How Do Tattoo Conventions Work?

How Do Tattoo Conventions Work

Tattoo convention is a meeting of tattoo enthusiasts and practitioners, where visitors can get familiar with certain tattoo shops, tattoo artists, and experience the world of tattooing up close. At the convention, visitors can buy tattoo-related items, or even get tattooed by available tattoo artists, on-site.

Overall, tattoo conventions are a staple in the tattoo community, especially for those promoting a new business and trying to get the audience more familiar with their work. Now, this all sounds fun and great, but tattoo conventions are more complex than just having people visit and get tattooed by whomever they want.

If you’re planning on visiting a tattoo convention, now that the COVID-19 pandemic is finally leaving some room for us to breathe, then you should first get familiar with how this gathering works. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the world of tattoo conventions!.

What is the purpose of a tattoo convention?

Tattoo convention is a meeting of tattoo enthusiasts and practitioners, where visitors can get familiar with certain tattoo shops, tattoo artists, and experience the world of tattooing up close. At the convention, visitors can buy tattoo-related items, or even get tattooed by available tattoo artists, on-site.

Overall, tattoo conventions are a staple in the tattoo community, especially for those promoting a new business and trying to get the audience more familiar with their work. Now, this all sounds fun and great, but tattoo conventions are more complex than just having people visit and get tattooed by whomever they want.

If you’re planning on visiting a tattoo convention, now that the COVID-19 pandemic is finally leaving some room for us to breathe, then you should first get familiar with how this gathering works. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the world of tattoo conventions!.

Do tattoo artists show you the design before the appointment?

Before I started getting tattooed on a regular basis, I had no idea how the whole process worked. I followed a lot of tattoo artists on Instagram, but assumed that booking a tattoo appointment would be a lot like booking in to get my hair done or my teeth cleaned—you call the shop, request a day, and you’re in.

  1. It turns out, it’s not that simple;
  2. While, yes, there are plenty of tattoo shops that offer walk-in availability for flash tattoos or small designs, booking a larger, custom tattoos—especially with a popular artist—takes a lot of patience, flexibility, and a little bit of luck;

Here are some things you should know before trying to book a tattoo appointment with your favorite artist  All artists have different booking procedures. Almost every artist I’ve worked with has a different tattoo booking procedure. Some require you to fill out a form on a shop or personal website, others book through Facebook or Instagram messaging, and some use tattoo-booking apps for scheduling.

The majority of artists I’ve worked with book through email. They ask clients to send them booking requests via email, usually with specific criteria that a potential client needs to fill out. Read up on your artist’s booking procedures and make sure you follow all instructions and requirements.

If you do not include all the necessary information in the initial booking request, your request will likely get passed over and you won’t get an appointment. Keep in mind that every tattoo artist is essentially operating their own business. While some shops coordinate bookings through shop administrators and front-desk staff, the majority of tattoo artists either handle their own bookings or work with an assistant to coordinate appointments. How Do Tattoo Conventions Work Photo by  Annie Spratt  on  Unsplash You may need to wait for your tattoo appointment. If you’re looking to get a sleeve started or bang out a big thigh piece tomorrow, all I can say is good luck and Godspeed. While all artists operate on different timelines for booking, most will book appointments a few months—or even a year—in advance.

This means, if you really want a tattoo from a particular artist, you could be waiting anywhere from 3-12 months (or even longer) before getting it done. Additionally, some popular artists have waiting lists, so even if you put in a booking request, you may not get an appointment.

Instead, your name could be added to a waiting list, and you will be contacted when the artist has availability. The key here is to be patient. If you really love an artist’s work, it’s always worth the wait. Don’t get frustrated and try to book a similar tattoo with a different artist who has more availability.

  1. You might have a slim window to book a tattoo appointment;
  2. To keep the administrative processes of booking to a minimum, many tattoo artists will only open their books or schedules for one day or a couple days at a time;

This might happen every month, every couple of months, or only once a year—it depends how far out the artist chooses to book her schedule. You will only have a chance to book an appointment with the artist when her books are open. Any requests that come in while an artist’s books are closed will be ignored. How Do Tattoo Conventions Work Photo by  Renáta-Adrienn  on  Unsplash If you really want to book a tattoo with an artist whose books are currently closed, follow her on Instagram and change your settings so that you see notifications from that artist. Most artists will post details that explain when their books will open and how you can go about requesting an appointment. Then set your alarm, mark your calendar, or create a notification on your phone—anything you can do to remember to send in your request within the timeline established by the artist.

