What Does An Upside Down Triangle Tattoo Mean?

What Does An Upside Down Triangle Tattoo Mean

18. Upside-Down Triangle Tattoo – Triangle tattoos usually point upwards, but an upside-down triangle tattoo has a beautiful meaning too. A triangle turned upside down represents a woman, mother, positivity, balance, and creativity. In short, an upside-down triangle is all about power and strength.

What does the upside down triangle mean?

The Upside Down Triangle was actually created by the Nazis during the Holocaust. German soldiers would make prisoners wear different colored triangle badges on their jackets to categorize groups that included Jewish people, Gypsies, Jehovah Witnesses, anti-Nazi Germans, and Homosexuals.

Pink triangles were given to gay people. Even after the concentration camps were liberated, many gay people remained imprisoned because the German Constitution categorized homosexuality as a felony. After the early 1970’s publication of concentration camp survivor Heinz Heger’s memoir  The Men with the Pink Triangle, many gay and lesbian rights groups used the pink triangle as an act of reclamation.

In the 1980’s Groups like Act-Up used the triangle as their call to arms for change. Today we see the triangle as a symbol of pride. The Pride Network is selling Triangle Pins as a fundraiser because of it’s history. For a $50. 00 donation, we will send you a pin and all of the proceeds will go directly to our programming for LGBTQ Youth. What Does An Upside Down Triangle Tattoo Mean.

What does a triangle tattoo symbolize?

The meaning behind the triangle tattoos

Triangle tattoos also symbolize wisdom, love, and connection The combination of thought and emotion supposedly opens the mind, making the triangle a very sacred symbol.

What is an upside down triangle called?

The upside-down capital delta symbol , also called ” nabla ” used to denote the gradient and other vector derivatives. The following table summarizes the names and notations for various vector derivatives.

symbol vector derivative
Laplacian or vector Laplacian
or directional derivative
convective derivative


What does a triangle tattoo on the wrist mean?

In Threes Tattoo – Due to the fact that triangles contain three corners and three sides they are often linked to different trinities. The most common being that of the Christian faith, the holy trinity- father, son and Holy Ghost. Just as the triquetra has three different points that represent the Holy Trinity, the triangle does too.

  1. The triangle can also symbolize the stages of the moon- waxing, waning and full;
  2. Other trinities include: mind, body and spirit; mother, father and child; past, present and future; mother, maiden and crone; thought, feeling and emotion and creation, preservation and destruction;

Essentially, any part of life that has three parts to it can be likened to the triangle and the triangle tattoo. Three is a positive number in numerology and the triangle is sometimes used to depict the meaning of the number you are talking about. The number three is said to represent luck.

What does a tattoo with 3 triangle mean?

Valknut Tattoo – Interested in Norse mythology ? The valknut tattoo may be the perfect minimalist design for you! Originating around the Middle Ages, this symbol featuring three interlocking triangles has been known to serve as an illustration for the afterlife, rebirth, and the concepts of continuity, order and undying will.

The symbol itself is known by many names including the “knot of the slain”, “the heart of the slain”, and the “heart of Vala”. Undoubtedly, this ancient symbol speaks to the soul’s power over negative forces and the resilience of the human spirit.

For those seeking strength and continued willpower, the valknut tattoo is an excellent selection.

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What does a 3 dot triangle tattoo mean?

There are many different versions of the three dots tattoo and many different meanings as well, ranging from simple and aesthetic to dark and complicated. The three dots can be arranged in a variety of ways, depending on the intention and can also be colored or shaded in slightly differently to allow for a number of options in design.

  1. The three dots, arranged in a triangular shape, can represent a criminal lifestyle alluding to gang membership and serving time in prison;
  2. It’s not uncommon to see one person with the three dots tattoo with others that have similar tats;

It does not necessarily mean that they are still in gangs, but there is a pretty good chance that they were once part of gangs and proud of it. The small and simple black dots are often placed on the face between the eye and the temple making it incredibly visible. The placement serves as a representation of the prominence of crime and counterculture in the individual’s life. The reason why it is made so visible is because the owner wants others to know that they live the “hard” life. It is a way to intimidate others both inside of and outside of prison.

