What Does An X Tattoo Mean?

What Does An X Tattoo Mean
The X tattoo meaning often symbolizes a bold move, and can also mean something that is even taboo or provocative. The X symbol is common to have as a standalone tattoo or in other variations that send a significant message of change or negative indications. What Does An X Tattoo Mean By negative, the X is often literal, meaning “no” or an error of some kind, but it can also signify something that is incorrect. At the same time, it can mean a “no” against something tempting or provocative. Learn more about the X tattoo and its multiple different meanings here, and see how a grand message can be sent from a tattoo that appears so simple.

What does the X tattoo mean on a girl?

Graphics – Adding a graphic to the classic X symbol is always an option as well. This helps further represent what your X is all about. In the straight edge scene, the X is sometimes illustrated with weapons crossing each other to form an X. Baseball bats are a popular item to put in this form, along with hatchets, straight razors, and even knives. .

What does the X symbol mean?

Symbolism – The X tattoo is one that can mean a variety of different things. The most important meaning of the X tattoo is the one that you have for yourself. This makes the tattoo more creative and interesting when there is personal story of some sort to go along with it.

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Why is the X tattoo so popular?


X Designs – Since the X tattoo was made most popular by the straight edge society, members of the straight edge scene started to get variations of this symbol as a tattoo. Like the original X mark on the back of the hand from the bars and clubs signifying this person was not aloud to drink, the tattoo enthusiasts in the straight edge community got the X tattooed on the back of their hands.

What does the X tattoo on my forehead mean?

Originally Answered: What does X tattoo mean? An ‘x’ can probably mean a number of things, or may mean nothing at all, it’s common now that symbol tattoos are being done just because someone likes the design.