What Does A Dragon Tattoo Mean?

What Does A Dragon Tattoo Mean
Depending on the art style, size, and color, a dragon tattoo can be a symbol of fearlessness, rage, passion, or wisdom. They can also represent your favorite dragon from fiction, like Khaleesi’s three dragons from Game of Thrones.

What do dragons symbolize?

The dragon is a highly complex symbol, combining images of the serpent and the bird, two loaded images in isolation. Together, they form one of the most powerful monsters dating back to antiquity. The dragon is a symbol of evil, in both the chivalric and Christian traditions. In the Orient, it symbolizes supernatural power, wisdom, strength, and hidden knowledge. In most traditions, it is the embodiment of chaos and untamed nature.

It is associated with the depths of the unknown sea, with the mountaintops, and with the clouds. Heroes typically fight (“slay”) dragons to gain control over territory; dragons are also usually guardians of a treasure,whether it be material (as in GOLD ) or symbolic (as in knowledge).

Killing the dragon is the conflict between light and darkness, slaying the forces of evil. It has many correspondences: in psychology it is a fear of incest, or the chaos of the unconscious, evil. In ALCHEMY it relates as one of the many names of prime matter.

In Blake it represents sex and war, and in Yeats it is a guardian of life. Dragon blood is a talisman, ensuring good fortune, health and luck, can inflict incurable wounds if weapons are dipped in it. Click the dragon above to return to the painting of St.

George and the Dragon , or click here to learn more about Visual Symbolism. Up one level   Back to document index.

What do red dragon tattoos mean?

The Meaning Of Red Dragon Tattoos – Every color has a different meaning, and when combined with a powerful mythological creature like a dragon, it can amplify its’ importance. Red is a color that signifies passion, strength, and love. Red dragon tattoos are typically Chinese or tribal-style tattoos.

What does a dragon tattoo mean on a woman?

Depending on the art style, size, and color, a dragon tattoo can be a symbol of fearlessness, rage, passion, or wisdom. They can also represent your favorite dragon from fiction, like Khaleesi’s three dragons from Game of Thrones.

What does a dragon tattoo mean on a man?

Dragon tattoos for men can symbolize greed, power, duality, intellect, potential, dominion, nonconformity, wisdom and unpredictability.

Are dragon tattoos demonic?

Celtic Dragon Tattoo Meaning – Celtic dragons differ from Western dragons in that they are neither evil nor demonic. In fact, they were considered as guardians of the universe’s secrets. For this reason, they are among the most powerful Celtic symbols. Such dragons have appeared on flags, armors and clothing for thousands of years.

  • A Celtic dragon tattoo is linked with wisdom, balance and spirituality;
  • The dragon’s body is usually drawn with many intertwined knots to show the ups and downs of life;
  • They are also often drawn with the mouth biting the tail to represent the cycle of life that repeats itself over and over again;

The design of Celtic dragons allows for impressive tribal dragon tattoos, with their complex curls and knots. What Does A Dragon Tattoo Mean.

What does a black dragon tattoo mean?

The Meanings of Dragon Tattoo Colors – Every color has its own meaning. When connected to a dragon, this color takes shape into a specific meaning meant for a dragon tattoo. These meanings can be more detailed depending on the style of the dragon tattoo and its design. Let’s take a look at some colorful dragon tattoos and their meanings:

  • Red Dragon Tattoo Meaning

A red dragon tattoo is typical of the tribal tattoo style as well as the Chinese style of tattoos though it can be used in practically any style. It can symbolize strength because the color red symbolizes toughness. Another reason this is a great color dragon tattoo to get is that it symbolizes power. Power in a red dragon tattoo represents not only the strength of the dragon but also its magical powers. Another meaning of this color of dragon tattoo is individuality. Wearing this tattoo means that not only are you unique enough to have a red dragon tattoo but this tattoo will give you magical help to become more apart from others in a way that’s healthy. The red dragon is said to represent strength and a vigorous nature. A red dragon tattoo is a popular choice due to the way its distinctive color stands out against black and grey tattoos. The tattoo will help you not rely on others as much and find your own way.