  • If you don’t get your booking request in while an artist’s books are open, you will have to wait until the next round;
  • You should expect for a delayed response;
  • As previously mentioned, tattoo artists are business owners who have to balance their time between a variety of things;

In addition to spending hours tattooing, their time is devoted to designing custom tattoos and drawing, managing their social media accounts, doing their bookkeeping and finances, purchasing supplies, and attempting to have family and social lives. Reviewing booking requests and responding to emails is a time-consuming process, so you shouldn’t expect to hear back from the artist right away.

Sometimes, it could take weeks or even a month or two for artists to get back to you about scheduling a tattoo appointment. Be patient. Sending multiple emails asking for a status update or reaching out to an artist via Instagram DM will not be appreciated and will continue to slow down the process.

Only resend your request if an artist or a booking assistant instructs you to do so. The artist may choose not to tattoo your design. When books open, sought-after tattoo artists are often inundated with requests for tattoo appointments. Sometimes, they receive hundreds of emails, but only have a limited number of appointment slots to fill.

  1. Artists may decide not to work on a specific tattoo design for multiple reasons;
  2. Maybe it doesn’t mesh well with their particular style;
  3. Maybe your budget doesn’t align with their current rates;
  4. Maybe they’ve tattooed something similar before and don’t want to tattoo it again;
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Maybe there are simply other requests that they are more interested in. If your design doesn’t get chosen, don’t lose heart or get angry. Unless you receive a response that says your request is something that the artist has no interest in taking on, you can always resubmit the request at a later time. How Do Tattoo Conventions Work You will need to pay a deposit. If you and your artist agree on a date for your tattoo appointment, you will need to pay a deposit in order to confirm and lock-in the date. Tattoo deposits are used to encourage clients to show up for their appointments and as a way for tattoo artists to cover their costs if a client cancels.

Deposits are usually a percentage of the estimated rate or a flat fee that is decided by the artist or the shop. Tattoo deposits are forfeited if clients cancel or do not show up for their appointments.

You will not be able to get your tattoo deposit back unless the cancellation is the fault of the artist or the shop. Deposit policies vary, so make sure to ask about your artist’s or studio’s policy before booking a tattoo appointment. You may have to shift your schedule.

  1. If you want a tattoo from a popular artist, your date selection is going to be limited;
  2. In fact, you might not be able to select a date at all;
  3. Let’s put it this way—there are only 52 Saturdays in a year;
  4. While most artists will certainly try to provide a date that works for you, others will provide a couple options and you can either take them or leave them;

This might mean taking off work or adjusting your schedule in order to get in with your artist on a Tuesday at 1 p. Once you have a date, mark it on your calendar and set reminders—especially if it’s a few months out. Many shops and artists will confirm your appointment as it gets closer, but it’s important that you remember when to show up.

  • Not showing up for a tattoo appointment will cause you to lose your deposit and likely upset your artist, making rescheduling unlikely;
  • You might not see the tattoo design in advance;
  • While this isn’t a policy across the board, know that some tattoo artists may not show you the design until the day of your appointment;

Personally, I’ve had over 11 larger tattoos done, and I’ve only seen two of the designs in advance. Many tattoo artists do this to try and minimize major design changes and a lot of back-and-forth nitpicking by clients. Almost all artists will make minimal changes and adjustments to the design on the day of your appointment so that you’re sure to get the piece you want. How Do Tattoo Conventions Work Photo by  Kelly Sikkema  on  Unsplash If you are nervous about the possibility of not seeing a tattoo design before your appointment, there are a couple things you can do. First and foremost, be clear about what you want your tattoo to look like when you send in your booking request and provide clear reference images for inspiration. Second, schedule a consultation with your artist in advance. Consultations are a time for tattoo artists to talk to you and get a better understanding for what you want your tattoo to look like.

  1. If you still really want to see the design in advance, ask your artist if it is a possibility;
  2. Many artists will accommodate these requests;
  3. At the end of the day, it’s important to trust your artist;
  4. If you like the artist’s style and the other tattoos she’s done, chances are whatever they put together for you will be even better than you could imagine;

Please note: These observations are based on my own tattoo-booking experiences and are not universal for all artists and studios..

Where is the biggest tattoo convention?

