How To Remove Permanent Tattoo Without Laser?

How To Remove Permanent Tattoo Without Laser
Tattoos and other forms of body modification have been around for centuries, and it is now popularly considered a means of self-expression. However, there are instances where you get a tattoo when you’re young and carefree, but as you grow older, you begin to regret your decision.

  • At times you don’t necessarily regret the tattoo; however, due to work and professional circumstances, you might have no choice but to remove your visible tattoos;
  • Getting a laser treatment for tattoo removal is probably the most common method; however, several other no laser tattoo removal methods and remedies use natural ingredients and procedures that help remove permanent ink from your body;

In this article, we will be going over several different no-laser tattoo removal techniques that will give you effective results. Surgically removing tattoos is also known as excision tattoo removal. This procedure does not include any laser treatment; instead, the doctors cut off the tattooed skin, and it is the most invasive method of removing your tattoo.

  1. Once the tattooed skin is removed, the hole that remains where the skin was is sewn back together;
  2. One of the biggest drawbacks of opting for the surgical method is that it leaves scars behind;
  3. This method is effective for people wishing to remove small-sized tattoos;

For aftercare, your doctor will prescribe a moisturizing lotion or a sunblock with SPF 30 to relieve any discomfort or irritation.

Can permanent tattoo be removed?

Overview – Tattoo removal is a procedure done to try to remove an unwanted tattoo. Common techniques used for tattoo removal include laser surgery, surgical removal and dermabrasion. Tattoo ink is placed beneath the top layer of the skin. That makes tattoo removal more complicated — and expensive — than the original tattoo application.

Is it possible to remove tattoo at home?

Does At-Home Tattoo Removal Work? – People consider DIY tattoo removal for several reasons:

  • Saving time — they want the tattoo gone as quickly as possible, and professional laser removal may take months.
  • Saving money — professional laser removal seems expensive.
  • They’ve heard the urban legend that DIY removal can be effective.

It’s not surprising that interest in home tattoo removal has spiked. Thirty percent of people with tattoos regret got their designs on a whim, says Men’s Health. Tattoos have become very popular among Millennials, but many are now finding that getting one at a young age can prove to be a mistake. In fact, over 37. 6% of people who get tattoos between age 18 and 21 regret the decision — after age 26, the number drops to the single digits.

However, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not approved any type of home tattoo removal, because they are ineffective and risky. However, tattoo removal has been quickly growing more popular, the FDA says.

This leads many people to try out dangerous at-home options. Call Now: 1-866-235-5961 But can you really remove tattoos at home? No, you cannot. To successfully remove a tattoo, a treatment needs to do one of the following things:

  1. Cause the body to absorb and eliminate the ink from the skin.
  2. Manually push out or extract the ink particles.

Home tattoo removal methods simply don’t safely meet these requirements. Anything powerful enough to reach deeply into the skin to extract ink particles is extremely hazardous in untrained hands. Remember, the goal is to end up with clear, healthy skin after tattoo removal — not a gaping wound or thick scarring! Professional laser removal causes the body to eliminate the ink from the skin without actually breaking the skin.

  1. With professional laser removal, high-intensity laser pulses penetrate deep into the skin, reaching into the dermis layer where the ink is stored and breaking it into tiny pieces that the body can flush out;
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This is the gentlest yet most effective method out there by far.

How can I remove a tattoo at home fast?

Different Ways of Natural Home Tattoo Removal – As laser tattoo removal is often a laser resort, there are many strategies people attempt prior. Here are some of the most common ones.

  • Salt and Lemon Juice Cream

This homemade tattoo removal cream lightens the skin and the unwanted tattoo, as the lemon acts as bleach. The coarse salt acts as an exfoliator – to scrub off layers of skin and those with tattoo ink.

  • Aloe Vera Gel and Yoghurt Cream

There is no evidence at this point whether aloe vera has any function on the skin besides treating skin rashes, burns, and hydrating and moisturising skin. But for tattoo removal purposes, the thick paste should be applied to the tattooed area for 30 minutes, four times a day, to remove your tattoo naturally.

  • Table Salt Scrub

According to this at home tattoo removal method, you should apply table salt to a moist gauze sponge and sand down your skin where the tattoo is situated. You’ll have to continue doing this for at least 30 minutes. After about a week, you should be able to peel off the upper layer of skin. Once this has healed, continue the process every six to eight weeks until you have peeled off enough skin layers to eliminate the tattoo pigments.

How do you get rid of a tattoo besides laser?

Is there a cream to remove tattoos?

What’s in a Tattoo Removal Cream?How To Remove Permanent Tattoo Without Laser – There are a variety of tattoo removal creams on the market. The most trusted, popular products tend to include at least one of two important active ingredients: Trichloroacetic acid (TCA) and hydroquinone. TCA removes the top layer of skin and penetrates some of the underlying layers to effectively remove most of that tattoo ink.

Can salt and ice remove a tattoo?

