What Does Barb Wire Tattoo Mean?

What Does Barb Wire Tattoo Mean
What does it imply to have a barbed wire heart tattoo? – What Does Barb Wire Tattoo Mean Barbed wire tattoos are a sign of self-annihilation and captivity. They can also indicate that a person has gone through a difficult time but has persevered. Another famous tattoo design is the barbed wire heart, which depicts someone who is rough on the surface yet sensitive on the inside. A barbed-wire tattoo with an open heart represents a rugged exterior with a sensitive heart on the inside.

The significance of the barbed wire is self-evident, but the broken heart could indicate that you consider yourself tough on the surface but soft on the inside. It could also indicate that you have persevered through some difficult periods in your life.

Often, a thorn will grow alongside them.

What does a barbed wire tattoo mean?

People have always decorated their bodies with different tattoos. These tattoos usually had deep spiritual meanings and they could tell a lot about someone. In this text we will tell you something more about a barbed wire tattoo. This tattoo has become very popular in the recent couple of years, not only for men, but also for women.

  1. A barbed wire tattoo can be made in combination with some other symbols, so it could have many different meanings;
  2. There is a variety of designs when it comes to barbed wire tattoos, which makes these tattoos favorite among most people;
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In most cases a barbed wire tattoo will symbolize the strength of the owner and also his faith. Many people who had bad experiences in life and have successfully overcome them, will choose a barbed wire tattoo to decorate their bodies. There are also many other meanings related to symbolism of this tattoo and now you will have the opportunity to discover them.

If you want to have a tattoo, but you can not decide which is the best for you, this article can be useful. We will tell you all about the s ecret meanings and symbolism of a barbed wire tattoo and we will also offer you some interesting designs and ideas.

If you are interested in tattoos and if you love to discover new tattoo designs, we are sure that you will enjoy this article. So, let’s start and see what a barbed wire tattoo means and what is interesting to say about its symbolism.

What does the breaking of the barbed wire mean?

Peace Beats War – There are many tattoo designs which depict the barbed wire along with a red rose, which seems absolutely unaffected by the metal thorns and is blissfully blooming. A similar idea is depicted by a butterfly or a centipede, that seems oblivious to the dangers and impediments lurking on its way.

  1. A blatant peace sign admits barbed wires, would represent the struggle peace has to undergo in order to defeat war and terror;
  2. Whatever may be the significance of these tattoos, it may mean different things to different individuals;

There is no way to draw a fine demarcating line in order to define this tattoo..

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What does a tattoo of a bird breaking a wire mean?

Free At Last – Another great idea is to show a heart or a dove with wings spreading out while the string of thorns breaking away all around it. This tattoo signifies that the person has finally achieved peace and freedom from a troubled past and is all set to fly like a free bird.

What kind of tattoo is a wire wrapped around the arm?

Barbed Wire Armband Tattoo – Most tattoos depict the barbed wire found in jails, banks, on top of walls, or anywhere that needs protection from outsiders. These tattoos are often kept simple, typically designed using black and gray ink and featuring the wire wrapped around the entire arm.