When Do I Put Lotion On My Tattoo?

You should start moisturizing your tattoo as soon as it starts to dry — not before. This can generally take about 1–3 days after you got your tattoo. Be sure to wash and dry your tattoo with antibacterial soap and choose the appropriate moisturizer as well.

  • If you’re new to tattoos, we recommend that you educate yourself on the complete healing process;
  • We go into detail on the precautions you need to take, how to get the job done, and how often to moisturize;

If you’re a tattoo-head, it might be worth your while to get a refresher, as well.

When is the best time to apply lotion to a tattoo?

How Often You Should You Apply Lotion? – You should moisturize your tattoo three times per day. Morning, midday, and night. Following the step by step process each time, with cleaning your tattoo first. You should also make sure to moisturize your tattoo every time you bathe. Most tattoo artists recommend applying lotion to your tattoo when you wake up, in the middle of the work day, and in the evening before you go to bed. Your body becomes dehydrated when you sleep. This can make waking up with a fresh tattoo painful. It is important to moisturize your tattoo in the morning to make up for the dehydration. The best time to do so would be after your morning shower. Your tattoo will likely feel the driest in the middle of the day.

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It is suggested that you find a comfortable place to moisturize your tattoo. This will help rehydrate your skin. Moisturizing should become part of your nightly routine whenever you have a fresh tattoo. When you are winding down and getting ready for bed, apply some lotion to your tattoo.

This will help keep it from getting too dry during the night.

Can you put lotion on a fresh tattoo?

So, can you put lotion on a new tattoo? – When Do I Put Lotion On My Tattoo Let me break the answer down for you: If you’re wondering if you can put lotion on a fresh tattoo , the answer is no. By fresh, I’m referring to the icky-and-gooey kind of fresh, which is what your tattoo is right after you leave the studio. If you’re referring to tattoo that’s at least 2-3 days old , and is now starting to heal and dry up, then the answer is a resounding yes ! At this point, your tattoo is still considered ‘new.

How long does it take for lotion to leave a tattoo?

If you have been using a lotion for a while it will take up to a month for that product to leave the cells that make up your skin. Everything you put in your skin literally becomes a part of it. If you don’t already moisturize your tattoo, you may need to pick up some before the tattoo session.

How often should you moisturize a tattoo?

If you live in an extreme climate or have very dry skin you should use a lotion 1x-2x daily, along with a nightly occlusive (oil based) moisturizer. In all cases –> moisturize the entire body part that has been tattooed, not just the tattoo itself.