What Kind Of Soap To Clean Tattoo?

What Kind Of Soap To Clean Tattoo
The Best All-Natural Tattoo Soap – Dr. Bronner’s products are vegan, all-natural, and cruelty-free, and their formulas help me with everything from BO to hormonal acne, so why should tattoos be any exception? Following Bryce’s advice to opt for the unscented, I picked Dr.

Bronner’s baby soap — the most gentle of all their formulas — as the best all-natural tattoo soap pick. Coconut, hemp, jojoba, and olive oils make sure that even though this soap is super effective, it won’t dry out your new tattoo.


And, because the formula is so concentrated, you only need to dilute a few drops with water to get the rich lather you need to fully clean your skin. “I ordered this to clean a fresh tattoo and I was extremely happy with it,” raved one fan on Amazon, “When I got my first tattoo I used the original gold dial soap, but I can’t stand the smell of that so I was really happy to find this alternative.

What is the best soap for a new tattoo?

The Bottom Line – Choosing the best tattoo soap is not an easy task. There are fragrance-free gels, tattoo goo’s amazing products, and there are even some bar soaps that could get the job done. The most important thing is to individually assess the situation for yourself.

  1. What is the priority for your skin? To keep it moisturized, or to prevent infection? A good soap for tattoos has to do it all;
  2. The best tattoo soap for you is the one that doesn’t irritate your skin and enhances healing if you need it;
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So take another look at our list, and choose what suits you. Still, if you are unsure about the best antibacterial soap for tattoos then go for Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Unscented Baby Soap without any second thought. Related.

Can I use antibacterial soap with ethanol on my Tattoo?

No Ethanol/Alcohol – Just as how it would be totally nuts to rub lemon juice on a wound. Would you consider applying alcohol to an open wound? Of course, you wouldn’t. It would sting you like a thousand bees. It’s enough to go through the painful poking from the ink needles.

  • So using soap with alcohol is a bad idea;
  • Even soaps with ethanol are not anti-bacterial or antiseptic;
  • If it ever comes in contact with your new tattoo;
  • There’s no saying how your skin will react;
  • But it will definitely burn and irritate the skin;

An anti-bacterial alternative will have no alcohol/ethanol formula. It won’t dry, inflame, or irritate your skin.

How does tattoo Goo deep cleansing soap clean your skin?

Tattoo Goo Deep Cleansing Soap For Tattoos & Body Piercings – This soap is specially designed with slightly acidic pH and contains all the essential ingredients which will help your tattoo heal quickly and provide additional killing power. It is not just gentle on the skin but also provides a broad spectrum kill. The cleaning is not just not limited to the upper surface, Tattoo Goo Deep Cleansing Soap will clean your skin at a much deeper level thanks to its ingredients called PCMX-L a combination of chloroxylenol (PCMX) and sodium lauroyl sarcosinate (Lauricidin).

  • Talking about PCMX, its antimicrobial and antibacterial ingredients;
  • The deep cleaning technology will go deeper into the skin in order to remove more dirt and dead cells and expose the clean, emerging layer of skin;
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According to the manufacturer, to formulate the best soap for tattoo lovers, they have worked with world-renowned tattoo artists and dermatologists and developed this high-quality product which is suitable for all the phases of the tattooing and piercing process. PROS (What we liked)

  • Contains a key ingredient
  • Additional killing power
  • Clean emerging layer of skin
  • High-quality product
  • Cleans at a deeper level
  • Rated as 4. 9 stars

CONS (What we didn’t like).

Why do you need tattoo soap for new tattoos?

Anti-Bacterial Properties – Anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties are a must in the tattoo soaps. This reduces skin irritation, scarring, and itchiness. It also allows your skin to breathe. And keeps dirt from sticking to the skin. Once you expose your tattoo to the sun, it might irritate at first.