or spread out;

Water contact with the skin leads to several types of skin infection as well that will be bad for a fresh tattoo. Along with a shower, you will be advised to stay away from any water-based activities such as washing, swimming, sauna, hot water tubs, etc.

How long after getting a tattoo should you take care of it?

The First 48 Hours After Are Crucial – Not surprisingly, proper tattoo care in the first 48 hours after getting inked is majorly important to the healing process. After you get a tattoo, the artist will bandage your ink to protect it from the elements — or prying hands.

  1. How long you keep on that protection depends on the type of bandage used;
  2. According to Ann Arbor tattoo artist Carrie Metz-Caporusso , medical-grade bandages like Saniderm and Tegiderm are usually worn for 24 hours or longer;
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Any other bandage is likely to be removed in a couple of hours at most. Double check with your artist for their recommendation.

Can you put moisturizer on a new tattoo?

Moisturize the Area – After day three, your tattoo will stop weeping excess blood, ink, and plasma from the tattoo, which means it is ready for you to begin to use moisturizer. You can apply moisturizer to your tattoo after you’ve completed all the other steps, one to five, for a safe shower.

  • You can apply lotion or cream to your tattoo, but ensure that your tattoo is fully dry prior to application, and that the moisturizer is fully absorbed by the skin (you should not see any product left over);

This ensures that your tattoo is allowed to breathe in order to heal properly.

Can you go in the Sun after getting a tattoo?

Avoid Sunbathing, Sweating and Swimming – Remember: The sun is a tattoo’s worst enemy. If you’re not fully healed, covering your tattoo when exposed to the sun is a must. Even when you are fully healed, protecting your tattoo with a high SPF sunscreen is recommended.

  • “For the first two weeks when it’s still healing, you should not be in the sun at all,” says Guilherme Assumpcao , tattoo artist at Mission Ink Tattoo and Piercing;
  • “Once the tattoo is fully healed, you can use sunblock, but we still recommend not to expose it;

” It’s also important to avoid swimming for at least three weeks, according to O’Hara. As for exercise, he advises staying out of the gym for at least a week to avoid infection. Exercising outside is best.