40 Holy Rosary Tattoos, Rosary Beads, Rosary Cross


Rosary tattoos are becoming unprecedented most wanted body art amid folks who want religious, holy and appealing tattoo. Holy rosary tattoos with Cross and beads are worn by folks as instrument to bond with God.

Rosaries are usually coupled with cross and they can be perfect tattoos to represent your spiritual tendency. Beaded rosary tattoos look very beautiful and automatically carry a celestial sensation.

The word Rosary is derived from the Latin word “Rosarium”, which means “rose garden”. Authenticity rosary is a conventional catholic commitment. Praying folks usually count the series of chant or prayers that make up the rosary. These rosaries are found in almost every kind of religion weather it’s Islam, Hindu, Jews or Christian.

Large rosary necklace pieces are some of the prominent designs for chest pieces. A rosary piece is usually combined with a religious reference, bible verse or any other holy book verses which looks far-fetched on ribs, chests and arms. Supplementary locations, where rosary tattoos designs look very likable are forearms, legs, wrists and foots. Usually on arms, wrists, legs and foots folks wrap these rosary tattoos designs.

Our list presents a quantity of captivating holy rosary tattoos designs and ideas for men and women encouragement.

© Tami Jo Urban. Charmed rosary tattoo. A rosary tattoo inked vividly on lower leg. Carry on your belief in a charming way by inking rosary with cross like this.

© Barrytusker, Barrington Kangwana. Progress of cross rosary tattoo is depicted in this picture. His rosary is wrapped around a large dark shaded cross.

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© Indioshinobi, Shoulinstyle. Cross rosary tattoos. A rosary tattoo with cross is wrapped vividly on her wrist like a chain for representing her spiritual encouragement.

© Mirandatattoos, Miranda Tretick. Religious rosary tattoos designs. A fantastic full arm piece of religious rosary tattoo design. Cross, wings and roses are inked vividly in black and grey vivid colors on upper arm and one cross on forearm. A beaded rosary is flowing on full arm.

© Good Times Tattoo Studio. Beads rosary tattoos. Rosary beads tattoo vividly wrapped on a blue rose. And a good cross is hanging from it.

© Ana Bandanas. Small rosary tattoos. Can’t manage a large tattoo of rosary, then carry on your belief with a tiny tattoo design on your middle finger. Her simple rosary cross tattoo is looking nice.

© Green_eyes_bandit, Tiffany Blake. Carry on your spiritual encouragement with beaded rosary tattoos and faith inked on your front body. A cross is hanging vividly from it.

© Big Joe and Sons Tattoo, Inked by Basillo Martinez. Clock rosary tattoos. A cross in center and bold beaded rosary around ink inked vividly on his forearm with broken clock. He wants to represent through his rosary tattoo his spiritual encouragement and his sadness about lack of religious activities.

© KKris Tattoo. Heart rosary tattoos. A rosary tattoo design with heart centric bow inked vividly on leg calf of a lady.

© Mike Desantis. Rosary tattoos for men. For some music is a religion. He is carrying his music encouragement with a rosary necklace piece on his chest. A music note and micro phone is hanging from the rosary.

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© Andres Tattoos. A rosary with cross tattoo wrapped on a large X inked vividly on arm.

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