Best Name Tattoos To Inspire You – Find Your Name

When it comes to name tattoos, even the tiniest details matter. They are very simple and delicate and certain details can either make or break your tattoo.  There is so much work that needs to be done before getting a name tattoo, you need to choose the perfect place, the perfect font, and even the color. But, don’t worry. We are here to help you out with our inspiring ideas below.

Choosing a name might be tricky. If you are a parent, then you may get the names of your children; or you may get the name of your significant other, best friend, sibling, or even your parent. If you find it hard to choose the name of only one person, then don’t. There is nothing wrong with getting multiple names tattooed on your body, you will see some great examples below.

Of course, just like with every other tattoo, you should make sure to pick a tattoo artist with experience and talent. You can always ask the artist to show you his/her portfolio, so you can make the right choice.

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As we mentioned already, you may also choose some details to add to your tattoo, personalize it, and make it meaningful for life.

Check out the best 30 name tattoos we have gathered for you!

30. Simple Wrist Tattoo


29. Initials Instead Name Tattoos


Well, this isn’t quite a name tattoo, but you get the point. Sometimes, the first letter of a person’s name is enough. And, if you add the tiny crown, that will certainly make B. the happiest person alive.

28. Couples Name Tattoos


Couples can get amazing matching name tattoos. And, in addition, they can decorate them in so many ways to eternize their love. One of the ideas you can use is the image above. Even though, these name tattoos are done on one person, couples can take this idea, and personalize it. Crowns above the names perfectly clearly explain the importance of these persons in someone’s life.

27. Beautiful Name Tattoos


Well, this is one more idea for name tattoos, and it isn’t a name tattoo. You can always combine any two words together, any two names together, or any two symbols together. The word “sister” in this case can be easily replaced by a name to create a perfect name tattoo.

26. Arm Name Tattoos


25. Names on Wrists


Wrists are one of the most popular placements for tattoos in general. One way to decorate and personalize your name tattoos is by adding certain dates above, under, or next to the names. The date may be the date of someone’s birth, the day you two met, or you may even get the coordinates of the place where you two met!

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24. Back Tattoo


23. Arrow Names


22. Beautiful Love Tattoo


21.Finger Name Tattoos


20. Shoulder Tattoos


19. Simple Side Tattoo


18. Names of Children


17. Tattoos for Parents


A great way for parents to pay tribute to their child or children is by getting a tattoo. This person decorated their tattoo with the amazing watercolor heart and by adding the date of birth of their most precious thing on planet Earth.

16. Simple Heart Tattoos


15. Three Names In A Heart


If you simply cannot pick one name, or you do not want to, here is a great idea! Three names combined together to form a heart is a great idea for name tattoos. What do you think about it? Personally, besides the heart, we also love this font.

14. “Belle”


13. “Megan”


There is a large number of existing fonts you can choose from, and each of them has a ‘personality’ of their own. A funky font may be used for a goofy person who loves to joke, or a cursive font may be used for that smart, all grown-up sibling of yours. Another great idea is to have the person write their name down, and then make their handwriting one of your name tattoos.

12. Name Tattoos Gone Wrong


We always tell you to think carefully before getting a tattoo. Getting the name of your lover inked is adorable, but only if you are 100% sure that love will last forever. This tattoo is an example of name tattoos gone wrong. It may be a joke, or it may be the way how this person keeps the track of their exes.

11. Name Tattoos for Fathers


10. Feminine Name Tattoos


9. Interesting Name Tattoos


Are you and your friends bookworms? Or, maybe you have met in a library? Whatever the case is, this tattoo is very interesting. You and your friends actually do not need to have anything in common with books or reading, but this quote and the name tattoos themselves will send the message of the strong bond you guys share.

8. Name Tattoos for Men


7. Matching Parents Name Tattoos


6. Matching Couple Tattoos


5. Tiny Name Tattoos


4. Tattoo Devoted to Dad


Dad is a name, sort of. You do actually spend your entire life calling dad “dad.” If your beloved father has passed away, and you want to pay tribute to him and always keep him by your side, this tattoo is the great way to do so.

3. Name, Feather, and Birds


2. Simple, Yet Beautiful


There is a reason why people say “less is more.” If you are a simple person and enjoy the simple things, then simple name tattoos are the right choice for you. And, the best of all is, regardless of the simplicity of your tattoo it will still look beautiful.

1. Watercolor Heart and Name Tattoo



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