What Is A Sternum Tattoo?

What Is A Sternum Tattoo

Chest tattoos, sternum tattoos, or “under-boob” tattoos are one of those pieces that will forever remain a unique and stylish artistic expression. Sternum tattoos are usually inked directly on the breastbone, except on women, where the tattoo is usually made to flow underneath the breasts and follow the natural curves of the cleavage.

What does a sternum tattoo mean?

What do Sternum Tattoos Mean? – Credit: Instagram There is no real meaning to sternum tattoos. They can accentuate the area and make a bold impact when on the beach. You can choose a tattoo that has a lot of meaning to your or symbolize a special part of your life.

Is the sternum a good place for a tattoo?

The sternum is one of the most universally painful body parts to get tattooed. It’s mostly agreed that the closer skin is to bone, the more painful it is to get tattooed, and the sternum and ribs are just bone on bone on bone.

Does a sternum tattoo hurt more than ribs?

Pain Level: 10 – The ribcage is a more painful place to get a tattoo because—you guessed it—the bones lie just under the surface, and the nerves are close to the skin. Plus, the act of breathing exacerbates the sensation of pain, even after tattooing! “I have both of my ribs tattooed on one side I have a tall ship that runs from my belt to the inside of my armpit.

  • on the other side, I have blackwork;
  • By far the most uncomfortable part of my rib tattoo was when we were lining out the tall ship and the artist had to line over each rib, it felt like my rib cage was a drum;

” – Phil  Houston, TX.

Can I wear a bra after a sternum tattoo?

Underboob Tattoos vs Sternum Tattoos – The difference between these tattoo placements lies within the fact that they can interlink or be separate. A sternum tattoo can extend beneath the breasts and also become an underboob tattoo, but you can also opt for placement just along the sternum (between the breasts) or just under the boob. Does An Underboob Tattoo Hurt? Yes. Most people will experience some level of pain from any type of tattoo they receive, but in terms of pain levels underboob tattoos are known to be a particularly painful placement. The sternum and ribs are known to be quite delicate areas, where the skin is thin and the bones are just beneath the surface so this will naturally incus higher pain levels than, say, a thigh piece where you have more body fat.

See below to compare. How Much Will An Underboob Tattoo Cost? The underboob placement will come in as a factor that brings up the cost of your tattoo due to the sensitivity of the area. It takes a higher level of skill and care to tattoo the chest, the sternum or ribs because of how delicate the skin is.

We can’t tell you the exact price of an underboob tattoo because, of course every tattoo is different in terms of sizing and design as well as placement! So your unique tattoo will have a unique cost. You can check out our page on tattoo prices here where we run through everything that plays a factor in the pricing of a tattoo, but you can expect to pay a sizable amount of money for a good quality chest tattoo. Some celebrities that have sported iconic underboob tattoos include : Rihanna, with her iconic statement Egyptian goddess tattoo What Is A Sternum Tattoo Miley Cyrus’ “Just Breathe”, which was her first tattoo and Sarah Hyland’s “follow my heartbeat” tattoo. These pieces inspired a lot of women’s dainty underboob tattoo designs. What Is A Sternum Tattoo Can I Wear A Bra After Getting My Underboob Tattoo? If your tattoo is solely on the sternum, wearing a bra should be fine! If your tattoo is in any way under the breast or positioned in a way that your bra will conceal it, then avoid wearing a bra for the initial tattoo healing period. Wear loose clothing to allow your tattoo to breathe and avoid irritating it. How Long Will It Take To Heal?  An underboob tattoo will heal like any other! With proper care it should be healed, for the most part, within 2 weeks. Healing time also depends on the size and design of a tattoo.

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Underboob Tattoo Popularity & Celebrity Ink We have certainly seen a spike in popularity with sternum and underboob tattoos in the last while. A lot of that popularity, we feel, could be due to celebrity influence as well as the convenience of the placement, seeing as the sternum is an easily concealed area that can make it ideal for those that find themselves in strict work or home environments.

