When Is World Tattoo Day?

When Is World Tattoo Day
Welcome to the official website of World Tattoo Day WTD – It’s not a brand, it’s a movement! After all, tattoo-scene has been through over the last years, we are getting more and more socially acceptable, all around the world. So i’ts about time, to finally create an official holiday for our community! Happy World Tattoo Day 2023 World Tattoo Day takes place every year, on March 21 st and is celebrated all around the globe, to honour tattoo & body art.

Is there a national tattoo day?

Can I Register Tattoo Day? – We don’t have an international authority or governmental remit to declare any officially celebrated “national Tattoo day”. We only aim to programatically reflect what ‘National Day’ it is based of what The Internet Says It Is.

Was Ist World tattoo day?

März statt und ist ein internationaler Feiertag, zu Ehren der Tattookunst. Willkommen auf der offiziellen Seite des World Tattoo Day! Der Welt-Tattoo-Tag findet jedes Jahr am 21. März statt und ist ein internationaler Feiertag, zu Ehren der Tattookunst.

When is the best time to get a tattoo?

How much does a tattoo generally cost? – This is an area where you really do get what you pay for, meaning, the more you spend, the better quality image you’ll get. A word to the wise: never haggle over the price a tattoo artist quotes; it’s considered disrespectful to their craft.

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What is traditional tattoo festival?

Traditional Tattoo Festival (TTF) is a 4 day event in Hawaii. TTF features ritualistic and ceremonial practices of traditional tattooing from Pacific and Arctic cultures including Hawaiian, Inuit, Taiwanese, Filipino, etc.