Jaw-Dropping Henna Tattoo Ideas That You Gotta See


Henna Tattoo Ideas and Tips. What are you waiting for? Check out these gorgeous henna tattoo designs and how to get one yourself.

Henna tattoo, also known as Mehndi, is a sort of temporary tattoo that is very common in South Asian countries, as well as countries in the Middle East. Traditionally, henna was applied to brides-to-be during special gatherings. Nowadays, henna is a fashion trend, used by many women (and men) who want to get a tattoo that is temporary. Approximately, henna lasts for two/three weeks.

When it comes to applying henna, tattoo artists make a paste out of henna twigs and leaves and then apply it to your body. Henna tattoos do not hurt at all since there are no needles used. The time needed to apply henna varies from design to design, based on the size and intricacy of the tattoo design. When it comes to the price of henna tattoos, they also vary, but they are relatively cheaper than permanent tattoos.

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Now that you have read some basic facts about henna, sit back and enjoy our collection of the most beautiful Mehndi tattoos you can come across. Make sure to pick a design that you could get for yourself or at least use as an inspiration.

Beautiful Henna Tattoo Design


If you are interested in the process of getting a henna tattoo, keep reading. So, the artist makes the paste and paints the desired design on the chosen area. But, what next? After the paste is applied, it will dry in ca. ten minutes. However, it is advised to make sure the paste does not get in contact with water (or anything else that can obstruct the design) a few hours after the application. The easiest way for you to do so would be getting the tattoo in the evening, and then going to bed.

Beautifully Intricate Tattoo


28. Interesting Hand Henna Tattoo


White Henna Tattoo


Henna On Both Hands


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Sleeve Henna Tattoo


Just like the permanent tattoos, you can choose any part of your body for your henna tattoo. Such tattoos do not only need to be done on your hands or feet. Just like in this picture, you can get a sleeve henna tattoo. It is quite unusual and therefore certainly will attract a lot of attention.

Elephant Henna Tattoo


Metallic Elephant Tattoo Design


Stunning Leg Henna


Large Back Tattoo


Besides the arms, legs, and ribs, your back is the perfect place for a henna tattoo. You can make your back henna tattoo go over your entire back, or make it rather small and place it on your neck or a secluded part of your back.

Sun Henna Tattoo


Matching Tattoos


Here is one fun fact about henna tattoos. Did you know that some researchers believe they are 5000 years old while others believe they are 9000 years old? Can you believe that this tattoo tradition possibly existed during the Stone Age? Back then, it had some different purposes, but now it is mostly used as  an accessory, one’s way to express himself/herself or decorate his/her body. If you decide that you want to decorate your body, you may also ask your friends to do the same thing. Getting a tattoo with your friend(s) is more fun, and also a mark of true friendship.

Bridal Henna Tattoo


17. Elegant Neck Tattoo


Captivating Lotus Flower


Since you can choose any design you like as your henna tattoo, we would recommend choosing the one that means something to you. Lotus flower has several spiritual meanings that you may find interesting. For example, a lotus flower can stand for the purity of the soul since the flower usually grows in a muddy area, managing to maintain its purity. In some Western cultures, the lotus flower stands for rebirth or it can relate to the search of the true meaning of life.

Foot Henna Tattoo


Half Mandala Henna-Style Tattoo


Delicate Tattoo Design


Breathtaking Feather Tattoo


Permanent or temporary, feather tattoos tend to leave everyone breathless. Take a look at this breathtaking feather henna tattoo! Feather tattoos also have various meanings and interpretations in different cultures. For example, in Egyptian culture, the feather stands for the purity of the soul. Feather tattoos can also represent freedom, hope, inspiration, faith, dreams, or even the journey of your soul.

Elegant Henna Design


Matching Feet Tattoos


When henna was first discovered (thousands of years ago), it was mostly used for its healing and cooling properties. People of the desert would soak in their hands and feet into the henna paste to get the “air-conditioning effect.” They would feel its cooling sensation as long as there were henna remains on their skin. Then, they noticed that the stain faded away and left certain patterns on the skin. This phenomena led to ideas to use henna for decorative purposes as well.

Mehndi Tattoo


White Temporary Tattoo


Trendy Bridal Henna


As we already mentioned, traditionally henna is used for special occasions such as weddings and holidays in some countries. When it comes to weddings, the bride, her friends and family gather for the Mehndi Night when they celebrate the wedding to come. The night is filled with games, music, celebration, and many performances that have been practised for months. During this celebration, the bride gets a henna tattoo done on her hands and feet. The designs can sometimes go up to her elbows, and even knees.

Yin & Yang Henna Tattoo


Simple Wrist Tattoo


Heart Henna Tattoo


Impressive Elephant Tattoo


Elephants are truly amazing creatures and they look amazing when used for henna tattoos. These creatures are not only enormous in their size, but they are also known as very noble animals. As tattoos, they can reflect your strength, stand for your family member(s) or you can even use such tattoo as your lucky charm.

Colorful Henna Design Ideas


Incredibly Elegant Henna Tattoo


If you decide to get henna on your hands, you do not have to make the tattoos match. They will look as good, or even better if the designs differ. Would you rather have matching henna tattoos on your hands or different ones?

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