What Do I Wear When Getting An Underboob Tattoo? Most of the time you will need to undress your top half for your tattoo artist to freely access the area with no obstacles in the way such as clothing. Ensure you choose an artist you’re comfortable with and enquire about getting inked in a separate room to conceal yourself from onlookers.

  1. Most studios, like ourselves at The Ink Factory in Dublin, have a private room available for use;
  2. When Is The Best Time To Get An Underboob Tattoo? Anytime you like! Though, we would recommend Winter if you’re willing to wait;

Winter is a safe bet since you can wear loose jumpers over your tattoo while it heals and it will be fully healed coming into summer, ready for you to show it off. Get Your Underboob Tattoo from The Ink Factory Below are just some of the amazing underboob and sternum tattoos that our deadly team has done over the years. We always ensure you’ll feel comfortable in our capable hands, so don’t worry, we’ll look after ya!  What Is A Sternum TattooWhat Is A Sternum Tattoo We hope we’ve answered all your questions regarding this tattoo placement, but of course if you have any more queries, we are always here to help!.

Whats the most painful place to get a tattoo?

Do sternum tattoos hurt?

Are Sternum Tattoos Painful? – People who have had their sternum tattooed do report that they did have sternum tattoo pain during the process. Tattooing over the bone can be fairly painful in general, however, when tattoos are done over the ribs and breastbone, or sternum, the pain can feel more intense.

In fact, some people even claim that the sternum is one of the most painful places to get a tattoo. Also, tattooing over sensitive areas is time-consuming because this type of tattooing requires a high amount of precision.

So, if the pain factor has you worried, why not opt for a small sternum tattoo like a favourite saying or a set of stars instead of a larger, elegant chandelier sternum tattoo that showcases geometric designs with chandelier-like teardrop shapes hanging from it. What Is A Sternum Tattoo.

How long do sternum tattoos take to heal?

Just as important as choosing the right tattoo design is finding the perfect placement for it. Ankle and wrist tattoos are always solid go-tos, but if you haven’t totally committed to your next tattoo idea, may I make a suggestion? Consider getting an underboob tattoo.

  1. I realize a design that front and center can be intimidating (not to mention painful), but once you look through the below inspiration photos, I promise you’ll be sold on them;
  2. Because you might have a few questions before deciding to get a tattoo in your chest area, I spoke with tattoo artist Joanna “JoJo” Roman , part owner of Chronic Ink , to get the answers;

Keep scrolling to find out what to know before getting an underboob tattoo. What Is an Underboob Tattoo? Literally speaking, an underboob tattoo is a tattoo that’s under your breast(s). But if you want to widen that interpretation, it could include tattoos that wrap around the sternum, cleavage, side boob, and ribs—anything in the general chest area.

Roman says she does a lot of little scripts or floral pieces around the side of the boob or the ribs but that the sternum is growing in popularity, too, whether it’s bigger pieces that stretch out underneath (à la Rihanna’s iconic piece) or more discreet, simpler designs between the boobs.

How Much Does a Sternum Tattoo Cost? Tattoo cost depends on so many different factors that it’s hard to give a good estimate. But if you’re looking at getting art done in the sternum region, you can expect to pay up. “It’s typically a more difficult area for a tattooist to tattoo because the skin is very thin in comparison to other areas like your forearm, so it is a little bit tricky,” Roman says.

  • “Because of that, it could possibly be more expensive;
  • ” Do Underboob Tattoos Hurt? Yep;
  • The underboob area is a sensitive spot, so you can definitely expect this one to hurt;
  • “Tattoos can vary in pain, depending on the style that you’re getting, the kind of artist that you’re with, and the kind of method that they use,” Roman says;

“But typically, the rib and the sternum area have been known to be more a painful area. ” Noted. Can I Wear a Bra Over My New Tattoo? As you might guess, you don’t want to wear something immediately after getting a tattoo that’s going to be rubbing the area or creating friction.

