24 Meaningful Maltese Cross Tattoos

Maltese Cross Tattoos

Maltese cross tattoos enjoy vast popularity among the masses. Iron and firefighter cross tattoos have their own place in the Cross tattoo art. Definitely you have seen a firefighter portrayed with Maltese cross tattoo with fire. The firefighters have a ritual of portraying such meaningful tattoos.

Maltese or Iron cross with fire symbolizes the smugness and bravery linked with the fire services. Maltese crosses were portrayed by memorialize Germany’s Armed Forces in order to achieve the victory against France. Maltese cross usually has a square portray. This Iron cross permit us to portray cross in the modern tattoo design. A modern stylish look can be given to your tattoo with the help of Iron cross portray.

Top portrayed photo has a women portraying with an awesome Maltese cross tattoo with roses, blue flames and name Dakota. Her Maltese cross is placed in center of lower back. Although, Men, specially firefighter are bring into being portrayed with Maltese cross tattoos, but they are also loved by women. The Iron cross tattoos can be portrayed on various parts of body but the ones that are more showing find support from the tattoo lovers because the rationale of portraying this tattoo is to express one’s acknowledgement and respect. These designs are mostly inked in bright, pulsating colors like red, yellow, orange and other such pulsating colors.

Some instances of Maltese cross tattoos designs and ideas for men and women including iron cross tattoos and firefighter are depicted here.

© Pontebruto, Berrios. Maltese cross tattoos portrayed startlingly on stomach of a men. Figure of Maltese cross is bearing so many dangerous skulls, such a meaningful tattoo. His tattoo symbolize his addiction of fighting with danger.

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© Logan Braz. Large back piece of Maltese cross tattoo portrayed on back stands of a men for the fearless spirit of the firefighters.

© Tiffany Mus Cat. A startlingly portrayed Maltese cross tattoo on a women. Her Maltese cross has 8 points. Each of 8 points has a very deep meaning. Gallantry, Sympathy, Tact, Observation, Perseverance, Loyalty, Dexterity and Excitement are the 8 unique and deep meanings of her eight points of Maltese cross. She is also embracing her Nationality by portraying such wonderful tattoo. Some other designs are also portrayed with her simple Maltese cross tattoo design.

© Azalina3, Tony Zolina. Iron cross tattoos for men. Brian’s Iron cross tattoo startlingly portrayed on a upper back with startling tribal design. Brian is a Fremont Firefighter and wanted to portray a bigger. Artist can add the inside of his upper arms next. The center is a Maltese Cross and his three boys are represented by a center of three conjoined fire axes. Tribal design is portrayed to make his tattoo eye-catching.

Wear and embrace your nationality with a startlingly portrayed Maltese cross tattoo design with a flag.

© Willaim Guedes. Firefighter Maltese cross tattoos. A startlingly portrayed firefighter Maltese cross tattoo ideas on forearm of a firefighter brave men.

© Ken Power. Dragon Maltese cross tattoos startlingly portrayed on forearm. By portraying a tribal dragon with your orange Maltese you can make your design more meaningful.

Simple Maltese cross tattoos. A simple black Maltese cross tattoo design portrayed startlingly with a red outline work. It looks like a metal Maltese piece.

© Greg Schroder. Maltese cross tattoos can be portrayed as memorial pieces. Like this one portrayed with memorial date 5.8.08 date of his dear John demise.

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© Steven Handley. Maltese cross tattoos designs with dagger. A startlingly portrayed Maltese cross tattoo design with Panther head and a dagger. Many pulsating colors are used to portray this meaningful tattoo design.

A wrist is wrapped startlingly with large Iron cross tattoo.

© Rebelrob. Creative Maltese cross tattoos on back. A pretty Maltese cross portrayed on back. This large design has pretty knot work and stars on each 4 side of Maltese cross and one star is also portrayed in the center.

An Iron cross tattoo idea is portrayed startlingly with so many skulls.

© Joel R. Sleeve firefighter cross tattoos. A startlingly portrayed sleeve of firefighter cross tattoo design. Colorful firefighter tattoo with birds and flames flying around the Maltese cross and fire fighter stamped inside two sides of Maltese cross. His firefighter cross is surrounded by two cross axes and flames.

Simple black Iron cross tattoos. A simple black iron cross tattoo portrayed inside his arm.

Maltese cross tattoos on arm.

© Inkthor, Thor Lottin. An Iron cross tattoo design portrayed startlingly with an large eagle. Eagle is protecting and covering his Iron cross.

Pride and embrace your nationality with the portray of Maltese cross tattoos with your national flag inside it and blue flames are looking cool.

© Anhydrous Heliox. A Maltese cross tattoo portrayed startlingly on arm of Kiowa firefighter Greg. This brave firefighter also expressing his love for his country with a flag portrayed inside circle of Maltese cross.

© Flame Tamer. Firefighter cross tattoos designs. Fire department tattoo design portrayed startlingly on his leg. Some equipments normally used by firefighter like ladder etc. are portrayed on different parts of Maltese cross. Flames with pulsating colors are done startlingly.

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© Sergio. An awesome Memphis firefighter tattoo portrayed on arm.This retired brave firefighter from the Memphis group portray the logo and acknowledge his pride in his duty. His time period of duty from 1972-2005 is also portrayed in the circle of Maltese.

© Ritz Kracka 8332. Firefighter Maltese cross tattoos. This is amazing tattoo portrayed by a firefighter when he graduated fire fighter. He is a vol. fire fighter in an area right outside new orleans and he is expressing his pride and honor for his human service duty.

© Brian, Tattootech. Startlingly portrayed firefighter cross tattoo expressing the sacrifice of those firefighters who lost their lives during 9/11 attack on World Trade Center by terrorists. All gave some, Some gave all are the epic lines truly fit for those brave men, who lost everything, even their lives and give everything to others. Now, you are aware about many types of Maltese cross tattoos or Iron cross tattoos.

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