A Guide To Tattoo Conventions

11. Inksplosion Tattoo Expo 2022 – How Do Tattoo Conventions Work

  • Date : 29 – 31 July 2022
  • Location : Fredericksburg, Virginia, United States
  • Venue : Fredericksburg Expo and Conference Center, 2371 Carl D. Silver Pkwy, Fredericksburg

For newbies and enthusiasts looking to get eye-catching and beautiful inks on their bodies, Fredericksburg’s first-ever tattoo and body art expo is a must-visit. The event will have some of the most outstanding tattoo artists from around the world in attendance. Here is what to expect: 

  • Live Music: There will be no dull moments, as attendees will be entertained by live M. , live band, and renowned DJs.
  • Sideshow entertainment: Get thrilled and wowed by some of the most amazing sideshows in the business.
  • Live tattooing: Attendees will get to choose from a wide variety of tattoo styles. Plus, you will get to meet professional tattooists from around the globe.
  • Merchandise: A wide selection of merchandise will be available for you to choose from to make your weekend a very memorable one.
  • Tattoo awards: In addition to getting tattooed by legends in the industry, there will be lots of different contests every day for fresh and healed tattoos to keep you thrilled.
  • Food and drink: You will get to choose from a variety of foods and drinks to keep you satisfied while having an awesome time at the event.

How does the Philly Tattoo Convention work?

Getting There and Tickets – Admission to the Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention is $22 per day, or $45 for a three-day pass. Kids under 12 get in free. Walk-up tickets are available at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. Guests can also purchase tickets online.

The Convention Center is easily accessible by public transportation. Guests can use the Race-Vine stop of  SEPTA’s Broad Street Subway, Regional Rail’s Jefferson Station or the local bus routes. Drivers can use one of the multiple parking lots located near the convention site.

Note that rates can vary. Many of Philadelphia’s top hotels are within walking distance of the Pennsylvania Convention Center. Visitors can spend all weekend at the Philadelphia Tattoo Arts and book the Visit Philly Overnight Hotel Package , featuring up to $253 in free perks..

Are tattoo expos more expensive?

Tattoos at conventions (usually) cost more than tattoos in shops. Yes, it’s true. For the same reasons laid out above, many artists charge either more per hour OR charge a flat day rate for convention work.

What should I wear to a tattoo convention?

How Do Tattoo Conventions Work I didn’t hide the fact that I was not a ink-covered chick when I went to the expo. I have my tattoos in not so out-there places. I have my piercings that I think are fashionable and cool. But I wasn’t covered head to toe trying to explain my childhood with a narcissist mother and a messed up social life with ink and rings. Oh trust me…. those things did play a part in my artwork and piercings! But for the most part, this was strictly a media event for me.

  • Even as a mild outsider looking in, my fashion and glamour side would kick in when I saw something inappropriate and all I could do was shake my head;
  • It seemed the younger attendees had something more to prove, but girls, let me tell ya: what you were proving will probably be a Maury episode in the future;
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So what were my “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” when it came to MY line of work? I didn’t take photos of them…. well, because that’s just wrong. But hellz to the yeah I am going to tell you all about them: 1. DO –It’s okay to dress provocatively professional. I work from home. On days I “dress up”, I usually wear jeans and a nice shirt. If I put a bra on, it’s a REALLY big deal. If its “casual as hell day”, I bust out a nice cami and maybe some Juicy Couture sweats.

Hey, that’s MY casual, not me being a bum. One day at the expo I wore I nice mini with a lace top and caged sandals. The other I wore side-lace up jeans and an animal print top. On paper, both sound like they could be seen inside at your local pole-dancing event.

But worn with the right accessories and the right dose of self confidence?…. it looked hot!
 2. DON’T –If you want to wear a skirt to show off your leg ink, don’t wear shoes you can’t walk in. There is a line in the song “Price Tag” by Jesse J that goes: “You got your shades on your eyes and your heels so high that you can’t even have a good time….

” Take. Heed!! If you shake and wobble more than Jello or you have to take tiny little steps like you are trying to rid the world of red ants, one at a time, those are not the ones to wear. ANYWHERE! Girlfriend, lemme tell ya…those guys aren’t looking at you because they think you and your shoes are sexy.

They are watching to see when your first face plant happens because, I guarantee, there is a side bet going on somewhere. 3. DO –Feel free to wear something that does show off a bit of you art. If you have a full sleeve, wear a cool graphic short-sleeved tee. If you have a nice piece on your leg, wear a semi-long pair of comfy shorts that shows some of it, doesn’t have to be all of it.

If you are a girl, a jazzy cami is perfect for showing off some back and arm ink. Boyfriend jeans or capris with sandals is perfect to show off ankle or foot work. DON’T –Fellas, if you have a nice chest piece do not wear a fishnet tank or a vest with no shirt if you still have every chest hair of winter growth showing.