Otherwise, Roman says it could cause the scabs or any flakiness to rub off before the right time, which could ultimately take some ink with it and fade the tattoo. No good. Instead, she suggests for the first four days, wearing a string bikini that’s not too tight around your torso , like a traditional bra would be.

What Should You Wear When Getting a Chest Tattoo? Another thing you should think about ahead of your appointment is what to wear during it, especially for an underboob tattoo. Pro tip: Bring a button-up or a ” data-vars-ga-product-id=”3b6287ee-904a-4581-b0a2-cc2e76df8703″ data-vars-ga-product-price=”0.

00″ data-vars-ga-product-sem3-brand=” ” data-vars-ga-product-sem3-category=”” data-vars-ga-product-sem3-id=”” data-affiliate-network=” }” data-vars-ga-media-type=”Slide”>zip-up jacket. Roman says, “You can zip open the middle and have your body covered, but it gives full access to the sternum.

” Genius. When Should I Get an Underboob Tattoo? If possible, plan your tattoo for the wintertime so you can rely on big sweatshirts and sweaters instead of bras. Plus, it’ll give your tattoo plenty of time to heal so you can show it off in the summer. How Do I Choose a Sternum Tattoo Design? Although you can choose to do whatever tattoo design you damn well please, Roman has one suggestion for the sternum area: Choose a balanced design.

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“It doesn’t have to be perfectly symmetrical…but at least balanced so that it doesn’t look like one side is heavier than the other,” she explains. How Do I Choose an Underboob Tattoo Design? When it comes to the side-boob area or the ribs, you have even more freedom to do whatever design you want, but Roman says it looks especially nice when you shape it to the angles (or curves, rather) of your body.

Can You Lie Down on Your Tattoo? If you’re new to tattoos, there are some obstacles you don’t think about until you’re faced with them. For instance, sleeping. If you’re a stomach or side sleeper, get used to your back, at least for a few days so the new tattoo doesn’t get stuck to the sheets (yep, it happens).

“If you have a fresh tattoo, you definitely don’t want to sleep on it or have it sitting on the sheets, especially because it could secrete a little bit,” Roman says. “You want to be careful not to sleep directly on the tattoo.

” When Should I Moisturize My New Tattoo? Roman says immediately after and for the first two days, keep it simple: Cleanse with unscented soap twice a day (morning and night), pat it dry, and let it air out. After two days, when it starts to tighten up and dry out, add light layers of unscented lotion to your cleansing routine to keep everything moisturized.

  • Continue to cleanse and moisturize for the next two weeks or until all the flakes and scabs come off on their own (don’t pick and peel!);
  • How Long Does an Underboob Tattoo Take to Heal? As long as you take all the proper precautions, the healing time of an underboob tattoo is the same as any other;

Roman says allow up to two and a half weeks for the area to fully heal. How Should You Prepare for a Tattoo? The night before, get a good night’s sleep. Before the appointment, eat a full meal to make sure your blood sugar level is up since you know it’s gonna be painful.

  • Roman suggests also bringing snacks, things to watch like Netflix, music—whatever you gotta do to keep yourself distracted;
  • What Causes Tattoo Fading? To prevent your tattoo from fading over the years, take care of your skin, simple as that;

Understandably, you might want to show off your underboob tattoo at the beach, so Roman says to just make sure you always wear sunscreen and moisturize daily to keep it from fading. What Are the Risks of an Underboob Tattoo? The tattooist you choose is a critical part of the success of your tattoo.

“You want to make sure you go to someone who feels really comfortable, especially if you’re going for more of a fine-line tattoo like I do,” Roman says. “It’s really easy in that area for you to go too deep, and that’s when you see what’s called a blowout, which kind of looks like the ink spilled underneath the skin.

” Louder for the people in the back: Make sure you’ve done your research and go to someone who’s reputable and comfortable tattooing in this area. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses.

Where is the least painful place to get a tattoo?

Least painful to tattoo – The least painful places to get a tattoo are areas of your body with fewer nerve endings. Think outer shoulder, calf, buttocks, and outer arm. While people generally focus on the location on the body, Stanley Kovak , a cosmetic physician, theorizes that pain is more about size.

