When Can My Tattoo Be In The Sun?

When Can My Tattoo Be In The Sun

Sun Protection for New Tattoos – If your tattoo is very new , it is best to keep it completely covered for the first few months if you are going to be out in the sun during the Spring or Summer. New tattoos fade very quickly when exposed to sunlight.

Can you put a new tattoo in direct sunlight?

At the very least, make sure not to expose a new tattoo to direct sunlight for the first month of having it — especially the first two weeks. Not only will sun exposure during this time cause the tattoo’s colors to fade, but it could actually burn your skin and scar it from sun damage.

How long should I Keep my Tattoo out of the Sun?

Keep out of direct sunlight – Do your very best not to expose your new tattoo to direct sunlight for up to 1 month after getting it, and especially during that 14 day period. Sunlight will burn the delicate skin and cause fading.

How does sun exposure affect a new tattoo?

The Final Takeaway – All in all, the tattoo aftercare process is straightforward when it comes to sun exposure: the better you care for your skin, the better your new or old tattoo will look. With these tips and the proper course of care from your dermatologist and/or tattoo artist, you’ll keep your tattoo looking fresh and vibrant..

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How often should you put sunscreen on a new tattoo?

Why is it important to protect your tattoo from the sun? – Your tattoo is a part of your body now — treat your skin and your ink right, and you’ll have some real permanent beauty. Fading will, of course, happen no matter what, but whatever defenses you can employ for your tattoo against the sun will save you later.

? How important is sunscreen to my tattoo? Very. Even minimal sun exposure breaks down your skin and does damage to your tattoo. Always wear sunscreen when exposing your tattoos to the sun. ? What sunscreen should I use for my tattoo? Look for the term ‘broad spectrum’.

Use at least SPF 3o. Anything over 50 isn’t necessary, after that the protection plateaus. ? How often should sunscreen be applied to my tattoo? Put sunblock on before you find yourself in glaring sunlight, ideally in your house or in the shade. Once you’re out and about, reapply sunscreen every two hours.

  • ? Can I put sunscreen on a new tattoo? Your fresh tattoo shouldn’t be laying out in the sun;
  • Until the tattoo has scabbed and peeled completely (typically 3-4 weeks), it is best to protect your tattoo from the harsh rays as well as the sunscreen itself;

You wouldn’t put sunscreen on a fresh cut so don’t put it on your fresh tat. ? Can I go for a swim with my new tattoo? No! Wait until your skin is done flaking completely, no scabbing and no roughness, and then you’re good to go..