Owl Tattoos and Designs That Are Actually Amazing


Tattoos of various animals are quite popular these days. Every single animal has its unique symbolism and is beautiful in its own way. Owl tattoos are very popular with both men and women, possibly because of their unique properties.

Owls are truly unique birds, usually associated with wisdom and knowledge. They can be found in many books and movies. In these, they are usually depicted as magical, mysterious, but also noble characters. That is why many owl tattoos seem like there is something magical about them.

Besides being considered symbols of wisdom and intelligence, in certain cultures, these birds are commonly associated with protection and sacred knowledge.

Owls are creatures of the night, characterized by an unusual behavior, as well as with intriguing physical appearance. Their large eyes, sharp senses, and their mysterious behavior are what makes owls the source of incessant amazement.

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There are so many possible designs for owl tattoos, and you have plenty to choose from. You can choose between 200 different owls since 200 species of owls are classified. However, all of the owls are classified into two basic groups – True owls and Barn owls. The difference between these two groups is that true owls typically have a round and large head, and a short tail. Barn owls, on the other hand, have a heart-shaped head, long legs, and extremely powerful talons. Usually, owls are brown, gray, white, and black and their patterns are formed so they help owls conceal themselves from their prey.

But, of course, since owl tattoos have unlimited design possibilities, your owl can be in any color you want it to. Also, you can choose any body part for your owl tattoo since these creatures look amazing regardless of their size.

Now, pay attention to these 30 designs and choose the one you like the most as an inspiration for your tattoo.

30. Adorable Foot Owl Tattoos


29. Neck Owl Tattoos


28. Arm Owl Tattoos


In the Native American culture, as well as many other cultures and societies, the owl is a symbol of wisdom and intelligence. Owl tattoos are, therefore, favored by men and women who hold wisdom and education in high regard. In certain parts of the world, owls are seen as the angels of death. There is a belief that owls accompany the soul in its journey from death to afterlife. Due to this belief and their puzzling appearance, these creatures are said to possess the gift of communicating with the departed souls. Some people consider that seeing an owl in your dream points to the death of the dreamer or someone close to him.

27. Side Owl Tattoos


26. Beautiful Owl for Women


25. Adorable Owl Tattoos


24. Magical Owl Tattoos

owl tattoos

Barn owl tattoos stand for mystery and magic, just like the color purple. Those who want to carry an air of mystery with them should consider getting a curious and enigmatic tattoo like this.

23. Owl & Sugar Skull


22. Owl & Roses Tattoos


21. 3D Owl Tattoos

owl tattoos

20. Owl Outline Tattoo


19. Back Owl Tattoos

owl tattoos

An amazing thing about owl tattoos is that they come in a variety of sizes and can be placed anywhere on the body. Large owl tattoos look amazing on the chest, back, thighs, legs or even shoulders because of so many details they usually contain. On the other hand, tiny owl tattoos look perfect on wrists, ankles, necks, or even feet. You can always combine your owl tattoo with other symbols, or even animals and celestial objects. These can be used to enhance your (already existing) tattoo design or to intensify the message you want your tattoo to convey.

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18. A Cartoon-Like Owl


17. Feminine Owl Tattoos

owl tattoos

16. Owl, Flowers & Butterflies


15. Black Owl and Sugar Skull

owl tattoos

Did you know that owls have their eyes fixed to their sockets? When an owl wants to look around, they need to turn their entire head around. This is why owls are also considered watchful observers. Because of this, some people tattoo owls as a reminder of the loved ones who were their teachers and who always watched over them. Combined with a sugar skull, which is usually a dedication to a departed loved one, owls can represent people who watch over you even when if they are no longer in this world. Such tattoo can be dedicated to your grandparents, parents, siblings, or any other person who was very important to you.

14. Watercolor Owl Tattoos


13. Elegant Owl Tattoo

12. “Never Lose Hope”


Have you ever went through a time of despair, and it seemed to you that nothing good will ever happen again? Don’t worry, everyone goes through such experience at least once in their lifetime. However, owl tattoos may be your symbol of hope in these dark times. No matter how dark it is, an owl will always see her way through the darkness. This concept is very powerful, and your tattoo may remind you that light indeed is present even in the darkest moments.

11. Colorful Owl Tattoos

owl tattoos

10. Owl & Dreamcatcher

owl tattoos

Since owls are mysterious themselves, you can always further decorate your owl tattoos with mysterious items and animals, such as phoenix, the moon, stars, or, as in this case, a dreamcatcher. Just like owls, dreamcatchers are considered to be symbols of protection or even lucky charms. Dreamcatchers have the power to chase away the nightmares, and therefore, dreamcatcher tattoos usually bring a feeling of well-being and security to the wearer.

9. Mystical Owl Tattoos


8. Cute Owl, Rose & Dreamcatcher

owl tattoos

7. Blue Owl Tattoos

owl tattoos

6. Simple Colorful Owl Tattoos


5. Owl & Moon


4. “I’ll Love You Forever”

owl tattoos

3. Owl Tattoos for Men

owl tattoos

2. Realistic Owl Tattoos


1. Piercing Owl Eyes

owl tattoos

Owl tattoo and designs carry so many interpretations; they can be an icon of knowledge, a lucky charm, a sign of mystery or even independence, a mark of secretiveness and mystery, but also a sign of independence and freedom. Just like every other bird, owls can be used as symbols of freedom. When it comes to tattoos, each one has a different meaning. Your owl tattoo can be one of the symbols mentioned above. However, it can also convey any personal message and idea you want it to.


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