  • Golden Dragon Tattoo Meaning
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There’s a reason that the golden dragon is gold. It is the king of all dragons, because not only does it represent all life on Earth, but for the Chinese, it symbolizes people’s greatest traits. It represents wealth, wisdom, and good health. These are seen as traits given to someone who has chosen the correct path in life and who is a good person. Someone would get a golden dragon tattoo if they feel they deserve these things and are on the right path. There’s another reason this is the king of all dragon colors. The golden dragon for the Chinese would represent the emperor himself and therefore was a highly respected symbol. This is also part of why the golden dragon symbolizes wealth (emperors are rich) but for other cultures as well as the Chinese this tattoo symbolizes great prosperity because the color gold itself is (obviously) the color of gold.

  • Blue Dragon Tattoo Meaning

Descended from 800-year-old blue-gold dragons, blue dragons in Japanese folklore are guardians of the Eastern signs of the Japanese Zodiac and symbolize the approaching spring. They have been used to represent leadership and are seen as gentle and forgiving in nature. Japanese blue dragon tattoos are often accompanied by flower tattoos due to their links with nature. The blue dragon is related to certain astrological symbols, representing Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius. This would be a great tattoo for someone born under these signs. These astrological symbols also dictate much of the meaning behind the blue dragon. For example, The Sagittarius sign often means that someone is highly independent. You may want to get a blue dragon tattoo if you are a lone wolf or someone who likes to do things themselves. A part of being an Aries is being open-minded, which is the next meaning the blue dragon symbolizes. This tattoo can mean that you are not only a free-spirited individual but that you have an open mind to matters of religion, politics, and others’ suffering (you may be an empath). Other meanings of the blue dragon tattoo are generosity in the form of giving to others, creativity, or if you are someone who comes up with creative solutions to problems.

  • Green Dragon Tattoo Meaning

Green dragons are often seen as a branch between heaven and Earth since green is a mix of blue and yellow and is in between being a warm and cool color. For that reason, they can symbolize life and death and the relationship between the two, causing a green dragon tattoo to mean you understand the life cycle or that you believe in life beyond the one we live on Earth. Along the same lines, this tattoo is also a major symbol of spring, meaning the regeneration of life. A green dragon tattoo would be a great tattoo to get for someone who has matured and grown greatly throughout their life. It also symbolizes that you have learned an important lesson and have become a new person because of it.

  • Black Dragon Tattoo Meaning

Apart from being a popular color for a tattoo style, a black dragon tattoo also has a significant meaning. Since dragons represent good and evil, yin and yang, a black dragon tattoo can symbolize the dark side of the world which is more reserved and even feared. This can either show that you are a more quiet and intelligent person, or mean something completely different in that you are someone who is tough and not to be messed with. Black dragons also mean that you know someone who is old and wise, and that person could be you yourself. You could get a black dragon tattoo to represent someone in your life who you hold dear and who has taught you a lot of lessons. Or, you could get one to mean that you feel being wise is the ultimate goal in life.

  • Purple Dragon Tattoo Meaning

A purple dragon has the power to represent royalty for many cultures. A purple dragon tattoo can therefore symbolize that you have tendencies to be powerful and ‘rule’ over others with great kindness and respect. This would be a great tattoo for someone who is a leader and wants to make a powerful and amazing change in this world. Another meaning of a purple dragon tattoo is, for the Chinese, heaven. A purple dragon tattoo can represent the power and strength of the Gods/God and can represent your hope that in your belief of heaven some deity will guide you there.

Is dragon tattoo lucky?

Japanese Tattoo Designs – Meaning Of The Dragon

An Unfinished Dragon Tattoo ‘In Chinese culture, it is unlucky to fill in the eyes of a dragon tattoo until the tattoo is completed, because the dragon will feel the pain of getting tattooed once its eyes are completed and its soul intact,’ Le Fae says.

What does a black dragon symbolize?

Black Dragon – Most people associate the black dragon with vengeance. Thus, it’s often linked to catastrophes like storms and floods. What Does A Dragon Tattoo Mean Black dragons traditionally symbolize vengeance.

Where do you put a dragon tattoo?