It’s also a way for fellow gang members to quickly recognize one of their own, which is made much easier by the fact that they have the exact same three dots tattoos on their faces. The more obvious the placement of the three dots, the more prevalent crime is in the person’s world.

Some people will get the three dots tattoo right next to one of their eyes, while others might get the tat on their arm or hand. It all comes down to how easily the owner wants people to recognize their gang affiliation. In some cases, gang members don’t have a choice since everyone in their gang gets the three dots tattoo in the same area.

  • The dots in the three dots tattoo are a symbol of the Latin American principle of “mi vida loca”, which means “my crazy life” in Spanish, where each dot represents one word;
  • This is one of the many reasons why the three dots are kept so close together;

The phrase is commonplace among Central American gangs all over the Americas and the numerous gangs that adopt the “gangster” lifestyle. The triangularly shaped dots can be placed in other locations on the body but generally are placed in obvious locations, like on the hand or fingers, to emphasize the lifestyle to others.

  • This style of three dot tattoo is often done while incarcerated and is taken quite seriously as a gang symbol;
  • When a gang member does get the three dot tattoo on their hand rather than their face, it could be to keep the tattoo hidden from police while also allowing fellow gang members to see that they are affiliated with them;

Tattoo designs involving three single dots do not necessarily mean that the people are affiliated with a gangster lifestyle, even if placed in triangular form. In some cases, the dots are arranged and tattooed this way simply because of the symmetry of the design. Dots can be rendered in a horizontal or vertical line, straight or diagonal. This is often done just for the minimalist aesthetic and for the simple appearance of the three dots. The dots can be the same size to keep the symmetry or vary in size, color, or shade. There are hundreds of design avenues that you can go down with the three dots tattoo when you’re not getting it as a gang tattoo.

  1. Owners of these tattoos can come up with any number of three dot tattoo meanings since there are plenty of things that use the number three;
  2. For example, someone who wants to get a very cheap and private tattoo might get the three dots tattoo to represent three very important moments or people in their lives;
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The image of three dots can hold religious significance as well. The number three is often a reference to the Holy Trinity in Christianity and represents the Son, the Father, and the Holy Spirit. Some people will get a religious version of the three dots tattoo that looks exactly like the gangster version, while others might put a lot more space between the dots.

The three dots can be accompanied by a crucifix or other religious iconography to make the intention of the tattoo clear although the additional imagery should be clean and simple so that the three dots are emphasized rather than hidden.

Moons or stars work well with the dots to create a minimalist constellation design. Interestingly, some people combine three dot tattoo meanings to make this tattoo even more personal. It’s not uncommon at all for someone to get a three dot tattoo to represent both their “crazy” side and their religious side. In a literary sense the three dots represent the ellipsis, a grammatical element used to indicate the incompletion of a thought or phrase. The ellipsis alludes to something that is not stated but possibly implied, a sentence that trails off and leaves question. The ellipsis tattoo is a symbol of continuation, a path or journey that leads to something more for better or worse. It represents something that does not necessarily need to be said or written but it better left unsaid.

  • After all, plenty of prisoners find religion while they are behind bars so it makes sense that they would find the three dot tattoo to be the perfect tat for them;
  • What’s interesting is that people often think that someone has a three dots tattoo when they actually have the five dots tattoo;

These two tats have different meanings, though they can look quite similar. With the five dot tattoo, the owner is trying to show that they are the fifth dot trapped inside of the other four dots, representing their time spent in prison. When looking at a three dots tattoo, it is important to look at the shape of the dots before coming to any conclusions about the meaning of the tattoo.

If the dots are in the shape of a triangle, they could represent any of the things we mentioned above. If they are in a straight line, there’s a pretty good chance that the owner is not in a gang. Because the three dots tattoo can make someone seem like they’re in a gang even though they aren’t, it’s always a good idea to get other designs around the three dots to make the meaning a bit clearer.

