104 Hot Lower Back Tattoos, Tramp Stamp Tattoos


Lower back tattoos are some of the hot tattoo themes. They can be very stylish, if done precisely for obviously girls and women. Tramp stamp tattoos are not visible to the wearers, so they are connected with an unseen magnetism.

In the decade of 90s, golden period of tattoos was passing in the California. A lot of women and girls were getting tattoos. And most of them were getting lower back tattoos. So, these designs were also named as tramp stamp tattoos. However, we don’t care, we treat that tramp stamp name as a further added compliment.

Seeing that lower back is a sensual area of a girl body and tattooing here used to be connected with a consideration that girl with a tattoo on lower back want to grab guy’s attention. Regardless of that consideration that novelty is far to seek, the lower back is in numerous ways a hot choice for girls and women due to several reasons.

  • Lower back of girls even girls with small heights offers a lot of space which has a wide, smooth expanse suitable for tattooing. The designs are often four-sided figure in shape, wider in the center of the back and following the incline on either side of the woman’s spine.
  • The lower back is an area on female body that doesn’t transform much with age or weight fluctuations even after having a baby. Accordingly, tattoos on lower back grasp their figure and colors much longer than those on other areas.
  • They can be veiled by wearing a standard piece of clothing in work places if you are working women. Sometimes it’s very difficult of veil your large pieces of ink.
  • A lower back tattoo is easy to flash when and where you see fit, despite of your clothing style. By wearing a low cut jeans and dumpy tops you can flash it on your vacations and consorts at beaches.
  • There is a huge variety of range obtainable for tattooing on lower backs. You can get a meticulous portray of any person at the lower back, flourish themes, butterflies and tribal themes. Going ahead a heart emblem, angel wings, twinkling stars, birds like hummingbird and peacocks and fantasy themes like phoenix and fairies are few favorite lower back tattoos designs are coming in our mind right now.
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There are more lower back or tramp stamp tattoos for girls ad women, have a look at this vast gallery.

© James Hanna Tattoos. Cross wings lower back tattoos. A hot large lower back piece consisting of flourish theme and beautiful cross wings.

Hot tramp stamp tattoo of guns and roses. Old tram stamp tattoos designs.

© Royal avenue tattoo, Russ Bagwell. Flower lower back tattoos for women. A hot lower back flourish tattoo design inked so graciously.

© Christian Artistic Image Trinidad. Tribal tramp stamp tattoos. A wonderfully tattooed tramp stamp tattoo.

© Erica Usit, Revenge Tattoo. Outline lower back tattoos designs. A hot lower back outline tattoo tattooed here perfectly.

© Ghost Calm, Mike Hunt. Family tree lower back tattoos for women. Family tree tattoo inked her lower back. Her tattoo is inked at the base of the spine, a unique look, as well very attractive.

© Tattoos by Nikki Powills. Shark lower back tattoos. That shark tattoo on lower back obviously is not done for grasping men eyes. That’s all about being artistic.

© Done N Cane. Guns tattoos on lower back. Finely detailed guns inked on her lower back.

© Tattoos by Taylor Kuhlman. A wonderful lower back raven piece. That raven is inked finely with nice colors and outline. That lot of space of lower back can be used in artistic way to create an awesome piece. Incredible Japanese back piece in black and grey by Christin GloriousInk.

© Gunz Aka 47 Tattooz. Quote lower back tattoo designs. La bella vita an Italian excerpt tattooed on her lower finely.

© HAFTANIN HERGÜNÜ AÇIĞIZ, Trabzon Efekt Tattoo. Star lower back tattoos. That lovely star tattooed finely following the slope of spine on her lower back.


Lower back flower tattoos. A colorful flourish theme tattooed on her lower back. Those small flourish are looking hot.

Hot tramp stamp tattoos for sexy girls.

© Haley Adams Tattoos, Castro Tattoo. Roses and butterfly lower back tattoos. Beautiful roses are inked on lower back in three different colors and these butterflies think that they are real roses. An artistic design on lower back.