The back is one of the most popular placements for a dragon tattoo. That’s because it’s one of the largest and smoothest areas on your body. When you have a large, detailed piece of body art in mind – like a dragon breathing fire – your back is the perfect place to show it off.

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What tattoo represents strength?

Lotus/Floral Tattoo Design – As mentioned earlier, the lotus flower is an ultimate symbol of personal emotional, and physical strength. The lotus design is suitable for both men and women and represents power, strength, endurance, and one’s ability to overcome life’s struggles.

  1. The design is incredibly beautiful, and the tattoo can be either small or big, simple or intricate;
  2. Some people tend to chose wonderful color schemes for their lotus tattoo, while others go with a more minimalistic approach;

Either way, you cannot go wrong with a lotus design.

  • Tattoo highlights – just like with any design, the lotus tattoo can be either less or more expensive depending on the size, intricacy of the design, and the choice of color. Smaller designs can cost you up to  $800 , while larger lotus tattoos with intricate design can cost up to  $2,500.
  • Best body placement – forearm, wrist, ankle, foot, middle of the chest, side of the neck, the bottom of the neck, lower back, shoulder area, etc.

Other Design Recommendations .

What’s the difference between a Chinese dragon and a Japanese dragon?

. photonewman/iStock/Getty Images Chinese dragons and Japanese dragons are very similar, probably because much of Japan’s dragon mythology derives from China. The primary difference between the two is that Japanese dragons usually have three toes on each foot while Chinese dragons most often have four.

What does a purple dragon symbolize?

Purple / Violet Dragons – Purple dragons symbolize wealth and royalty. On the other hand, a purple dragons symbolize mourning and grief. Since Taoism sees violet as the marker of the transition between active (Yang) and passive (Yin) aspects, a violet dragon symbolizes a transitional or liminal creature.

What does Japanese dragon symbolize?

Chinese vs. Japanese Dragons – We can’t talk about Japanese dragons before first examing the influence of Chinese and Korean dragons and myths on the Japanese culture. The various words for dragon in Japanese are written with Chinese kanji letters. Many of the dragons in Japanese mythology are similar in both appearance and meaning to the classic Chinese Lung dragons.

  • They are viewed as benevolent water spirits that live in the sea or rivers
  • They are believed to bring luck and symbolize power, strength, and authority.
  • Physically, they have elongated serpentine bodies with two or four short legs or no legs at all.
  • When they have wings, they are small and bat-like, just like those of their Chinese counterpart.

One of the few physical differences between Chinese and Japanese dragons is that Chinese dragons have four or five claws on their feet with five-clawed dragons being viewed as more powerful and regal, while in Japan mythology, most dragons have only three claws on their feet. China and Japan even share many specific dragon myths and characters. The astrological Four Symbols are a good example:

  • The Azure Dragon – named Seiryū in Japan and Qinglong in China
  • The White Tiger dragon – named Byakko in Japan and Baihu in China
  • The Vermilion Bird dragon – named Suzaku in Japan and Zhuque in China
  • The Black Tortoise dragon – named Gembu in Japan and Xuanwu in China.

The four dragon kings of the east, south, west, and north seas are another touching point between the two cultures, existing in both cultures. However, not all Japanese Lung-like dragons are directly taken from Chinese myths. Most other Japanese dragons have their own myths and characters, even if their visual appearance and overall meaning is inspired by Chinese legends.

Are all dragons evil?

on May 28, 2019 • What Does A Dragon Tattoo Mean And the great dragon was thrown down, the serpent of old who is called the devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world; he was thrown down to the earth, and his angels were thrown down with him. (Revelation 12:9) Without a doubt, the Bible uses a dragon to describe Satan in the book of Revelation. Since that prophetic book often uses symbolic language, it’s not clear if this dragon is merely a symbol or if Satan really exists in dragon form. In either case, some Christians have become convinced that this manifestation of Satan means that all dragons are evil and must be portrayed as evil.

Let’s examine this biblically and logically. If dragons are real, that is, if they ever really existed in our world, then God must have created them, as the Bible says: All things came into being through Him, and apart from Him nothing came into being that has come into being.

