What Tattoo Is Cardi B Getting Sued For?

Cardi B is set to appear in court on August 3 for the $5 million lawsuit that claims she unfairly used a California man’s tattooed likeness and portrayed him in an overtly “sexual” way on the cover of her 2016 mixtape Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. A federal judge in Santa Ana, California set the ground rules for the trial during a hearing on Monday (July 18), including confirming Cardi is expected to testify in person, according to Rolling Stone.

  • The judge also hammered out a statement of the case that he will read to prospective jurors;
  • “It’s showtime,” U;
  • District Judge Cormac J;
  • Carney said after it became clear that a settlement wouldn’t be reached in private;

“I don’t think this case is a complex case, but I think it’s a very interesting case, and it’s one I think the jurors would enjoy. ” Plaintiff Kevin Michael Brophy Jr. filed the suit in 2017, claiming he suffered “distress and humiliation” as a result of the cover art—which sees his distinctive back tattoo on a man with his head between Cardi’s legs as she drinks a beer.

See the cover art below. In the suit, Brophy describes himself as a “family man with minor children” who works “for a surfing and lifestyle company” near the Los Angeles area. He then goes on to claim that after the “egregious” misappropriation of his likeness, he was faced with “uncomfortable comments, questions, and ridicule from community members and family.

” Cardi’s argument is that Brophy’s tattoo was superimposed without her knowledge on the back of a male model. She contends that Brophy, who is caucasian, is not the same person as the Black model in the photo with a “demonstrably different” tattoo. “The neck tattoo is removed; the arm is repositioned; the lighting and shadowing is manipulated to fit the interior of the limousine; the image is tilted to match the forward-leaning posture of the model’s body; the image is tinted, shaded, and re-colored to fit the overall scheme of the underlying photo used in the (cover image); and the periphery fades to black,” her filings in the case state. (Photo by Taylor Hill/Getty Images).

What did Cardi B sued for?

A month after winning a $4 million defamation verdict against YouTuber Tasha K, Cardi B is now asking a federal judge to permanently ban her from posting “harmful and disgusting lies” to the internet. The rapper sued Tasha K in 2019 for posting dozens of videos that contained shocking claims about her, including that she had contracted herpes.

What tattoo did Cardi B steal?

Cardi hired a graphic designer named Timm Gooden to create the cover for ‘Gangsta B#### Music Vol. 1’ for $50. But her management wasn’t happy with the results, so he Googled the words ‘back tattoo’ and came across Brophy’s back tattoo of a snake and a tiger.

Who is the guy suing Cardi B?

Cardi B will finally face off with a man who claims she stole his back tattoo in a blockbuster trial set for this summer! After years of legal wrangling, failed settlement talks, and delays, Cardi B will finally face a man who claims she stole his tattoo. As Cardi and her team put it, Kevin Michael Brophy Jr. is attempting to “extort” $5 million from the superstar rapper. The dispute broke out in 2017 when Kevin Michael Brophy filed his lawsuit, claiming Cardi stole his back tattoo and used it on the cover of her mixtape “Gangsta B#### Music Vol 1.

  1. ” According to Brophy, the lewd cover of the mixtape, which features Cardi swigging a 40 ounce of beer while being pleasured by a man in the backseat of an SUV, caused him humiliation and embarrassment;

Cardi claims Brophy is out for a quick payday and labeled him a disgruntled man who works in a surf shop. The Bronx rapper declared she had nothing to do with the mixtape cover artwork besides posing for the racy photograph. Other than that, Cardi B claims the graphic designer and her management/label at the time were responsible for the end product.

The stakes are high for Cardi. Although Brophy asks for $5 million, he wants the jury to award him much more. According to Brophy’s complaint, “Gangsta B#### Music Vol. 1” launched Cardi B’s career, so he should be entitled to a portion of all of her subsequent earnings.

Brophy and his legal team wanted the case to start in December, but Cardi managed to push the trial back because she had just given birth and was preparing for a court battle with Tasha K. Finally, after Cardi B gets through a hectic work schedule, a judge and a jury will sort out the whole mess this summer.

Cardi has previously scheduled professional engagements, including a motion picture, live performances, and an anticipated European tour. AllHipHop can exclusively confirm that the battle with Brophy will start on July 18th with a pre-trial conference.