Published on July 5, 2019 by Stephen Small The answer, in short, is NO! While you may see stories online about tattoo removal with a mixture of salt and water, this practice not only does not remove the tattoo, but also increases your risk of skin damage, infection and permanent scarring.

Does Vaseline fade tattoos?

It’s best to avoid products that are 100 percent petroleum-based, like Vaseline. The American Academy of Dermatology says that petroleum-based products can cause the ink to fade.

Does lemon juice fade tattoos?

Lemon and Salt – Salt is rich in sodium and chlorine, and lemon juice has bleaching properties. Salt penetrates deep into the skin and helps the ink to fade out, and the vitamin C in lemon juice replenishes the skin. Therefore, this is a great way to remove a permanent tattoo with lemon juice.

Can aloe vera remove tattoo?

Aloe vera and yogurt – Another tattoo removal trend being spread online is the use of aloe vera and yogurt. While not necessarily harmful, there’s no evidence that topical aloe vera can work outside of the treatment of skin rashes.

What oils fade tattoos?

Tea Tree Oil – Pros:

  • Tea Tree oil is antibacterial, antiseptic, antiviral, antimicrobial, and can cure wounds.
  • Its powerful antiseptic properties are an excellent and well-known option for acne-prone skin.
  • Tea Tree oil can treat dry skin. Regular use may keep your skin moisturized, supple, and soft.


  • Tea Tree Oil should be diluted with a carrier oil such as coconut oil, almond oil or olive oil.
  • Use Tea Tree oil with caution as it may cause irritation and swelling for some people.
  • Tea Tree oil can potentially throw off your skin’s PH balance and negatively affect the skins moisture barrier, leaving your tattoos looking dull and faded.
  • Tea Tree oil can cause allergic skin rash and dryness. Don’t use it if your skin is dry, flaking, scaly, or irritated.
  • The risk of skin irritation is higher if the oil is applied to dry or broken skin. Always do a patch test.

Those are just four natural oils that you can use to keep your skin moisturized. There are many more oils such as:

  • Argan Oil
  • Rosehip Seed Oil
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Almond Oil
  • Sunflower Seed Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Sea Buckthorn Oil
  • Pomegranate Seed Oil  
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During the research and development stages of Inked Ritual’s Anti-Fade Serum , we tested an extensive amount of natural ingredients, including the above oils. But not all ingredients tested, met the benchmarks required for our anti-fading tattoo serum formula. We did not include any oils in Inked Ritual Tattoo Care for several reasons:     

  1. Oils molecule size is too large to deeply penetrating into the skin.
  2. Oils cannot effectively transport active ingredients into the skin.
  3. Oils are comedogenic, can clog pores, and cause irritation.
  4. Oils can leave the skin sticky, greasy, and uncomfortable.
  5. Oils can have an overpowering fragrance.

So just a recap, that the above four natural oils are great to moisturize your skin’s epidermis (outer surface). However, they offer limited benefits when it comes to anti-aging and skin rejuvenation for your tattoos. This is where Inked Ritual outshines, by including all of the bio-active natural ingredients that nourish your skin below the epidermis to keep your tattoos bold and vibrant.

  • TIP: If you want to take your skincare ritual up a notch for those tattoos, you can use the above oils in combination with Inked Ritual Tattoo Serum, in a layering fashion;
  • Simply apply Inked Ritual first, and after it’s dried, apply your choice of oil or moisturizer over top;

This product layering is not necessary but it will lock in Inked Ritual’s active ingredients. Do you know what is in  INKED RITUAL’s Tattoo Care  a nd why it out performs any other tattoo skincare product for your tattoos?  Learn more: INKED RITUAL’s Bio-Active Tattoo Aftercare Ingredients.

Which is the best tattoo removal cream?

How do you remove a tattoo with salt?

Salt & Saline Tattoo Removal – The treatment involves inserting the saline solution into the skin, which punctures the top layer of skin and opens up the area. A salt paste is applied to the skin, pulling the inks and pigments to the surface and cleansing the area.

What is the safest way to remove a tattoo?

The Best, Safest Way to Remove Ink: Laser Tattoo Removal – When considering tattoo removal, keep in mind that today, laser tattoo removal is regarded as the safest and most successful method for removing ink. The lasers work by targeting the darker pigment in your skin then breaking the particles into smaller pieces that the body’s immune system eliminates overtime. With laser tattoo removal, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Fewer treatments: Typically, patients need only three to seven treatments to completely remove their tattoo. What determines the number of sessions you’ll require is the age, coloring, location, and ink density of your tattoo.
  • Faster sessions: MEDermis Laser Clinic has perfected laser removal, and you can expect sessions that are only 15 to 30 minutes long. Sessions will be scheduled every six to eight weeks.
  • Lessened side effects: Unlike other removal methods, with laser removal, you can expect little to no scarring at the tattoo site or on the surrounding skin.
  • Effective removal of most colors: In the past, lighter colors like greens, yellows, and turquoise were quite difficult to remove. Now, with the latest laser technology, we can target those colors — you’ll see virtually no trace.

