36 Unisex Best Love Tattoos Designs


There are many ways to express love feelings, but love tattoos have their own special place for expressing love in an innovative way. Love tattoos with different symbols like infinity, dove, cupid, love birds and other love shaped elements have become a trend among young and audacious people.

Love is the kinship which connects the hearts of people; love is the foundation of a family and any relationship. For us there is no true love, fake love or eternal love, love is love, don’t suffix or prefix any other word with the most beautiful feeling word of the world. The only good addiction is love as said by a gentleman.

Some people are audacious enough to parade their loves, instead of keeping their love hush-hush. Love Tattoos generally illustrate various feelings like faith, passion, hope, promise, friendship, commitment and inspiration. By getting a tattoo of love you are not parading your love only for your dearly loved but also to your parents, friends, neighbors, colleagues and even God.

There can be two kinds of love tattoo designs. One in which the word “love” is tattooed with different modish fonts and may include other elements of love. This is a straight expression of love. And the second one is in which any symbol or element correlated to love like dove, love birds, flower, rose, heart, kissing birds or butterflies, heart lock and the key etc. are tattooed on different sections of the body. Love infinity, live, laugh and love and love faith and hope tattoos are different designs which are correlated with a broader term of love. Love for humanity, love for nature, love for almighty and even love for own self.

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You would have the benefit of the best unisex collection of love tattoos here.

Word Love Tattoos

© Taiom QT. Word love with a red heart has the best expression of love. Word Love is tattooed with custom hand-script.

© Karen McSweeney. Present an infinity love tattoo to your dearly loved with a lovely feather and flying birds.

© Samantha Marie Wheeler. Feather, infinity sign and love tattoos. Love word engraved beautiful with a feather on her lower back.

Infinity love tattoo on wrists. Love is the best feelings, that need the most strength. Only hearts full of strength are capable of doing love in this world.

© Brenda Sue. Infinite love tattoo engraved on her arm beautifully.

Love word inked with one of the best symbols of love, love birds. One bird couple making love on a twig, while other birds are flying. Love birds tattoos.

© Principto Ed. Infinity love tattoo for expressing love for beloved.

Small and cute love word tattoo engraved on her hip.

© Divergent Ink, Guille Chaviano. Love tattoo designs for men. You can’t get much freedom of expressing your love by inking this type of awesome love tattoo design. Since love is fire and when two hearts get that fire, then they would be one soul, two bodies.

© Lucas BM Soares. Faith hope love tattoo engraved on his chest perfectly.

© BL Tattoo Design. Hope faith love tattoo engraved on forearm with a lovely free hand-script.

© Folaju. True love tattoo engraved on his fingers fantastically.

Beautiful love word tattoo engraved on her breast with a cute red bow.

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© Peter Jung. Chinese Love Tattoos. Some people choose international scripts for expressing their love for their dearly loved.

Love tattoos behind the ear. Heart symbol and love inked behind her ear wonderfully. Inking that type of tat can bring your lover more closer.

Love never fails tattoo, truly love never fails. A hope for every lovers, who are still waiting for their dearly loved.

Flowers love tattoos. Flowers are a good expression of love, so here love word engraved with flowers does make sense.

Love tattoo on shoulder.

© Mack Tn. One love forever tattoo engraved on his chest wonderfully.

© Chris Hatch Tattoo. One love, one heart tattoo. One love, one heart lyrics tattoo engraved with music notes and stars on forearm.

© Deanna Wardin. Faith hope and love tattoo engraved on her inner foot beautifully with cute the tiniest cross and heart symbols.

Bible verse love tattoo. Verse John 3:16 about love engraved on her rib cage in a love shape beautifully.

© Sacred Heart Tattoo. Faith hope love tattoo with Jesus face portrait tattooed on shoulder beautifully.

All you need is love tattoo engraved with swirly design.

© Skindeepomaha, Shawn Pierce. Cute and simple love tattoo design with love birds.

© Underground Tattoo Md. Love Quote Tattoo engraved on forearm. Love is patient, love is kind, love always forgives, trusts, supports and endures. Love never fails, when every star in the heavens grows cold and when silence lies once more on the deep three things will endure faith, hope and love.

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Love Symbols Tattoos

One of the best love symbol tattoo.

© Daniel Scott. Lovebirds tattoo inked beautifully on thigh.

© Afsaneh Tajvidi. When you illustrate your love with a beautiful tattoo like this, then it’s gonna be lovely love tattoo designs for girls.

Heart lock and key inked with follow your heart. Heart lock love tattoos for girls.

Heart lock and key is one of the best love symbol tattoos.

Kissing butterflies can illustrate your love in a wonderful way.

Cute octopus love symbol tattoo.

Birds with love symbols form a great love tattoo designs for both men and women. Certainly, you have got a lovely love tattoo idea for yourself now.

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