If your demonic skulls have warped into looking more like the StayPuft marshmallow man on Rogaine, mow that lawn down. Or. (love this one)… the girl who has no ink or piercings but dresses like her first appointment is at 10pm on the 3rd floor and involves no ink at all (if you get my solicitation drift). 5. DO –Think about what you are wearing from head to toe, including accessories for the women. You may have a favorite top, a favorite skirt and favorite pair of shoes, but that does not mean they have to be worn all at the same time. A designer t-shirt, flowered maxi skirt and comfortable sneakers are all necessities in my closet at all times. I don’t care if it’s a polo match or a chicken wing eating contest–TASTEFULLY COORDINATE! Remember, if you plan on dropping your artist’s name because you are proud of their work, give them the benefit of the doubt and dress so they’d be proud you’re wearing it!
 6. DON’T — If you have a sexy black bra with matching undies, good for you–you get your groove on girlfriend! If you wear them under a white dress, under a lace top that unbuttons to your belly button or if you wear them under a skirt where bending in any angle will allow me to see more than your GYNO sees? Yeah–RETHINK that!

  • Please, please just…just don’t;
  • Think first, then dress accordingly;
  • But you’ll never see me wear them OUT of the house simultaneously;
  • DO — Keep this it mind, a fabulous quote from Tim Gunn: “If you have to ask if a clothing item is a dress or a top, it is always a top;

” Case closed. How Do Tattoo Conventions Work 8. DON’T — All those buzzing needles, bottles of beer and mechanical bull rides can jar a few important brain cells loose and shift to the other side of your head. Keep your head on straight. Tattoos and piercings should NOT be an impulse decision. Think about it.

Then think about it again, sober, after a good night’s sleep. My personal rule of thumb is if you haven’t changed your mind about what you want tattooed, where you want it, or what you want pierced for AT LEAST 30 days, you are probably definite about your decision.

DO — Enjoy yourself, but ask questions. If you really see a tattoo or a piercing in your future, talk to as many artists as possible. Look at pictures, talk to former clients, ask how long they’ve had the work. (The longer & brighter the tat?…The better the artist is and the higher the quality of his supplies.

  1. ) Also, ask about the artist’s tattoo shop;
  2. How long have they been there? Is it clean? Sterile? Busy? If a tattoo artist is “available anytime next week”, there might be a reason his date book isn’t full;

I always have to wait 3-4 weeks to see my artist. Why? Cuz he’s GOOD. 10. DON’T — Don’t be shy! People have put themselves out there at the expo to show off the work they have had done. Be polite, be personal and show them what you’ve got. Don’t be close minded either.

  • Sometimes artists have an idea about a tat you might want that would take it to a whole new level;
  • And if someone asks YOU what you think about a tat? Be honest! A girl in the ladies room had a tracing of a tiger she wanted on her arm;

It was awesome, but it was wicked off center. It wasn’t balanced. She finally agreed and had the artist move it over. He was probably pissed, but it looked a whole lot better! Better rep for his shop too. So there are your do’s and don’ts when you decided to head to a tattoo expo. Hopefully someday our paths will cross and I’ll get to show–and tell!–YOU all about them! How Do Tattoo Conventions Work Tags: artist , expo , fashion , ink , piercing , skin , style , tat , Tattoo.

What should you not say to a tattoo artist?

How much should you tip a tattoo artist for a $400 tattoo?

It is generally accepted to tip 15-20% of total price to your tattoo artist. It means that from a $250 tattoo, you will tip $37. 5-50. But not all people can afford to tip the same tips from a $2000 tattoo because tips are here up to $400. In this case, you can tip around 10% or $200.

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Why are tattoo artists so rude?

Conclusion – It could be that the tattoo artist that you go to see is having a bad day or has been treated badly by another customer. There could be lots of reasons why they seem to be being rude towards you. However, it could just be their way and they don’t mean anything by the abrupt way they speak to people.

What is the Golden State Tattoo Expo?

Presented by Inked Magazine and hosted by Nikko Hurtado and Carlos Torres Art, the 2022 Golden State Tattoo Expo takes place September 16-18th, bringing the world’s best tattoo artists together in one place. Get tattooed, shop original art, jewelry & fashion, take seminars, see live performances, watch burlesque, take part in tattoo contests, meet ink masters, shop the newest in tattooing innovations & more.

What is a BTS tattoo?

He also has a ‘J’ over the ‘M’ of ‘ARMY,’ and fans have concluded that this tattoo has more than one meaning. The ‘A’ in ‘ARMY’ is an upside-down ‘V,’ making all these letters add up to the names of the members of the group. ‘V’ for V, ‘RM’ for RM, ‘Y’ for Yoongi (Suga), and the ‘J’ for Jin, J-Hope, and Jimin.

Is today National tattoo Day?