The trial is finally confirmed to start on Tuesday, August 2nd, 2022, at 8:30 AM. Judge Cormac J. Carney warned both sides he would not be rescheduling the trial this time after at least seven times. “The Court understands that Ms. Almanzar wants to devote all of her attention to rehearsing for her European tour for the entire month of August,” Judge Carney told both sides. ” What Tattoo Is Cardi B Getting Sued For cardi b heading to trial over tattoo dispute Cardi B’s legal woes will continue after her trial with Kevin Michael Brophy Jr. wraps up, even though she has worked hard to put numerous cases to rest. In December 2020, Cardi settled a lawsuit against her former record label and manager, Klenord “Shaft” Raphael, for an estimated $10 million. And, her legal team spanked Tasha K. in their high-profile defamation suit after the rapper was awarded a whopping $4 million in damages.

“But she will have to make time for a relatively short four-day trial at the beginning of that period. Barring emergency circumstances, the Court will not again continue the trial date, and counsel are strongly discouraged from requesting any further continuance.

However, Cardi B still has a few legal issues on her plate to deal with. She is still facing a lawsuit, and possibly jail time, for a heated altercation with Tekashi 6ix9ine’s girlfriend, Jade, and her sister “Baddie G. ” And, she is still caught up in a lawsuit with a fan who got too close to her after the Met Gala in May of 2018.

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What is the tattoo on Cardi B?

Cardi B previously had the name ‘Samuel’ tattooed on the back of her neck in red ink, though she’s never revealed the meaning. Fans speculate Samuel may be the name of an ex, as the rapper told Ellen DeGeneres during an appearance on her show in October 2019 that she had more than one ex’s name tattooed on her body.

Why Tasha k has to pay Cardi B?

The order specifically bans the YouTuber from ever posting about Cardi in relation to herpes, cocaine or “a debasing act with a beer bottle. ” Linked Gallery > Featured Image –> A federal judge on Monday (April 4) ordered YouTuber Tasha K to pull down more than 20 defamatory videos about Cardi B and banned her from ever posting again about the rapper on a range of specific subjects.

What did Tasha do Cardi?

Tasha K’s allegations against Cardi B – A lawsuit was filed in March 2019 in the U. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia, claiming that Tasha K was obsessed with slandering and harassing Cardi B, putting out around 38 videos regarding her personal life. What Tattoo Is Cardi B Getting Sued For Cardi B filed a lawsuit against Tasha K accusing her for harassment (Images via ABC/Getty Images and unwinewithtashak/Instagram).

What does the tattoo on Nicki Minaj’s arm mean?

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What Tattoo Is Cardi B Getting Sued For kathclick; Bigstock. com / Izumi Hasegawa / PRPhotos. com Nicki Minaj has a tattoo of Chinese writing on her left upper arm. The six Chinese characters ” 上帝與你常在 ,” pronounced  “shàngdì yŭ nĭ cháng zài,” translate to ” God Is With Me Always. ” She got it when she was 16 and it was originally supposed to be placed on the back of her neck, but she moved it to her arm instead.

  • In an interview for Billboard , Nicki said that she regrets the tattoo, or rather the placing of it: “I wish I never got the tattoo, because it’s on my arm;
  • So when I wanna wear a beautiful evening gown and go out with the queen, she doesn’t like my tattoo too much;

” She put it on her arm because she didn’t want to deal with the pain of a neck tattoo, saying: “I was going to get it on the back of my neck, and I told the guy: ‘Could you empty the ink out? I just wanna see how the needle feels, like if it’s gonna hurt real bad?’ So when he put that needle on that bone, I was like ‘Never…Just do it on my arm…I already paid for the tattoo just do it on my arm.

  1. ‘” She also talked about her mother’s reaction and her feelings that she was too young for the tattoo: “I was thinking how I was gonna explain it to my mother;
  2. My mother had told me, at that time I had a tongue ring, and she had told me ‘I’m disowning you;

‘ When she saw the tattoo and the tongue ring, she was like ‘I am disowning you. ‘ She was like, ‘You need to not have that’ and she was dead serious, and I was like bummed out that I went and got the tattoo. I eventually took the tongue ring out, but I think I was I don’t know, maybe 16? Way too young.

  • You have no idea what you want to put on your body at the age of 16, or 15, or 13;
  • You need to wait until at least 21 and decide and have your brain start to develop;
  • ” When the interviewer asked if she would do it again, she said: ” No, I wouldn’t do it again;

I would’ve gotten one Chinese character right there, like on my neck. But, no, I wouldn’t do it again. ” This was her only tattoo for the majority of her career, up until she got a second in 2018. (more…).

When did Cardi B get her tattoos?

“Last night,” Cardi B wrote on Instagram, sharing a photo of her look that put her gorgeous, floral back tattoo on full display – Published on March 19, 2022 12:21 PM Photo: Cardi B/Instagram Cardi B is a walking work of art. The Grammy Award winner, 29, put her intricate back tattoo on full display in a ’90s-inspired, chic look featuring a black bikini top for a night out.

