27 Awesome Superman Tattoos Designs

Awesome Superman Tattoos (20)

Superman Tattoos

While it comes to pay honor to your favorite superhero superman, then getting superman tattoos is an awesome way. Getting superman tattoos is not only a style testimonial, rather it’s an honor for his sacrifice and courage.

Superman, the best superhero and American cultural icon of all times, has been inspiring all of us for last 7 decades. Superman, who pulls his life in danger in order save other people, is the leading fantasy hero we’ve seen ever.

Usually some of the awesome superman tattoos include superman logo the Big ‘S’, portrait of flying superman and lifting weight superman. Few people know that Big ‘S’ doesn’t originally belong to superman itself, instead it belongs to superhero comic which was published in 1938. However, now this big ‘S’ is well-known logo of superman.

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These designs are not only worn by men or guys who want to bighead their inside superhero. Instead, there are so many girly or feminine superman tattoo designs are available. Enjoy one such cool collection of Superman tattoos here. People love to wear it on their chest, neck, forearm and hand. However, today’s people are restricted to any particular region, they can wear it on anywhere. Colors are the livelihood of the superman tattoos. If get these designs some strange colors, then it can spoil the image that you are trying to depict. Either that Big ‘S’ logo or portrait, they can be done either in original blue, yellow and red colors, or in other extremely dazzling 3d colors.

Enjoy, this awesome collection of superman tattoo designs for men and women.

Awesome Superman Tattoos (1)© Brandon Sixx. Bighead your inside superhero with this animated 3d superman tattoo on your arm.

Awesome Superman Tattoos (2)© Black Apple Studio. Awesome watercolor memorial superman tattoo.

Awesome Superman Tattoos (3)© Alex Feliciano Art. Superman portrait tattoo on ribs of a girl. Lovely girly design for girls, the flying superman is comic book version.

Awesome Superman Tattoos (4)© Bowl Dish Co, Bagwis Alakdan. Awesome superman chest tattoo for men. This brightly done superman logo tattoo is an awesome way to give a bighead to your inside superhero.

Awesome Superman Tattoos (5)© Iron Lotus Tattoo Studio, Michael Carrington. Lego superman tattoos for girls. This kind of superman tattoo is really very feminine, portrait of superman lego comic version lifting weight of her breast.

Awesome Superman Tattoos (6)© Laura Ink Studio. Small and cute superman logo tattoo done on chest of a women. Her superman tattoo is done in incredible creative colors, instead of original yellow and red colors.

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Awesome Superman Tattoos (7)© Freya, Iron and Ink Studio. Awesomely done 3d superman tattoo on arm.

Awesome Superman Tattoos (8)© Jake Rivero. Awesome superman tattoo on arm of a guy.

Awesome Superman Tattoos (9)© Stuart Mcnish, Sic Ink. This superman portrait tattoo on thigh is really awesome.

Awesome Superman Tattoos (10)© Skinny Buddha Clothing. This comic lego superman tattoo under breast gone viral on internet few year back.

Awesome Superman Tattoos (11)Amazing superman tattoo with red eyes.

Awesome Superman Tattoos (12)Tribal superman tattoo is something worn by people to establish a relationship between affiliated tribe and superman supernatural powers.

Awesome Superman Tattoos (13)Tribal supermen tattoo design on wrist.

Awesome Superman Tattoos (14)Tribal lines give an outstanding appearance to the overall superman logo tattoo.

Awesome Superman Tattoos (15)© Rex Douglas. Wonderful view of a logo of superman tattoo from the death of superman on upper back.

Awesome Superman Tattoos (16)By double lining big S with blue color can be you an awesome visual of your superman tribal tattoo.

Awesome Superman Tattoos (17)A smiling lady flaunting her beautiful superman logo tattoo on her chest.

Awesome Superman Tattoos (18)© Jimmy Rekowski, Skin Candy. When someone scratch your skin and he/she find a superman inside your skin. How would you feel? In order to get that feel get a cool superman tattoo like this one.

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Awesome Superman Tattoos (19)© Skin Worx Tattoo. Aflame logo of Superman tattoo inked wonderfully on shoulder of guy with tremendous flames.

Awesome Superman Tattoos (21)© Loz 1 Greenday, Wikid Tattoo. Super awesome superman logo tattoo, man of steel written on scroll and a clogged fist symbolize here steamship of superman.

Awesome Superman Tattoos (22)© Tattoos by Jon. Superman tattoos for girls. Freely designed girly superman fortress of solitude tattoo done on shoulder of a women.

Awesome Superman Tattoos (23)© Graynd. Flying superman portrait tattoo with awesome details. Actually, this is a film poster based portrait. When inked by a great artist, then the poster of superman can be renovated as great tattoo.

Awesome Superman Tattoos (24)© Godo Fodd, Eternal Images. Flying superman tattooed awesomely between the blades of shoulder.

Awesome Superman Tattoos (25)© Maky Balboa. Awesome girly superman tattoo on upper back with stone effect.

Awesome Superman Tattoos (26)

© Copper Smith Sean. Cute and fashionable red and yellow Superman logo tattoo inked wonderfully on calf area of a girl.

Awesome Superman Tattoos (27)© Jews Kerz. Memorial superman tattoos are quote popular. Here she got that that in loving memory of her friend Monica. Hope you enjoyed the article and found a superman tattoo idea for you.

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