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© V-Lad, Vlodoctavian. Lower back flower tattoos. Pretty flourish theme is inked on her lower back.

Lower back butterfly tattoos. A mind blowing tramp stamp tattoo of butterflies.

© Jackie Rabbit. Feather lower back tattoos. Peacock feather oak leaf lower back tattoo inked her so graciously. Her tattoo is really hot.

A detailed flourish theme is tattooed on her lower back perfectly. Flower tattoo on lower back.

Flower lower back tattoos. Her flourish theme tattoo is inked following the slop of left side of spine on her lower back.

Birds lower back tattoos. Three hummingbirds are flying freely on her lower back. An artistic tattoo idea for lower back.

© Julian Marshall. Heart wings lower back tattoos. A hot lower back wing tattoo design. A heart emblem in the center is looking so different and attractive.

© Alison McCausland, Tyson Ward. Lower back bird tattoos. A wonderful lower back piece of birds in bright green and black colors. Her tattoo is wrapped from lower back to side waist.

© Clarice Henrichon. A hot and artistic tramp stamp tattoo.

© Steve Tattoos Tex Arkana. Horse shoe lower back tattoos. An artistic lower back horse shoe tattoo inked with barb wire and star.

© Miguel Angel, Bobby Tatt. A wonderful collaborative lower back tattoo design of scorpion and pattern is designed by two artist Miguel Angel and Bobby.

Her flourish theme is tattooed following the slop of lower back and wrapped from upper side area to lower back area.

© Santo Aleccia. Sun lower back tattoos designs. A nice lower back sun tattoo design.

© Miguel Angel. Flower tramp stamp tattoos. A sexy tramp stamp tattoo design consisting of a lovely flourish theme.

© Santo Aleccia. Leaves tattoos on lower back. A graciously tattooed lower back autumn leaves tattoo design.

Feminine ribbon lower back tattoos. A sexy feminine ribbon bow lower back tattoo design.

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Peacock lower back tattoos. Lot of space of lower back can be used creatively for inking a large peacock piece with bright colors. Peacock is a big bird and require lot of space for tattooing.

© Santo Aleccia. Lower back rose tattoos. A round figure of rose in the center and a wide pattern design covering whole lower back is looking so attractive.

A hot tribal pattern design tattooed following the slop of spine. That tramp stamp tattoo is really hot.

© Johnny Gage. Lower back butterfly tattoos. A feminine butterfly design tattooed on her lower back graciously.

Corset lower back tattoos. A hot lower back corset tattoo inked perfectly. That corset in purple color is looking hot.

Water color lower back tattoos. That flourish theme with birdcage is inked on her lower back by using water colors.

© Tommi Crazy. Small lower back tattoos. A tiny lion king tattoo on lower back is a cute and unique tattoo idea.

© Sirius Tattoo. Her lower back is tattooed with an amazing nightmare before Christmas tattoo design.

Fairy lower back tattoos for girls.

Tribal lower back tattoos with nautical star in center.

Lower back tribal tattoos for sexy girls.

© Treddy. Pretty Polynesian tribal lower back tattoos.

Lower back Polynesian tribal tattoos.

© Maxim Xii.  Modern Borneo tribal lower back tattoos for girls.

© Magdalena Marinkovic. Laces and rose lower back tattoos.

Lower back butterfly tattoos for women.

Some words of carefulness connected to lower back tattoos. Research the tattoo you are about to ink since these designs are very popular so finding a unique and great design can consume lot of time and if you have the smallest amount of doubt about your design, then move ahead and find another one until you are completely happy about the tattoo you are going to get. Make sure you are wearing a loose pants while leaving for tattoo parlor, it makes trouble-free job of artist. Also wear loose pants during the healing process in order to thwart rubbing against your fresh ink. Now, you have many pretty lower back tattoos ideas in your mind.

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