The number three itself has quite a few meanings, and the three dots tattoo might have more to do with the number than the dots. For example, someone might get the three dots tattoo to represent “motivation” because that is one of the more well-known meanings for the number three.

  • This is yet another reason why you shouldn’t assume that a three dots tattoo automatically means that the owner of the tat is or ever was in a gang;
  • However, if you do want to use the number three in this way, we recommend trying to find another design than the three dots tattoo to avoid unwanted confusion;

You might also find that the three dots were used because they are a cheap and easy tattoo to get. Three friends might get three dots apiece to represent their friendship, though these tattoos are very rarely on the face. These types of cheap tattoos are often done outside of a tattoo parlor since pretty much anyone could make a dot with a needle. To go even further, the three dots might represent something very personal to the owner. The dots could represent loved ones or even personal goals. It’s an inexpensive tattoo that can have multiple meanings for the owner and they just wanted anything that could represent those meanings. That being said, the three dots tattoo is generally seen as a prison tat, especially when it is drawn on the owner’s face.

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We don’t recommend making your own tattoos, but it’s certainly not uncommon. That doesn’t mean you should assume that the person is gang affiliated, but it is the most common meaning. Obviously you have a lot to think about if you are planning on getting a three dots tattoo.

If you don’t want it to be seen as a gang tattoo, it would be best to not get it in a triangular shape and to avoid getting it on or around your face. You can very easily get the three dots to blend in with a bigger design if you really want to have a three dots tattoo.

It’s probably pretty surprising to find out that the three dots tattoo has so many meanings. While it is a tattoo that was once seen as just another gang tattoo, it now has all of the meanings listed above and plenty of others.

In all honesty, it’s a tattoo that you’ll want to avoid altogether unless you’re able to find a unique design that won’t confuse people. .

What does triple triangle mean?

How Is the Valknut Used Today? – Despite its ambiguous meaning and probably thanks to its captivating design, the Valknut is quite a popular symbol today. The Valknut is a strong and powerful looking symbol, with its three triangles and many points. As such, it’s a popular symbol for tattoos, representing strength, power, warriors and fearlessness.

What is the meaning of the 2 triangle tattoo?

Triangles Pointed Downward – If you see the double triangles both pointed in a downward direction, chances are that the individual sporting this tattoo is a woman. This is a female sign, as a male triangle sign would be facing upward. This downward double triangle on a female can symbolize their femininity, maternity, Earth, mother nature, and the cosmic world. Two downward facing triangles can represent all of these things and be a reminder to the individual that they are the supporters of life.

What is the meaning of overlapping triangles?

Overlapping Triangles – Let’s apply this same concept to triangles. Triangles are three-sided figures made of three straight lines and three angles. When triangles overlap, it means that they cover some of the same area. More specifically, overlapping triangles are triangles that share at least part of a side or an angle.

What does a triangle and circle tattoo mean?

Deathly Hallow Tattoo Meaning – The Deathly Hallows sign is very simply composed of a triangle in which a perfect circle sits. A line is drawn through the center of the circle and triangle, splitting the symbol. The triangle represents the cloak, the circle the stone, and the line the wand. The individual who commands the use of all three objects in the Deathly Hallows sign is supposed to become the “Master of Death”, a feat which the main character Harry Potter accomplishes. By having all of those objects, Harry was able to do exactly what Voldemort had always wanted to do: become immortal. Obviously, this Deathly Hallows tattoo meaning alone is exactly what some people want in their tattoos, but there’s even more to it than that.

  1. If you didn’t know that you were looking at the Deathly Hallows sign, you might think that it was actually a very simple all-seeing eye with a vertical line drawn through it;
  2. What’s great about the main Deathly Hallows symbol is that you can be as creative as you want with it to make it your own;

Don’t feel like you have to make it look exactly as it looks in the film, though that is an option for you, of course. This is your tattoo, so you want to end up with a design that you will always be happy to look at. If you want to make it look authentic, do that.