“Last night,” she wrote Friday on Instagram with photos of herself getting ready. She complemented the top with a pair of grey camouflage cargo pants, accessorizing the look with some chunky, white Christian Dior sunglasses, petite silver hoop earrings, and a matching chain bangle.

Cardi previously debuted the massive ink in May 2020, revealing a gorgeous arrangement of colorful flowers and butterflies trailing up her back from her thigh to her shoulder. According to tattoo artist Jamie Schene , the commission took more than 60 hours with sessions in more than 10 cities.

  • “Okay guys! Soooo here it is!” Cardi wrote on Instagram at the time;
  • “It took me several months but I’m finally finished;
  • This is my back tattoo! It goes from the top of my back to the middle of my thigh;
  • Thank you @jamie_schene;

” The F9 actress and husband Offset most recently tried their hands at the art of tattoo for Valentine’s Day. They gave each other matching ink marking their wedding date, 9/20/17, for an episode of her Facebook Watch series Cardi Tries. “Hey guys, I’m going to do something crazy for Valentine’s Day for my husband,” she explained in the episode.

“I’m going to give him a tattoo, you know, I wanna do something really special, so make sure you guys check out this episode where me and Set are getting tatted. ” RELATED VIDEO: Cardi B to Cover Funeral Expenses for Victims of Bronx Fire: ‘I Needed to Do Something to Help’ Both were pleased with the final products of their romantic tributes.

“Actually, I did pretty good!” Cardi said. “What can I not do? I could do everything. Like, I could put my mind to something and I can really do it!” Cardi and Offset, 30, secretly tied the knot in Sept. 2017 and they share daughter Kulture Kiari , 3½, and a 6-month-old son ..

Who is Tasha K?

Tasha, real name Latasha Kebe, was sued by the rapper for defamation, invasion of privacy, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. The rapper won the case in January with more than $2. 5 million in damages and another $1. 3 million in legal fees.

Why does Cardi B have a Hennessy tattoo?

Cardi B inked the name ‘Hennessy’ along with three roses on her left bicep for her sister, whose name is Hennessy Carolina.

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What does a peacock tattoo mean?

Peacock Tattoo Meaning – Peacocks are one of the most color and eye catching avian choices for a tattoo. This vibrant creature depicts beauty and grace as well as love and virility. Native to Asia and Africa, the peacock and less colorful peahen are recurrent in Asian and African culture and mythology.

  • The vivid plumage of the male is infamous for its attractiveness, its method for securing a mate in the wild;
  • The peacock uses his teal, green, and violet feathers to tell potential lovers the he is the strongest and most valuable partner available;

In these relationships, it is the duty of the male to secure a mate, leaving the power in the metaphorical hands of the female. In ancient folklore, the peacock was symbol of integrity and in Hinduism the wearer of such a tattoo should be considered benevolent and respective of humane values.

The peacock is India’s national bird and a representation of immortality and the gods because of its “thousand eyes displayed in its brilliant feathers. The supreme god Krishna wears the feathers of the peacock to emphasize his greatness, and only the feathers may be chosen for a tattoo design.

Although the birds have been associated with vanity because of their incredible beauty, the peacock is often depicted as a source of transportation for a variety of Eastern deities. The bird can be included in tattoo designs featuring any of the gods and goddesses of the Hindu canon but because they are a large, well-detailed bird they are often designed on their own.

  1. Ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians considered the “eye” design on the plumage of the peacock to represent an ‘evil eye’, or all-seeing witness to one’s transgressions;
  2. In this way, the peacock becomes a symbol of watchfulness and observance;

Many cultures revered the peacock’s feathers because of its resemblance to a motif of large and brightly colored eyes. People often chose the peacock because of this resemblance and have the bird’s feathers spread out in a wide display. In Buddhism, they view the peacock as a symbol of expansive consciousness and akin to the goddess Kuan-Yin.

To Buddhists the “eyes” are not considered evil, but symbolic of the Watcher, which is the omniscient essence of one’s soul. In Christianity, the peacock is viewed as a symbol of resurrection and incorruption.

Wearers of this tattoo can be considered spiritual and devoted to God. To create a design that can be likened to Christianity, the peacock may be rendered like stained glass which also lends the piece a geometric style. The vivid colors are well displayed in this style, although they may appear softer or slightly transparent to achieve a stained-glass appearance.

The peacock may also be designed like an illumination featured in old religious manuscripts. The bird appears like an illustration with embellishments of gold to emphasis the other hues. The bright, bold colors of the feathers of a peacock represent a fresh mind and light heart.

