17 Fanciful Leg Dragon Tattoos and Designs

Leg Dragon Tattoos

Representative meanings of leg dragon tattoos make it one of the best choices for carrying out on legs. Leg is one semi-palpable part of body, which means dragon tattoos on legs can be easily made known and swathed easily.

Inking on legs is not moderately as painful as ankles and foot, because of the quantity of muscle present here. Dragon is a compound figure and can be inked on legs without bearing a lot of pain. In Chinese culture, people are the devotion of dragons. In Japanese culture the dragon is a figure of supernatural powers. That’s why leg dragon tattoos are esteemed by most of oriental people who want to ink their legs.

A men is inked with dragon on leg in top depicted image. Canvas of legs fit fancifully for the body of dragons. For some, dragon represents potency, courage, astuteness and protector. In Western cultures, dragons used to be portrayed as personifications of evil that obliterate. But in modern fantasy literature, dragons are habitually portrayed as friends of mankind. Sometimes if becomes difficult to finalize a dragon design for leg.

So, here we are showing you our collection of leg dragon tattoos designs for men and women.

© Diauan 478168, Anderson Blue Animal Tattoo. Black leg dragon tattoos. A fanciful dragon tattoo tremendously inked on leg of a men.

© Kaylyn, Rae Canepa. Long pointed tail dragon tattoo on leg. A fanciful dragon tremendously inked on leg. He got his tattoo as a present of his graduation. Like tremendously filled color in the dragon and a long pointed tail of dragon.

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© Nowhere Fast Tattoo, Inked by Dan Kubin. Fanciful leg dragon tattoos. A multihued fanciful dragon tattoo on leg. Like the brightness of his tattoo.

© John, Spacey’s Bizaree Ink. Leg dragon tattoos for men. A fanciful roaring dragon tremendously inked on hairy leg of a men. Men have hairy legs, so they face problem in inking their legs. But women don’t face this problem, as most of women shave their legs.

© Erin Lefty Lucille. Tribal leg dragon tattoos designs. A tribal dragon with Bruce lee portrait inked tremendously on leg. He got this tattoo in tribute of his hero Bruce lee. Do you also have a hero in your life, then ink like that.

A western monster dragon tattoo tremendously inked on leg. Western leg dragon tattoos

Leg dragon tattoos for women. A women inked with a fanciful dragon tattoo on leg. She go a western dragon. Usually, western dragons have wings.

© Jon Law. Dragon leg tattoos for men. A green fanciful dragon tremendously wrapped on leg of a men. Like the way artist wrap the whole body of dragon on leg.

© Mark Thomson. Bright leg dragon tattoos. A bright fanciful dragon inked tremendously on leg. Canvas of leg fit tremendously for the long body of dragons.

© Istole Thetv. Dragon leg tattoos for men. A men with tribal dragon design on leg. He is riding on cycle and flaunting his fanciful leg dragon tattoo. You can easily flaunt your dragon tattoo on leg by wearing short pants and swimming costumes

Monster dragon leg tattoos. A dreadful dragon inked tremendously on leg. You can portray your dragon as personifications of evil that obliterate

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© Sunshine 1300. A fanciful green dragon tattoo on leg after second sitting. His green dragon is going to have a red mane and flames also. Many people like to have flames with dragons.

© Graham Curry, Artist Chris Crooke. A fanciful leg piece of dragon and flowers. His dragon leg tattoo is tremendously inked.

© Jocara. Looks like a hand drawn artwork by using pen and yellow highlighter. But it can be used as an idea of dragon tattoo for legs.

© Wild things tattoo, inked by Martien. A fanciful dragon tattoo on leg did without using any stencil.

© Kirk Sheppard. Fanciful leg dragon tattoos. An electrifying fanciful dragon tattoo on leg. It’s so multihued and fanciful.

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