What is the best tattoo removal method?

Laser removal – Most experts consider laser removal to be the most successful and cost-effective way to remove tattoos. Often, lasers don’t completely remove a tattoo. Instead, they significantly lighten or fade it so it’s much less noticeable. Today, most tattoos are removed with a Q-switched laser, which sends out energy in one strong pulse.

  1. This pulse of energy heats up the ink in your skin to dissolve it;
  2. You’ll need to receive a number of laser treatments over several weeks or longer to remove your tattoo;
  3. Older or less complex tattoos will require fewer sessions, while newer or more complex tattoos will require more;

If you have darker skin, you may want to consider Q-switched Nd:YAG laser treatment, which is less likely to change the color of dark skin than traditional Q-switched lasers. In general, it takes about 7 to 10 sessions to remove a tattoo with laser treatment.

  1. You’ll have to wait 6 to 8 weeks between sessions for best results;
  2. Following each session, you’ll want to follow any aftercare instructions you’re given;
  3. Usually, this will involve applying antibacterial ointment to your skin for several days;
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The ointment will help heal your skin and reduce the risk of infection. Change the wound dressing each time you apply the ointment. For at least the next 2 weeks:

  • Keep the treated area clean and dry.
  • Avoid wearing tight clothing.
  • Avoid exposing the treated area to direct sunlight.
  • Don’t pick at any scabs or blisters that form.

Laser tattoo removal typically carries a lower risk of scarring than other removal options, just be sure not to pick at the area as it heals, as this can increase your risk of scarring.

Can skin peels remove tattoos?

Chemical peel tattoo removal – Trichloroacetic acid (TCA) peels can also be used to remove tattoos. TCA is a mild acid that is applied to the skin to remove the outer layers of the skin, and with them, the tattoo ink. This type of procedure may be mildly painful, but typically does not require the use of an anesthetic.

  1. Like the other types of tattoo removal, TCA peels will result in an open wound that will need to be cared for after the procedure is completed;
  2. Daily cleaning with soap and water, application of an antibiotic ointment and a dressing are all that is necessary;

These wounds will typically heal in approximately 5-7 days.

How much does it cost to remove a tattoo?

Types of tattoo removal

Method Average cost Sessions
Surgical removal $200-$1,500, based on anecdotal reports 1, though larger tattoos may require more
Dermabrasion several hundred to thousands of dollars, according to the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery 1


Which tattoo color is hardest to remove?

Different colors, different lasers – No single laser can remove all tattoo colors. Different dyes respond to different light wavelengths. Black and dark green are the easiest colors to remove; yellow, purple, turquoise and fluorescent dyes are hardest to fade.

How much does it cost to remove a 2 inch tattoo?

Laser Tattoo Removal Cost

Description Size Monthly
Small 2-3 square inches $95
Medium 4-9 square inches $150
Large 10-15 square inches $210
X Large Full Sleeve/Back $395


How much does it cost to remove a permanent tattoo in India?

Lasers have proven to be the best solution for tattoo removal. Although, there exists a number of methods that can help you to get rid off your tattoo, none of them ensure a scar free tattoo removal. In this case, lasers have emerged to be very effective, in easily removing temporary or permanent tattoos without leaving back visible scars.

  1. High intense laser beams tend to penetrate and break tattoo pigments;
  2. Thereby, removing them from the skin;
  3. Greater the contrast between tattoo pigment and skin, easier is its removal;
  4. Therefore, Black or blue pigment tattoos are easier to undo as compared to other colored tattoos;

Here is a list of Laser Tattoo Removal Costs in various cities of India.

City Average Price Price Range (Min-Max)
Bangalore Rs. 8026 Rs. 2000 – 40000
Chennai Rs. 2909 Rs. 1500 – 4500
Hyderabad Rs. 5972 Rs. 2500 – 20000
Kolkata Rs. 3900 Rs. 1500 – 5600
Mumbai Rs. 5120 Rs. 750 – 30000
New Delhi Rs. 2840 Rs. 500 – 6000
Pune Rs. 3504 Rs. 1500 – 7000

Call for best quote Get best cost estimate Prior to the procedure, the skin is tested to determine levels of laser energy, that will be required as well as sustained by body skin. Anesthesia is not required in most of the cases. However, depending on the targeted area, type of tattoo and pain bearing capacity of clients; doctors may use topical anesthesia cream. Again, tattoo removal requires number of visits and cannot get eliminated in the first or second sitting.

It is a continuous process, and with every sitting the tattoo will get fainter. Cost of Laser Tattoo removal in India depends upon the size of tattoo and contrast between skin and tattoo pigment to be removed.

However, the cost of laser tattoo removal can be approximated to range around INR 1000 to INR 30,000 per session. Once you are done with the process, after care procedures need to be followed. This includes, using cold compress for the next 24 hours. Do not take a hot water shower for few days.