NATIONAL TATTOO DAY | JULY 17 – National Tattoo Day on July 17th recognizes the history, culture, and artists dedicated to etching ink permanently on the skin. The day might just be the date to get that ink you’ve been contemplating.

Can I get a tattoo at the Philadelphia tattoo Convention?

Pennsylvania Convention Center 1101 Arch St, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107, United States The 24th Annual Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention This convention is coming to Philadelphia Convention Center, 25 – 27 February 2022. Villain Arts is excited to host a bigger & better show this year. The Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention is for industry professionals and tattoo lovers as well. The general public is welcome. Come get tattooed by 1500 of the world’s best tattoo artists, including the top local, national & international artists.

Meet & Greet TV celebrities from Ink Master, Tattoos After Dark, and Best Ink. Tattoo TV stars will be on hand to tattoo the public! In addition, there will be numerous vendors with everything from industrial supplies to clothing, artwork & jewelry.

Daily tattoo competitions for you to show off your tattoos. Performances by The Enigma Live, Olde City Sideshow, Marlo Marquise & Alakazam “The Human Knot” and dynamic live human suspension are just a few of the other exciting things happening throughout the weekend.

How can I get a free 2021 tattoo?

What time does the Philly tattoo Convention close?


Friday 14:00 – 00:00
Saturday 11:00 – 00:00
Sunday 11:00 – 20:00


How can I get a free 2021 tattoo?

What are tattoo consultations like?

What Happens During The Session? – Well, it ‘s a chance for you to share ideas with the tattoo artist and both learn about each other’s expectations. Knowing how to schedule a tattoo consultation is also different depending on the tattoo artist themselves, but many will give you a form to fill in beforehand.

Among the things discussed, you will be likely to discuss the price of the tattoo, and the timeframes of getting your ink. Scheduling the time to get the tattoo can be a challenge if you have a busy working life, and good artists are often busy.

Of course, you’ll chat about the tattoo itself, and both the size and placement are key to the consultation, you may also chat about some stylistic features and design details such as the coloration. This is so that you both know you are on the same page. How Do Tattoo Conventions Work.

What is an Army tattoo?

A military tattoo is a performance of music or display of armed forces in general. The term comes from the early 17th-century Dutch phrase doe den tap toe (“turn off the tap”), a signal sounded by drummers or trumpeters to instruct innkeepers near military garrisons to stop serving beer and for soldiers to return to their barracks and is unrelated to the Tahitian origins of an ink tattoo.

Where is Brighton Tattoo Convention?

This year the Brighton Tattoo Convention is back at the Brighton Centre, in the heart of the city, right on the seafront. The full address is:  Brighton Centre, Kings Road, Brighton, BN1 2GR. See full info on getting to the convention below. By Train: If you are coming by train, head to Brighton national rail station, and the Brighton Centre is roughly a 10 minute walk.

  • When you exit the station, walk directly towards the sea front on West Street, past the Queen’s Head pub until you get to the sea front;
  • Turn right, and the Brighton Centre is the building after The Odeon cinema;

By Car: From London and the North the easiest way to get to Brighton is to connect via the M25 London orbital motorway. The Brighton Centre is about 45 minutes once you leave the M25; leave the M25 at junction 7 southbound onto the M23, which later becomes A23 directly into Brighton.

  • The road will continue through the City straight to Brighton Seafront where the Brighton Centre is located;
  • Brighton and its closest neighbours to the East and West are linked via the A27;
  • This is the easiest route to Brighton from both directions;

Leave the A27 via the A23 ramp (signposted Brighton), take the 3rd exit on the first roundabout and 1st exit on the second roundabout, this will join you onto the A23 / London Road directly into Brighton. The road will continue through the City straight to Brighton Seafront where the Brighton Centre is located.

Unfortunately there isn’t parking at The Brighton Centre – check out full parking info for the area here. By Taxi Taxis that you can hail are easily identifiable in Brighton, due to their aqua and white paint.

They can be booked in advance or can be picked up from the various ranks around the City, the closest to the Brighton Centre is at the bottom of West Street outside the Odeon Cinema. Local Taxi companies include: Radio Cabs – 01273 204060 / 01273 414141 Streamline – 01273 202020 / 01273 747474 City Cabs – 01273 205205 By Bus If you are getting a bus into Brighton, most buses stop nearby at Churchill Square shopping centre.

  • Directions from Churchill Square to the Brighton Centre: when exiting the bus you need to head east, if Churchill Square is in front of you, turn left and if behind you turn right, towards the Clock Tower;

When you reach the Clock Tower turn right and head down West Street, until you get to the seafront. The Brighton Centre is to the right and less than a minute walk and is situated on Kings Road. All our events during the weekend will be in the local area..