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How much do sternum tattoos cost?

Sternum Tattoo Rates – You can expect a well-detailed under-breast tattoo cost to be around $500 to $1,000 since they can take up to 6 hours to complete in this highly sensitive area. An “under-breast tattoo” is another name for a small sternum tattoo on women.

Who did Rihanna’s sternum tattoo?

The woman behind Dunham’s new ribcage art is Norwegian tattoo artist Trine Grimm, who is known for her detailed drawings. Rihanna has yet to voice her approval, but the ‘chandelier’ already has one famous fan.

What does getting a sternum tattoo feel like?

The Sensation Can Be Uncomfortable – When tattoos are performed on areas where there is little protection above the bone, the needle literally feels like it’s smacking against the bone every time it bumps in and out of the skin. This can cause you to feel an uncomfortable vibrating feeling rattling throughout your body.

Can you get a tattoo if your fat?

Stretch Marks – If weight gain was relatively rapid then you may have stretch marks. Many people consider this to be a significant barrier to getting a tattoo on a place on the body where they actually want one. It can be in some instances, but there are variables to examine.

For one, the severity and prominence of stretch marks will have an impact in either direction. If severe, then it is best to get a tattoo on another area. If mild, then a successful tattoo is absolutely viable.

However, it really comes down to the artist/tattooist in question. An experienced professional will either be able to outright cover up your stretch marks , or work with them to create a design that makes the narrow, indented, and or discolored streaks indistinguishable from the body art itself.

What do you wear when getting a chest tattoo?

What to Wear at The Studio – As with all tattoos, we recommend that you wear loose clothing when getting your tattoo, and this is the same for a chest tattoo. A man can remove their t-shirt or sweatshirt in the tattoo studio with no issues. However, for a woman, it’s slightly more difficult to find clothing to wear when getting a chest tattoo.

  • A tube top may be ideal for this or a low-cut top with spaghetti straps;
  • It all depends on how low your tattoo will go;
  • Speak to your tattoo artist to understand if there’s a private room you can use for your tattoo;

This will save any embarrassment if you need to remove your top.

What does the tattoo with 3 dots mean?

The Bottom Line – Ultimately, the real meaning of the three dots tattoo is up to you. It’s your interpretation that counts. It doesn’t matter if everyone else gets the same tattoo, but the location, placement, and the story behind it is what matters. If you want a creative and long-lasting tattoo, we are happy to help you.

Who did Rihanna’s sternum tattoo?

The woman behind Dunham’s new ribcage art is Norwegian tattoo artist Trine Grimm, who is known for her detailed drawings. Rihanna has yet to voice her approval, but the ‘chandelier’ already has one famous fan.

Where is the least painful place to get a tattoo?

Least painful to tattoo – The least painful places to get a tattoo are areas of your body with fewer nerve endings. Think outer shoulder, calf, buttocks, and outer arm. While people generally focus on the location on the body, Stanley Kovak , a cosmetic physician, theorizes that pain is more about size.

Are rib tattoos the new tramp stamp?

PHOTO 4/17 Tattoo Rule No. 4: The “Skank Flank” Is the New “Tramp Stamp” Caution: The tramp stamp has moved. That’s right, the classic tramp stamp above the butt crack has shifted to the side boob area. It all has to do with following tattoo trends, says Rakovic. “You have to be careful.

Like fashion, tattooing goes through hot trends, but unlike clothing you can’t sell last year’s tattoo to Buffalo Exchange and move on with your life. ” Rakovic explains that lower back tattoos were cute in the 90s until they were branded “tramp stamps.

” The trend nowadays is for women to tattoo down their ribs. “In the elite tattoo community, these are labeled ‘skank flanks,'” he says. “It will only be a matter of time before that term is universally known. ” You’ve been warned. SEE NEXT PAGE: Tattoo Rule No. 5: You Might Want to Rethink That Chris Carrabba Lyric EDITORS’ BEST OF 12 Best Acne Products for Your Clearest Skin Yet.