43 Elegant Sun Tattoos Designs

Elegant Sun Tattoos (30)

Sun Tattoos

If you crave for getting elegant tattoo enthused by space elements, the sun tattoos are finicky options. Sun tattoo designs are only enthused by space, rather they are also enthused by spiritual and mythological elements.

The sun at general is our crucial source of life. But as a tattoo it may be very meaningful and meanings can differ personality wise. The sun has been a part of religious and symbolic consequence in many ancient cultures.
Many tribes used to worship sun as a God, for them sun was the only source of living lives.

The oldest known cultures like Mayans, Harappan (Indus Valley Civilization), Aztec, Navazo and Aryans in India used sun in their ancient artworks. Some of them got sun as a mark of highest status. In India people still worship Sun God (Surya Dev). While performing Yoga, they do surya namaskar. Human face, usually female face inside sun was used as a safeguard from the darkness in life in some civilizations. But today sun tattoos meanings are very personal, but if we would like to list some famous meanings, then they are Strength, Growth, Fecundity, Vivacity, Passion, Rebirth and Revolution.

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You may go for elegant Celtic sun tattoos, tribal sun or newest realistic designs, where sun is not portrayed with fiery rays, instead it’s portrayed as real sun view as seen by microscope or satellite cameras. Sun tattoo designs are usually combined with moon, stars, cloud or many other sky or space elements in newest trend. Sun and moon tattoos signify a universal belief and expression of the unification of male and female.

Here we collected some of the great oldest to newest fashion sun tattoos designs for men and women.

Elegant Sun Tattoos (42)© Pedi. Sun tattoos on arm, sun is depicted here as a sun god used to be worshiped in ancient times.

Elegant Sun Tattoos (36)© The Tattoo Studio. Compass sun tattoos, sun is depicted here like a compass.

Newest Sun Tattoos

Elegant Sun Tattoos (4)© Bruin Juanito, Juan Pablo Garces. A solar and lunar piece inked elegantly on stomach of a women. Sun is depicted as a women and rays as her hair. Actually, this is the latest way for getting sun tattoos, Instead of getting the sun with typical face and fiery rays.

Elegant Sun Tattoos (5)© Lina Lynn LI. Geometric sun tattoos. Dotwork sun inked here elegantly. Expressions of sun face looking like so relaxed and this face of sun is depicted as typical Indian bride by using bindis on head and through out all face. Dot rays are looking elegant.

Elegant Sun Tattoos (7)© Awesome Tattoo Shop, Alaxy. Realistic sun tattoos. Why get typical sun tattoo piece, if you can get a gorgeous and continues sun piece done by new age creative artists. Here sun is depicted as telescope view of sun.

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Elegant Sun Tattoos (11)© Nikki Rae Tattoo Artist. Sun tattooed on shoulder of a women elegantly. Rays of sun are done in a unique way by adding dot work.

Elegant Sun Tattoos (12)© Fura Body Works, Marie Scherptagram. Geometric and dotwork sun tattoo elegantly inked on her arm. Mostly sun is depicted with female face and moon as male face.

Elegant Sun Tattoos (13)© Panda Pants Tattoo, Casey Joseph Meservey. Sleeping sun tattoos. Sun Sleeping in peace, without any disturbance. Happy and satisfied.

Elegant Sun Tattoos (14)Elegant sun and moon tattoo inked on back of a girl. Solid moon challenging and overcoming deadly flames of sun. Moon has complete hold on the sun and sun is depicted as cute baby girl face.

Elegant Sun Tattoos (15)© Clos Raws Tattoos. Elegant sun tattoos for women. Elegant alone sun shining fearlessly.

Elegant Sun Tattoos (16)© Erika Hitsman. Burning sun tattoos. Flames of burning sun inked on her back with 8 number in the circle of sun.

Elegant Sun Tattoos (17)© Linda Saboe. Sun tattoo depicted here chubby and smiling face elegantly.

Elegant Sun Tattoos (18)© Pete Repka, Inma. Sleeve sun tattoos. So many space elements are inked in his half sleeve leg tattoo design. Stars, sun with wicked smile and moon with bursting smile are their together.

Elegant Sun Tattoos (21)© Pavlos Sanozidis, Tattoo Land. Demon sun tattoos. Sun depicted with demon face and bursting smile. And flames are very strong.

Elegant Sun Tattoos (22)© Just Peachy. Cool creative sun tattoo enthused by the Hinduism elements. The sun is depicted here as Sun God (Surya Dev) worshiped by Hindus.

Elegant Sun Tattoos (23)© Mez Love. Sun tattoos with other planets. Sun is inked here with don’t forget pluto. Whole solar system is depicted here with venus, mars, earth and all the 9 planets of solar system.

