How Much Does Tattoo Apprenticeship Cost?

How Much Does Tattoo Apprenticeship Cost
Do Tattoo Apprenticeships Cost Money? – Although the best apprenticeships in the most reputable shops sometimes don’t cost anything, they’re also the hardest ones to get. Apprenticeships will probably cost you about $5,000. Some apprenticeships cost more ($10,000 was the highest I’ve heard about), so you will want to choose wisely and work hard to make it worth your while.

Do tattoo apprentices get paid?

Will I get Paid to be an Apprentice? – This would be a miracle. Most tattoo apprenticeships are unpaid. Just like students are not paid for attending college, you won’t be paid for doing your apprenticeship. You’ll probably need to work a side job until you get your license.

How much does it cost to become a tattoo artist?

Looking for a tattoo apprenticeship? – Tattooing 101’s Artist Accelerator 90 day program is the closest thing to a real apprenticeship

  • 500 video modules
  • Professional tattoo artist coaches
  • Private mastermind community

How long does it take to become an apprenticeship?

Will I Be Tattooing During My Apprenticeship? – You will do around 100 free tattoos during your apprenticeship. But in fact, “free tattoos” means that you pay the cost, so make sure to have a lot of money saved up for supplies. You can tattoo friends, family, or whomever you wish.

How to get a job as a tattoo artist?

Find a Job as a Certified Tattoo Artist – Sometimes, the shop where you learned to tattoo will put you on contract for at least a year after you’ve completed your apprenticeship. Keep working hard, taking pictures of every tattoo you do, and adding them to a new portfolio.

After your contract is up, you may choose to stay at your home shop or you may find a different shop. A huge part of your success depends on your networking and self-promotion skills. A large portion of the work you get will be through word of mouth, so get to know other artists and collectors.

How Much Do Apprenticeships In Tattooing Cost?

Go to conventions! Put yourself out there, don’t become complacent. You are responsible for your success at this point, no more coddling or hand-holding. Go for it! Your future is yours to shape.