What Is The Tattoo On Conor Mcgregor’S Chest?

What Is The Tattoo On Conor Mcgregor
Gorilla Conor McGregor – Gorilla He has been inked a lot but the most obvious tattoo, unmissable in the middle of his chest, is the one of a crowned gorilla eating a heart. The design was inspired by the gorilla logo of the Straight Blast Gym-Ireland, where McGregor used to train.

What does Conor McGregor’s Tattoo look like?

Famous Gorilla tattoo of Conor McGregor – This particular tattoo is the biggest tattoo on his body. It has a gorilla wearing a crown and eating a heart. The gorilla logo is of Straight Blast Gym Ireland. The gym has produced world-class athletes apart from McGregor , such as Makwan Amirkhani and Gunnar Nelson. What Is The Tattoo On Conor Mcgregor Las Vegas , United States – 6 October 2018; Conor McGregor prior to facing Khabib Nurmagomedov in their UFC lightweight championship fight during UFC 229 at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. (Photo By Stephen McCarthy/Sportsfile via Getty Images) In an interview, McGregor had stated that he wanted to give tribute to the gym where it all started for him. ” My gym’s logo is a gorilla,” he said. “It’s not that particular gorilla. But it’s a gorilla. ” DIVE DEEPER What Is The Tattoo On Conor Mcgregor ‘Anywhere, Any Weight’- Jan Blachowicz Wants Jon Jones to Stick to His Promise about 1 year ago.

Why does Conor McGregor have a gorilla on his chest?

What do Conor McGregor’s tattoos mean? – 1) ARABIC TATTOO ON LEG What Is The Tattoo On Conor Mcgregor Conor McGregor’s leg tattoo The Arabic tattoo on Conor McGregor’s left heel is his first one, but he has no idea what it stands for. He got it while drunk many years ago in Ayia Napa in Cyprus when he was young and not very decisive. “This was when I was drunk. It could mean anything. Arabic writing was the thing for a while, it was the cool thing to do. I got it in Ayia Napa (Cyprus). I was young and on holiday. ” 2) THE CRUCIFIC AND THORNS TATTOO ON NECK AND BACK What Is The Tattoo On Conor Mcgregor Conor McGregor’s neck and back tattoo The winged crucifix and the spiral helix of thorns on his nape and back gave his fans and followers the idea that Conor McGregor was perhaps an ardent Catholic by faith. However, ‘The Notorious’ himself dismissed any such idea in his own trademark style. Fuck politics and fuck religion. I just want to swing a few lefts and a few rights for a couple of hundred mill in peace. — Conor McGregor (@TheNotoriousMMA) October 29, 2015 3) ROSE BUSH TATTOO ON FOREARM What Is The Tattoo On Conor Mcgregor Conor McGregor’s forearm tattoo Conor McGregor once said about his tattoos in an interview that he does not care at all about their meanings. He just loves the way they look on his skin. “You hear people say like they have a goldfish on their ass cheek and it means it’s a symbol of hope. Something like that. I just like the way it looks on my body. I don’t spend months picking it, I just see it, get it and just enjoy the experience of being inked on my body for the rest of my life.

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It cost me €20. I don’t know what it is. ” His tweet about his neck and back tattoo is probably a testament to the same sentiment. The same can be said about his forearm tattoos as well. The meaning or significance of the rose bush, pocket watch, sword/dagger, and the Irish gentleman is not known as of yet.

But not all his tattoos are meaningless. The ‘SLOW IS SMOOTH, SMOOTH IS FAST’ is taken from a Navy Seal saying, which refers to the art of taking one’s time towards perfection. It can very well describe Conor McGregor’s fighting style inside the Octagon. 4) THE GORILLA TATTOO ON CHEST What Is The Tattoo On Conor Mcgregor Conor McGregor’s chest tattoo The gorilla on Conor McGregor’s chest with a crown and a heart in its mouth is a homage to his coach John Kavanagh’s gym, Straight Blast Gym in Ireland. He said in an interview that although it isn’t the particular gorilla from the gym’s logo, it is definitely a throwback. “My gym’s logo is a Gorilla. It’s not that particular gorilla. But it’s a gorilla. So I wanted to get something along with that line. I feel like I am the king Gorilla so I took the crown and I had him eat a heart. ” 5) THE TIGER AND HIS NAMES TATTOO ON ABDOMEN What Is The Tattoo On Conor Mcgregor Conor McGregor’s abdomen tattoo The surname and the nickname above and below the Tiger is a no-brainer. Conor McGregor is proud of his lineage and his legacy, and is not at all shy of displaying that on his body. The Tiger tattoo came into being because Conor McGregor finds it a symbol of courage. “The Tiger has been jumping out at me sometimes. It feels like it almost means something.

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What does Conor McGregor have on his back?

Back – Running down McGregor’s back – from the base of the crucifix to the small of his back – McGregor has a helix of thorns. It’s not known when or why he got that one. What Is The Tattoo On Conor Mcgregor 12 The Irishman has a helix of thorns running down his spine Credit: Getty Images.

Does UFC president Dana White like Conor McGregor’s tattoo?

However, UFC President, Dana White is not very fond of this tattoo as he has asked Conor not to ink his body until he retires. In fact, he has asked the same to several other superstars such as Ronda Rousey. Though Rousey listened to White’s advice, the Double Champ did what he wanted.