130 Tattoo Ideas for Women All-Time Favorites

tattoo ideas for women

Tattoo Ideas for Women: the greatest hits! We ain’t messing around. These are the most popular and original tattoo placements, designs, and styles for women

Are you looking for unique tattoo ideas for women? Well, you have come to the right place. We have not only prepared stunning designs for you to check out but also their meanings. Have you ever wondered why would someone get a snowflake or a dreamcatcher tattoo? You are about to find out.

Tattoo ideas for women are different from the ideas for men because they are considered to be more feminine in design. Luckily, nowadays there are no restrictions when it comes to tattoos. You can choose any design you like as long as it represents you and what you stand for. Also, a few decades ago tattoos were a taboo and there were quite a few ladies who had tattoos. They were considered to be eccentric or rebellious. But, thankfully, that is not the case in our modern society.

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When it comes to tattoo ideas for women and tattoos for ladies, they are usually smaller and ‘prettier’ than those guys get. That is probably due to the fact that small, delicate things are considered to be feminine. However, it doesn’t mean just because you are a female you cannot get a sleeve tattoo are a skull tattooed on your body.

To cover all different types of ladies in the world, we have prepared plenty different tattoo ideas for women. And, they range from cute little pieces to the large ones covering an entire body part. Keep scrolling to find the one that suits you the most!

 Roman Numerals Tattoo Ideas For Women


If a certain date means a lot to you, then it is a great idea to keep that memory with you forever. You can tattoo someone’s birthday, anniversary date, or the day you found your perfect job. Whatever the case is, Roman numerals are one of the perfect tattoo ideas for women. In addition, you can share the tattoo with someone else, just like the couple in the image above did. Symbolically, their tattoo is on the ring fingers.

Sternum Tattoo Ideas For Women


Bow Finger Tattoo


Back Tattoo Ideas For Women


26. Lotus Flower Tattoo Ideas For Women


There are plenty lotus flower tattoo ideas for women on the Internet, and all of them look absolutely amazing. Lotus tattoos can be big, tiny, colorful or only simple outlines. What is more beautiful than their look is their symbolic meaning. This charming flower can stand for new beginnings and rebirth since it rises above the murky water it grows in. A lotus flower tattoo can also symbolize purity and piousness of the soul.

25. Beautiful Shoulder Tattoo


24. Intriguing Tattoo Designs


This tattoo looks so simple. There is number seven, number eight, and two triangles. But, does it mean anything? Of course, it does. Every tattoo means something to the wearer and sends a certain message. This tattoo is very interesting and the message the wearer wanted to send is “fall down seven times, stand up eight.” Amazing, isn’t it? Such a simple tattoo may be a very powerful reminder never to give up.

23. Sunflower Tattoo Ideas For Women


22. Beautiful Anchor Tattoo


21. Feminine Shoulder Tattoo Idea


20. Evergreen Tattoo Ideas For Women


We usually connect evergreens with holidays and Christmas season. Centuries ago, people would decorate their houses with evergreen at the New Year to ‘scare away the devil’. An evergreen tree tattoo looks beautiful and can symbolize hope, healing, constancy, longevity, permanence, and faithfulness. Evergreen trees are one of our unique tattoo ideas for women because their meaning varies from a person to person, and from a culture to culture.

19. Dandelion Tattoo Ideas For Women


18. Back Mandala Tattoo


17. Matching Tattoo Ideas For Women


Roman numerals are pretty nice matching tattoo ideas for women. But, if you would like to have something different, here is an idea for you. “I love you more” paired with arrows. Arrow tattoos also have symbolic meaning. An arrow can be a symbol of protection, and in this case may symbolize that you will always be there for your partner, just like he/she will for you.

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16. Ankle Tattoos for Women


15. Henna-Inspired Sleeve Tattoo


Even though many people think sleeve tattoos are for men, a sleeve tattoo done right is a beautiful tattoo idea for women. This sleeve tattoo is inspired by henna tattoos. However, if you still are not sure whether you are ready to get a permanent tattoo, you can try henna tattoos out. They will look amazing while they last, and hopefully make you change your mind and get a real tattoo.

14. Lovely Shoulder Tattoo


13. Mysterious Tattoo Ideas For Women


12. Arrow Tattoo Ideas For Women


11. Back Lotus Flower Tattoo


10. Coconut Tree Tattoo


9. Wrist Tattoo Ideas For Women


8. Tiny Tattoo Ideas For Women


7. Subtle Fox Tattoo


6. Simple Tattoos for Women


5. Collarbone Tattoo Ideas For Women


4. Tree Tattoo On Wrist


A tattoo is permanent and lasts for a lifetime. Many people get tattoos just because they are popular. Those people do not appreciate the art of tattoos. You should get a tattoo because you like it and because it means something to you. If you are getting a tattoo to draw attention to yourself, then it is better that you do not. Tree tattoo ideas for women look stunning. The focus of this tattoo is on the leaves. Usually, leaves stand for rebirth and growth. However, they can also stand for stand for impermanence and transience of things, the disappearance of the old to make way for the new.

3. Star Tattoo Ideas For Women


2. Quote Tattoos for Ladies


1. Adorable Tattoo Ideas For Women



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