It is a good choice for someone who is at peace with their soul. This tattoo choice is a symbol of positivity and can often be associated with hope, belief and optimism. Some also believe that the peacock is a symbol of royalty and glory. They associate it with nobility, guidance and protection.

  • The peacock is known to have many meanings in addition to those listed above, such as; luxury, desire, vitality, sexuality, desire, longevity, compassion, generosity and sensuality;
  • The intense color palette that adorns the peacock is almost always showcased in peacock tattoo designs;

While many designs utilize a realistic color scheme to render the bird as found in nature, other designs chose a variance on that scheme. Purples and violets may be more prominent or blues and teals, or even shades of orange may be mainly featured. A muted peacock with very short tailfeathers and just a hint of jade around the neck will signify a female bird.

She is not concerned with attraction but rather making the right choice. Very rarely found is the white peacock. The feathers are long and grand but completely white, ivory, or slightly off-white. Indigenous to India, the white peacock is a symbol of purity and regality, a representation of the Holiness of the gods and goddesses.

The white peacock exists because of selective breeding. Sometimes, a peacock in captivity will grow all white feathers and this process is called leucism. The reason this happens is that it is a genetic mutation that will cause the loss of color in all the feathers.

What does Rihanna’s hip tattoo say?

If there’s anything we know about Rihanna , it’s that she’s big fan of tattoos and body art. In fact, the singer’s most recent piece of ink had the entire internet — or at least those of us who spend way too much time on it — in a frenzy thanks to its slightly awkward undertone.

Back in June when she was spotted out in New York City during a date night with her boyfriend A$AP Rocky, fans noticed that her new tattoo, a crown on her left ankle, was actually a cover up for what was previously there: a camouflage shark that she once got with Drake.

According to E! News, Rihanna went to New York City’s Bang Bang Tattoo in 2016 to get the shark as a reference to one of her dates with the rapper, during which her took her to an aquarium in Toronto and bought her a toy shark. (He reportedly has the same design on his arm.

Did Cardi B win defamation lawsuit?

Cardi B is the victor in yet another libel lawsuit – this time winning after a New York judge ruled Friday that the three Suffolk County beachgoers suing the “WAP” artist, her sister and a third woman over a caught-on-video verbal dispute had “failed to sufficiently plead” their case.

Plaintiffs Manuel Alarcon, Peter Caliendo and Pauline Caliendo sued back on Sept. 21, 2020, alleging that video of the altercation shared online by Cardi after it was first published by her younger sister Hennessy Carolina Almanzar unfairly accused them of being “racist.

” They said Alarcon was wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat and a vehicle near the Caliendos’ beach encampment was sporting a “Trump” flag when Hennessy “raged” at them with “threats, foul and intimidating language” and “defamatory statements. ” They said some of the disparaging comments were directed at “Donald Trump and his supporters.

” They also claimed Hennessy battered Alarcon and Peter Caliendo when she allegedly “sprayed her copious spittle” on them. Cardi, Hennessy and a third plaintiff named Michelle Diaz, identified as Hennessy’s girlfriend, called the lawsuit “baseless” in a reply filing seeking its dismissal.

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The judge granted the request Friday, ruling that Cardi wasn’t even at Smith Point beach the day of the Sept. 6, 2020 confrontation, and when she shared a snippet of video later that day, she didn’t identify anyone by name or make any libelous statements.

“[Plaintiffs] have failed to allege any special harm or defamation per se,” Judge William Condon wrote in his decision. “They cannot specifically identify who the defamatory statements were made to. Further, neither Cardi B nor Michelle Diaz made any defamatory statements or publish(ed) any video to the Internet concerning the incident.

The words uttered to plaintiffs do not arise to defamatory language as they were merely general insults. ” Judge Condon also ruled that Hennessy made no “menacing gestures” and never intended any spit “to make bodily contact with the plaintiffs,” so their claims of assault and battery failed as well.

  1. Lawyers on both sides did not immediately respond to requests for comment from Rolling Stone on Friday;
  2. In their now-dismissed lawsuit, Alarcon and the Caliendos claimed Hennessy and Diaz illegally parked their Mercedes G6 on the beach, blocking one of their vehicles;

“My sister can’t go to the beach in the Hampton’s wit out trump supporters harassing cause they were by themselves & Santa Claus was harassing my sis GF all because they are a Afro/Hispanic gay couple,” Cardi B captioned the video she tweeted Sept. You wanna know why joe gotta talk to me Candice cause I have the #1 song & yet my sister can’t go to the beach in the Hampton’s wit out trump supporters harassing cause they were by themselves & Santa Claus was harassing my sis GF all because they are a Afro/Hispanic gay couple https://t.

co/OLQX2mrzbp pic. twitter. com/ISfJStODme — Cardi B (@iamcardib) September 6, 2020 In the motion to dismiss the lawsuit, filed last September, the lawyer representing Cardi, Hennessy and Diaz argued that Hennessy’s statements in the video were “obviously” not meant “to be taken literally.