(John 1:3) If God created dragons, then He must have created them “good. ” God saw all that He had made, and behold, it was very good. (Genesis 1:31) Therefore, any dragon that ever existed must have started out as good. That includes Satan, a glorious angel in heaven who fell as a result of his own actions.

In the same way, if a dragon started out as good, it could become evil only through self corruption. Personal evil cannot come from God. Let no one say when he is tempted, “I am being tempted by God”; for God cannot be tempted by evil, and He Himself does not tempt anyone.

But each one is tempted when he is carried away and enticed by his own lust. (James 1:13-14) Since one angel, Satan, corrupted himself and became evil, does that mean all angels are evil and should be portrayed as evil? Of course not. Only a third of the angels fell to evil.

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The other two thirds, a clear majority, remained loyal to God. In the same way, it would be wrong to assert that the existence of one evil dragon must mean that all dragons are evil. Such a leap is not warranted.

Let’s look at other examples. The Bible also refers to Satan as a lion. Your adversary, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. (1 Peter 5:8) Does this mean that all lions are evil and should be portrayed that way? No. In fact, Jesus is also called a lion.

Stop weeping; behold, the Lion that is from the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has overcome so as to open the book and its seven seals. ” (Revelation 5:5) Animal symbols are not the only example. Humans, themselves, can reflect every evil attribute of Satan, and, in fact, the anti-Christ is called the “man” of sin.

Still, we don’t consider all men to be unredeemably evil, and we have no problem using them as good characters in stories. My books assume that some dragons are evil and some are good. I used the common misconception that all dragons are evil to create a crisis for the few good dragons.

Since many people considered all dragons to be evil, the good ones were hunted along with the evil ones, forcing the good ones to seek rescue from those who are trying to destroy the species. This allowed me a vehicle to symbolize redemption, to create a parallel with a remnant of mankind in this sin-sick world, a remnant that hopes for salvation.

Yes, a dragon is used to represent Satan, but God creates nothing that is inherently evil, and a symbol is not evil in and of itself and can be used to symbolize a wide range of ideas, both good and evil. It is wrong, both biblically and logically, to assume that all dragons are evil.

What does a dragon spirit animal mean?

Dragon spirit animal – When a dragon spirit animal shows up, you are on your way to a great spiritual transformation. Yes, you will be vulnerable, but you will also develop the strength and power needed to take risks. A dragon is a symbol of fire and passion.

So you need to discover your passion. Find out what activities or hobbies ignite that fire in you. Then go ahead and do those activities!  A dragon is also a symbol of wealth and prosperity. He is bringing some treasure in your life.

Use those gifts wisely and also take out some time to dive deeper into Earth meditation. Through meditation, ask your dragon spirit to show you the way. He will guide you. Dragon spirit animal shows up when you feel a strong connection to the Earth, Fire, and the Sky.

Someone with a past-life connection can also get a dragon as their spirit guide. Call upon your dragon spirit animal when you are afraid of some new undertaking or when you feel you need a mystical or magical creature to help you.

The dragon is watching over you. He is your guardian angel. So do not be afraid. Everything will fall in place and you will manifest all your desires. ( 9 ).

Are dragons good luck?

1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012

The dragon is the fifth animal in the Chinese zodiac. In the Chinese culture, the dragon represents good luck, strength, health and also the male element Yang. The dragon is unique because it is the only mythical creature of all the animals in the Chinese zodiac and babies are born in the year of the dragon more than any other animal.

In many other cultures, such as the Western, they look at the dragon as a symbol for evil and darkness. But in China, they regard the dragon as being a symbol representing imperial power and authority. The personality traits of people born in the year of the dragon are: charismatic, intelligent, confident, powerful and they are naturally lucky and gifted.

In everything that they do, they tend to do it to the best of their ability with high standards. References:

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  • Photo courtesy of http://www. draconika. com/chinese. php.

What do the different colors of dragons mean?

1 Blue and Green – . bangkaewphoto/iStock/Getty Images In Chinese culture, the colors blue and green are associated with nature, serenity, growth and health. Blue and green dragons symbolize the approaching spring, evoking the clear skies and new plants that the season brings.