32 Unusual Lily Tattoos Designs

Unusual Lily Tattoos (17)

Lily Tattoos

Lilly Tattoos boast treasured beauty with them. They come in with great motifs and a great deal of colors. Lily flower tattoos are by and large integrated with fairy, swirls, star and other baroque stuffs.

By and large lily is an emblem of purity, beauty, splendor and honor. As there are many different sorts of lilies, so their emblems change correspondingly with different cultures. You won’t believe that lilies often can be emblems of even contradictory stuffs.

The lily was an emblem for fertility since according to folklore the first lily was born from a drop of milk fell from a goddess Juno’s breast while breastfeeding the baby Hercules. While they are (white lilies) also emblems of purity and innocence, because of the depiction of St. Joseph with a stick sprouting white lilies. Hence, Mary chose Joseph because she saw him amid mob with a white lily in his hand. The calla lily is an emblem of beauty and strength, but an orange lily conversely designates hatred. The meaning behind a tiger lily tattoo is by and large pride or prosperity. To conclude, each color of Lilly goes well with a specific meaning.

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Lilly tattoos that are by and large extremely colorful and can give in plenty of strength and confidence to you. They are very unusual when illustrated in realistic fully colored motifs. The lily flower tattoos are very graceful and can be illustrated on any part of the body as they are just suitable for small fractions of body like wrist, ankle, neck and foot as well large fractions of body like hip, rib, upper arm, back both lower and upper back.

By illustrating one of these unusual lily tattoos on your body you would absolutely lead to a broader and imposing viewpoint.

Unusual Lily Tattoos (1)Easter lilies tattoos illustrated on her rib cage outstandingly with tribal motif.

Unusual Lily Tattoos (2)© Chad Clark. Tiger lily tattoos with skull outstandingly illustrated with cherry blossoms and filigree motif.

Unusual Lily Tattoos (3)© Fart Box Puncherx, Marc Darrah. Lily tattoos on hip outstandingly illustrated with fabulous colors.

Unusual Lily Tattoos (4)© Chantel Harris. Beautiful lily tattoo on hip illustrated with unusual lace tattoo design.

Unusual Lily Tattoos (5)© Erika’s Tattoos. Unusual lily tattoos with star outstanding illustrated on her shoulder. There is no color bar for doing lilies tattoos, they can be illustrated in almost every color.

Unusual Lily Tattoos (6)© Valmir Xavier. Pink lily flower tattoo illustrated on her hip outstandingly. Fabulous colors from pink to purple can be chosen for lilies. Pink lily is an emblem of vanity.

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Unusual Lily Tattoos (7)© Robert Benson, Simpleton Music. Lilies tattoos ideas are perfect for shoulders. Here tiger lily tattoo is outstandingly illustrated with swirls and dot work.

Unusual Lily Tattoos (8)© Amy Dockery. Lily tattoo with fairy illustrated on her back outstandingly. Her tattoo has a very powerful meaning.

Unusual Lily Tattoos (9)© Tats by Hoss. An extremely beautiful unusual tattoo of frog sitting on lily, flying hummingbird, stars and swirls illustrated on thigh. Frog lily tattoos look astonishing.

Unusual Lily Tattoos (10)© Nitro Tattoos. Abstract lily tattoos outstandingly illustrated on her shoulder back.

Unusual Lily Tattoos (11)© Mark Vecellio. Tiger lilies tattoo with butterfly is an unusual lovely tattoo motif for girls and women.

Unusual Lily Tattoos (12)© Riigoo Sancheez. Memorial lily tattoos are by and large illustrated by men and women. Here she got lily hummingbird memorial tattoo for her mother. Pink is an emblem of her mother fight from the cancer.

Unusual Lily Tattoos (13)© Nowhere Fast, Dan Kubin. Orange lily tattoos on hip illustrated outstandingly. It’s by and large believed by some that orange lily is an emblem of hatred, however meaning can change correspondingly.

Unusual Lily Tattoos (14)© Mez Love. Lily tattoos on chest. Festoon on beautiful flowers is illustrated on her breast fraction. Lily is one of them.

Unusual Lily Tattoos (15)Unusual lily tattoo on rib illustrated with green vines and blue shading.

Unusual Lily Tattoos (16)© Daniel Rainey Forrester. One more session to complete her unusual lily tattoo on hip.

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Unusual Lily Tattoos (18)© Jhaundo’s. Black lily tattoo outstandingly illustrated on her arm.

Unusual Lily Tattoos (19)Frog lily tattoos. Lily frog tattoo outstandingly illustrated on her side.

Unusual Lily Tattoos (20)Beautiful lily tattoos on thigh. Lilies are illustrated with fabulous colors.

Unusual Lily Tattoos (21)© Simply Tattoo. Lily tattoos on back, here lily stuff illustrated in the midst of her back outstandingly.

Unusual Lily Tattoos (22)© Ivan Del Gludice. Lily tattoos illustrated even in black and white ink look so decent and lovely.

Unusual Lily Tattoos (23)© Stelian Pop, Transy lvaniarites. Dream cacher lily tattoos. Lilies and dream cacher tattoo outstandingly inked in fabulous black color as her leg piece.

Unusual Lily Tattoos (24)© Just deadly tattoo parlor, Mancha Gallardo. Lily tattoo on foot illustrated outstandingly with swirls.

Unusual Lily Tattoos (25)Lilies butterfly tattoo illustrated beautifully on her thigh.

Unusual Lily Tattoos (26)Tribal lily tattoo on her rib cage illustrated outstandingly.

Unusual Lily Tattoos (27)© Siege, I am Valo. Purple lily tattoos. Unusual purple water lily tattoo on her shoulder.

Unusual Lily Tattoos (28)© Nitro Tattoo. Orange lily tattoo on shoulder illustrated beautifully.

Unusual Lily Tattoos (29)© 2Face-tattoo. Lily tattoos for guys. Guys by and large get lily motifs as memorial tattoos. Glowing heart sparkling out of black and white lilies is really beautiful.

Unusual Lily Tattoos (30)© Damn Dirty Angel’s. Butterfly lily tattoos. Lily butterfly tattoo on back.

Unusual Lily Tattoos (31)© Sahaja Freed. Shoulder lily tattoos. Sweet red lily shoulder tattoo. By and large girls choose red, pink, blue and orange lilies.

Unusual Lily Tattoos (32)© Welcome toreality. Back lily tattoos. Outstandingly colored lilies illustrated on her back with names and lovely swirls.

Lily tattoos designs can be illustrated with other scrimmages, making it an unusual fraction to other pieces or even used as filler in large rib, back and hip pieces and even sleeves. Think creatively and choose a motif of lily tattoos, that you would be proud of.

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