The Purple Moon and 30 More Moon Tattoos

The moon has guided humanity for centuries and the first astronomers tracked the phases of the moon across the sky. Also, the moon is frequently the subject of many paintings, poetry, and other forms of art. Artists love it because it represents the infinite space, exploration, and it is tied to dreams. That is why it became popular in the art of tattoos, and why many people nowadays go for moon tattoos.

Nature is filled with counterparts – day and night, men and women, and the moon is the natural counterpart to the sun, and it is considered to represent feminine power and even fertility. Don’t be surprised if you see the moon and the sun tattooed together, because when united, they represent the balance and harmony of life. Besides this motif, you may choose different phases of the moon as the inspiration for your moon tattoos.

Moon tattoos have so many meanings and can symbolize a lot of things. This simple tattoo sometimes gives the positive perception to people and empowers them, in a way. Believe it or not, your tattoo may remind you of your ideals and of the things you strive for, and help you in the long run.

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Keep reading and check out the most beautiful moon tattoos that will definitely leave you breathless.

30. Phases Of The Moon


29. Wrist Moon Tattoos


Moon tattoos are perfect for those who believe in the celestial influence, who appreciate the science of astronomy, or who have a whimsical side. Moon tattoos are symbolic images and can have diverse interpretations. The symbolic meaning of these tattoos can be increased when they are paired with other symbols, such as the sun or even a certain animal. Moons are also great for those who prefer smaller tattoos on some more discreet parts of the body.

28. Ribs Moon Tattoos


There are a few different variations of moon tattoos for you to choose from. First of all, you can choose one phase of the moon – waxing moon, waning moon, or the full moon. If you cannot decide which one do you want, you can get a tattoo of the entire lunar cycle. However, each of these variations carries another meaning which will be explained below. So, keep reading!

27. Cute Shoulder Tattoo


26. Neck Moon Tattoos


Moon tattoos have various meanings, when they are on their own or paired with other symbols or shapes. However, most frequently these tattoos can represent magic, creativity, growth, mystique, the cycle of life, the power of astrology, one’s dark side, rarity, mischief, or can even represent the memory of a loved one.

25. Once In A Blue Moon


You must have heard the saying when something happens rarely. People usually say that happens “once in a blue moon.” Blue moon tattoos, therefore, can be a reminder of that one rare event that you always wish to carry in your memory, or it can be even done to celebrate a personal accomplishment. One of the design ideas would be like in the image above – a blue moon, literally. Another idea that can inspire you is to get the moon in traditional white/glowing yellow color with mist surrounding it. As always, you can always add other symbols to your blue moon such as a black cat, or even a set of stars.

24. Sun & Moon


23. Colorful Moon Tattoos


22. Moon Tattoos & Roses


21. Decorated Moon Tattoos


20. Dotted Moon Tattoo


19. Moon Cycle Tattoo For Men


18. Matching Moon Tattoos


17. Tiny Back Tattoo



16. Beautiful Feminine Moon Tattoo


15. Floral Moon Tattoo


14. Colorful Sun & Moon


Sun and moon tattoos are quite popular. You can separate the sun and the moon, or ink them together in the Yin-Yang style. Many people believe that the moon is associated with female qualities and that the sun stands for some male aspects. The same thing goes for Yin Yang tattoos. What these moon tattoos usually represent is the harmony and balance between two contraries. One side, either feminine or masculine, may prevail, however, the qualities of the other side will always be detectable in a person.

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13. Upper Arm Moon Tattoos


12. Full Moon


11. Intriguing Moon Tattoos for Men


10. Phases of The Moon & Quotes


You can always decorate your moon tattoos additionally with a quote. For example, the quote in the image above is “Si vis pacem, para bellum.” Translated from Latin it means “if you want peace, prepare for war.”

9. Geometrical Moon Tattoo


8. Adorned Moon Tattoo


7. A Stunning Shoulder Moon Tattoo


6. Amazing Moon Spine Tattoo


5. A Colorful Moon Ladies Tattoo


There are many superstitions connected with the full moon. Some people believe that during the full moon the celestial forces are especially strong and the influence heavenly bodies from above can be felt. Sometimes, the full moon is associated with change (werewolves?), a time when boundaries between our world and the other are more open.

The full moon is traditionally associated with the time when werewolves would transform and when witches and warlocks would cast especially powerful spells. Therefore, the full moon is perfect for those who believe in the supernatural. For the more realistic ones, a full moon may represent a change in your life you lived through.

4. Black-Ink Moon Tattoo


3. A Personal Moon Tattoo


2. Matching Moon Tattoos


1. Mysterious Purple Moon


A half moon tattoo is a great way to demonstrate duality of your nature or life in general. Crescent moon tattoos can symbolize a couple of things. The moon in its waning crescent phase usually symbolizes the expulsion of negative energy from your personal or spiritual life, for example, when you get rid of people or habits that are harmful to you. The moon in its waxing phase usually symbolizes growth and creativity.

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