How To Use A Tattoo Stencil?

How To Use A Tattoo Stencil

One of the most important tools a professional tattoo artist uses is stencil paper. A tattoo artist learns how to use a stencil during an apprenticeship. A tattoo stencil provides a map for the tattoo artist to follow when performing the procedure. Each line is detailed in a contrasting purple color on the skin for the artist to see and tattoo over.

The stencil can withstand the wiping away of ink while the artist works and remnants of the stencil can be removed after the tattoo is finished by normal washing with soap and water. Transfer the tattoo design onto the purple stencil paper by tracing over the design while it is placed on top of the paper.

The paper that the design is on should have a purple outline of the design on the back when you are finished tracing. Trim extra paper off from around the stencil with scissors and set aside, purple side up. Put on a pair of latex or nitrile gloves. Spray a paper towel with green soap and clean the area of skin to be tattooed.

  1. Throw the paper towel into the trash;
  2. Shave the area with a disposable razor to remove any hair;
  3. Wipe down the area with a paper towel and green soap again;
  4. Throw the disposable razor, paper towel and gloves into the trash;

Put on a fresh pair of gloves and wet down the skin with the green soap spray bottle. Apply the tattoo stencil, purple side directly onto the skin. Smooth out any folds or bubbles in the stencil with your thumbs. Peel the stencil off and throw into the trash with the gloves.

How to remove tattoo stencils from skin?

Instructions –

  • 1 When applying the tattoo stencil, you do not want to cause an infection. Before you start, cover both hands with a pair of sterile surgical gloves. Image courtesy: flickr. com How To Use A Tattoo Stencil
  • 2 Now you need to start the actual work. Using an antibacterial soap and some water, clean that area of the skin. Clean that area with paper towels.
  • 3 Now get rid of any hair present at the spot where you will be applying the tattoo stencil. Use a sterile razor blade for the job. Make sure that you use a new razor blade. Image courtesy: health. howstuffworks. com How To Use A Tattoo Stencil
  • 4 After shaving the tattoo site, once again clean it with antibacterial soap and water. As before, pat dry the skin using clean paper towels.
  • 5 You have to make sure that the tattoo stencil you apply sticks to the skin. Use an unscented deodorant for this purpose. Rub the tattoo site with the unscented deodorant. Remember to use the deodorant liberally to increase adherence between skin and the tattoo stencil. Image courtesy: consmr. com How To Use A Tattoo Stencil
  • 6 Depending on the geometry of the stencil, locate its centre. Gently apply pressure onto the centre of the stencil but make sure that it does not move at all. Image courtesy: tattude. com How To Use A Tattoo Stencil
  • 7 After you have applied the stencil, rub it evenly. Do not apply too much pressure and make sure that the stencil does not slide on the skin. Hold down the stencil with your palm for at least 10 seconds to make sure the stencil adheres to the skin.
  • 8 Slowly, peel the paper off. Image courtesy: flickriver. com How To Use A Tattoo Stencil
  • 9 Leave the stencil for at least 10 minutes to give it a chance to dry and adhere properly to the skin.
  • 10 Finally, using a paper towel, pat the stencilled skin and then apply petroleum jelly. You have successfully applied a tattoo stencil. Image courtesy: myspace. com How To Use A Tattoo Stencil