34 Endearing Poppy Tattoos Designs


Poppy tattoos have always been some of the trendiest choices for girls tattoo ideas. Endearing cupped figure poppies flowers white, red and orange colors are in our analysis in the record of the trendiest feminine flower tattoos ideas.

Poppy flowers have long been sophisticated in different parts of the world. If you would see at the growth of poppy flower, then you would find out easily about the symbolism of sleep and peace associated with this flower.

Although, different ethnicities associated different symbolism with the poppies. The ancient greek symbolism is associated with the Morpheus, God of dreams. In contrast, the Chinese associated poppy flower with rest, beauty and triumph. It is a true fact that, different sort of drugs are hauled out from poppies and association from symbolism of sleep and peace are undeniable.

Christians associate the red petals of poppy with sacrificed Christ. In the same way red poppy flower has become the symbol of the remembrance of soldiers who sacrificed their lives during the 1st World War in order get triumph. The white poppy is a global symbol of remembrance for all the casualties of war – civilians. After so many deadly wars, women’s co-operative guild brought in the white poppy as a lasting symbol for peace and a stop to all wars.

A great numbers of girls and women get red poppy tattoos simply because of the desirability. Poppy tattoos could be turned into in watercolor style or red realistic style. Though, a great numbers prefer to not go with red realistic colors, they go with orange and yellow poppies.

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Looking out for best poppy tattoo designs, here is the list of display case for your ideas.

© Chalice Tattoo Studio, By Wolf Slayer Tattoos. Skull with poppy tattoos on chest. Endearing elk skull chest piece of a women with red poppies.

© FC Apprentice, Fiona. Simple poppy tattoo on foot. Though, most of the poppies tattoos are detailed and large.

Poppy tattoos on arm for girls.

© Papa Micha, Tattoo Insel. Poppy tattoos for men. Angel and red poppies are tattooed in trash polka style on his ribcage.

© KD1904, Kurt Deetjen. Poppies are some of the trendiest designs, which are turned into watercolor style. Here orange poppies buds tattooed on her rib. Watercolor poppies tattoos on rib.

© JulianC. Want to express peace and sleep, not war and death, then spot an endearing poppy tattoo like this on your hip.

© Giuseppe Cozzolino. Realistic poppy bud tattoo wonderfully tattooed on her wrist. Poppy seed can be seen easily.

© Joojoo 1976, Julie Simpson. Daisy and poppy tattoo for women with a clock rendering every second of pain for her.

© Red Dog Tattoo. Red poppy tattoo on wrist with poppy written below this.

© Marina Alex. Endearing watercolor poppy tattoo designs on thigh.

© Lyudmila Ziora. Red poppy flower tattoo tattooed in the middle her back in remembrance of her soldier heroes who lost their lives.

© Vicky Le-Guilcher Hooper. Endearing poppies tattoos turned into with butterfly, dragonfly and clouds rendering full of life, dreams and peace.

Black poppy tattoo on rib cage of a girl.

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Poppy tattoos with a resting bird tattooed endearingly on upper arm.

Realistic poppy flower tattoo designs.

© Raluca Ckjazbaian. ©

© Dlacie. Large poppy tattoos tattooed on hip to thigh area.

Poppy blooming flower tattooed with a quote “You never understood, you’re everything to me”.

© Ka Ta. Black and white poppy tattoo designs on shoulder back.

© Andrzej Niuniek Misztal. Poppy tattoos can be tattooed to embrace your fantasies. Her poppy thigh tattoo with flying eagles rendering the same.

Poppy tattoo designs for men on arm.

© Florian Karg. Purple poppy tattoos on shoulder. Endearing purple poppies tattooed on her shoulder skillfully with watercolors.

© Florian Karg. Poppy flower tattoos on hip. Without outlines poppy flowers are tattooed on her hip with a quote to think I did all that and may I say, not in a shy way “oh no, oh no, not me, I did it my way”.

Endearing black poppy tattoo design look awesome when done rightly like this one and this is more suitable for men in compare to women. For women red, purple and pink poppies tattoos are more suitable. Certainly you have found an endearing poppy tattoo idea for you.

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