” “She exclaimed, ‘I got a dildo, I’m gonna shove it up your ass then your husband’s ass,’ despite the fact that she was in the middle of a crowded beach without a dildo. This hyperbolic and figurative language cannot form the basis of a defamation claim,” the filing argued.

Did Cardi get sued?

An Atlanta jury awarded Cardi B nearly $3 million in punitive damages and attorneys’ fees on Tuesday in her libel lawsuit against celebrity gossip vlogger Tasha K.

Who is suing Tasha K?

UPDATE (4/4/2022):  Cardi B scored another victory over Latasha Kebe on Monday when a judge ordered the YouTube blogger to take down more than a dozen videos and several social media posts that contain statements judged “false and defamatory” by a January jury verdict.

  1. Kebe, known professionally as Tasha K , will have five days to scrub the content once served with the order, the judge ruled;
  2. The blogger also is barred from publishing or re-publishing any statements alleging Cardi B engaged in prostitution, has herpes, has HPV, used cocaine, committed adultery or “performed a debasing act with a beer bottle,” the judge’s order obtained by Rolling Stone reads;

Cardi B sought the permanent injunction after winning her $4 million defamation verdict against Kebe and informing the court that several “harmful and disgusting lies” — in which Kebe referred to her as “Cold Sore B,” a “cokehead” and other defamatory names — remained online weeks later.

Kebe is appealing the verdict. *** Originally published 3/4/2022 Cardi B is asking a federal judge for a permanent injunction against celebrity blogger Tasha K, claiming a recent $4 million defamation verdict against the YouTube personality is proving “inadequate” in terms of addressing her “harmful and disgusting lies.

” The “WAP” artist and her lawyers allege in the new Thursday night filing that an additional court order is needed to force the host of UnWineWithTashaK to scrub any remaining defamatory statements from her social media accounts and refrain from “repeating and republishing” her “patently false” statements that Cardi B has herpes, engaged in prostitution, used cocaine, and committed adultery.

“Not all of the videos and posts containing the defamatory statements have been removed from defendants’ social media accounts,” Cardi’s new brief asking for the permanent injunction reads. The filing goes on to say that the vlogger, whose legal name is Latasha Kebe, remains a “constant ongoing threat” who explicitly testified in January that she won’t stop posting defamatory statements unless compelled by the court.

“Unless someone actually forces you to, you are never going to stop repeating these statements about my client?” one of Cardi B’s lawyers asked Kebe during the January trial that the “Bodak Yellow” artist won, according to the new filing. “That is correct,” Kebe replied, an excerpt of the trial transcript included in paperwork reads.

“So the only way at this point these videos are ever going to come down is if this court forces you to [remove them]. Is that right?” the lawyer pressed. “That is correct,” Kebe replied. “Are you essentially saying that to stop you from calling my client ‘Cold Sore B,’ my client needs to get a gag order?” the lawyer asked.

“Yes, ma’am,” Kebe replied. When Rolling Stone checked Kebe’s social media channels Thursday night, multiple posts with material deemed defamatory remained active. A Facebook post from Kebe dated Dec. 18, 2018, referred to Cardi B as “Herpes B,” while a YouTube post from Feb.

3, 2020, referred to her as “Cold Sore B. ” “Despite the overwhelming evidence entered at trial and a unanimous jury verdict against (Kebe and her company) on all of plaintiff’s claims, they continue to insinuate that the defamatory statements are true,” Cardi B’s request for the injunction continues.

The filing then refers to a Jan. 26 Twitter post from Kebe that stated, “No LIES were told on anyone. ” “Plaintiff is only seeking to require defendants to remove any videos and posts that contain the defamatory Statements from their social media accounts and to enjoin defendants from republishing those same statements,” Cardi B’s new filing concludes.

  • It was Jan;
  • 24 that Cardi B won her defamation case against Kebe after suing in federal court in Georgia;
  • The jury found that Kebe posted the defamatory statements with “actual malice” and decided Kebe should pay the Grammy winner $1;

5 million in actual damages, $1. 25 in punitive damages, and more than a million to cover her attorneys’ fees and costs. Kebe responded by sharing a live address on her YouTube channel in which she vowed to appeal the verdict. Kebe’s ability to pay some or all of the jury’s award will be sorted out in post-judgment discovery.