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Sun and Moon Tattoos

Sun and moon tattoos signify unification in multiplicity, also sexual and spiritual unification of male and woman and also balance between two powers.

Elegant Sun Tattoos (25)© Noss lrac. Moon and sun tattoos. The infuriated and shouting sun and the powerful moon looking at each other, challenging.

Elegant Sun Tattoos (26)© Shrynn. A new age sun and moon tattoo elegantly inked on both front shoulders.

Elegant Sun Tattoos (28)© Miguel Angel. Male and female face sun tattoos. Here sun is depicted as male face and moon as female face, it means opposite. Expressions of their faces are clearly telling that in needy times a female also can be safeguard for male. Flying birds are augmenting the design.

Elegant Sun Tattoos (6)© Gamble Tattoos, Kat tattoos. Clouds sun tattoos look very elegant. Fascinating half-sun, half-moon tattoo, depicted with cool details of clouds and sunbeams. Usually sun is depicted in orange burning color and moon in cool blue color.

Elegant Sun Tattoos (8)© Daisies N Cup Cakes. Ornamental sun tattoo on one feet and moon on other feet a creative idea for sun moon tattoo lovers.

Elegant Sun Tattoos (9)© Fear Krystal. Sun moon tattoo inked elegantly on different legs.

Elegant Sun Tattoos (10)© Mazmur. Moon is trying to make sun cool tattoo.

Elegant Sun Tattoos (31)© Tattoo Johnny. Moon and sun tattoos. Fusing to their individual points, neither sun nor moon is going to move away. Both sun and moon are depicted with serious faces, look like having a serious discussion.

Elegant Sun Tattoos (33)© Red Bunny Tattoo. Geometric sun tattoos. Geometric Sun and moon tattooed elegantly with geometric lines.

Elegant Sun Tattoos (34)© Mez Love. Enjoying sun tattoos. Both sun and moon are enjoying each other company. Depicting a pleasure unification of male and female.

Elegant Sun Tattoos (38)© Time to take back. Sun and moon trying to make a mutual final decision, as told by their face expression. A feminine sun tattoo idea.

Star and Sun Tattoos

Elegant Sun Tattoos (24)© Coley B. Feminine sun tattoos. Elegant sun scorching with cheerful colors, and moon lies below it like a little jewel adornment. Both of them are scorching in their own spaces. Tiny stars also lie there.

Elegant Sun Tattoos (27)© Sabrina Ricci. Stars, moon ad sun tattoos. Elegant upper back sun and moon tattoo with twinkling blue stars. Both sun and moon are sharing equal space in their unification.

Elegant Sun Tattoos (39)© TSE Buraska. Sun tattoos for men. Happy and charming sun and moon tattoo depicted with lovely stars.

Elegant Sun Tattoos (40)© Deanna Wardin. Stars sun tattoo depicted with a moon, scroll and a beautiful message, life is forged from darkness.

Tribal Sun Tattoos

Elegant Sun Tattoos (3)© Tifano Tattoo. Swirly sun tattoos. Sun design enthused by lovely tribal swirly design. Swirly rays are inked on her lower back elegantly.

Elegant Sun Tattoos (1)© Tifano Tattoo. Tribal moon and sun tattoo inked on her shoulder back. Her design is enthused from the Asian.

Elegant Sun Tattoos (2)© Tifano Tattoo. Tribal sun tattoos for men. Tribal style sun inked elegantly with fiery rays.

Elegant Sun Tattoos (19)© John Pluto. Om Sanskrit work encompassed by a tribal sun tattoo.

Elegant Sun Tattoos (20)© Spider Web. A typical tribal sun tattoo depicted on hip.

Elegant Sun Tattoos (29)© Luis Rosal. A Sun tattoo resembling to Aztec sun tattoo. But Aztec sun doesn’t have an flying eagle.

Elegant Sun Tattoos (32)© IVIAQ. Tribal Aztec sun tattoos  inked on her arm. Other tribal old fashion style also depicted here.

Elegant Sun Tattoos (37)© Premitive Art Design. Girly tribal sun tattoo inked elegantly on her back with elegant tribal enthused swirls.

Elegant Sun Tattoos (35)© Time to take back. Star sun tattooed elegantly on her back with date 12-21-05. Tribal moon also depicted there.

Elegant Sun Tattoos (41)

© Tuskat Armon Ink. Maori sun tattoos. Tribal maori enthused tribal sun & moon inked on her chest.

Elegant Sun Tattoos (43)© The Tattoo Studio. Celtic sun tattoos inked with fiery black rays and Celtic circle. With the help of these vast selection of sun tattoos designs, definitely you have chosen one for you.

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